Monday, March 9, 2015

The Work

You can accept all those friend requests. Wow! Jordan's a wife! That's crazy!!! Felicidades, Jordan! And felicidades to Matt Kunz for his mission call!

I haven't decided yet if the weather here is improving or not. We've had a few foggy mornings, but then it usually clears up and gets really sunny during the day. So sometimes it looks like the weather is changing, and I guess in a way it is, but it's still pretty hot most of the time. The Hermanas are good, for the most part. We got a call from the Zone Leaders saying that the companionship I told you about that was having some problems have been sending them texts saying that one of them isn't doing very well, and their numbers have super been low, and it looks like they could be falling back in the same old routine. So it looks like we might do intercambios with them this week. There's also another Hermana who we don't know yet if she'll be going home or not. She's had a problem with her legs or something and she's in a lot of pain.

This week we met a family that just moved into our ward. The father, S, contacted us in the street and asked us where the church is. We visited them, and they are a very great family! Father, mother, and 2 daughters. One that's 15 and one that's 9. The 9 year old hasn't been baptized yet because she refused to get baptized unless her father, S, baptized her. He couldn't because he's been inactive for about 3 almost 4 years. He was the first counselor in the bishopric in his old ward, but had some problems with the bishop and apparently also saw some tithing being used in the way it should be. So he left and now he says he's never even had a testimony. We know he has, but he's just a bit resentful right now and very closed. He went to Sacrament Meeting yesterday, which was a good start. We'll see how things go with him. The ward members have expressed that they are willing to help. We have a noche de hogar esta noche en la casa de la familia A que vive cerca. We'll see how things go. We're hoping he goes. He also seems to make up excuses to get out of things sometimes. But we're working on hermanamiento with some of the ward members. We're praying things will turn around. But it looks like his 9 year old daughter could be getting baptized soon. She might just have a cousin or someone baptize her if her dad's not ready yet.

We're also still working with R, whom I told you about last week, but it's gotten to the point where I think we're just gonna see if he actually has a desire to know if The Book of Mormon is true or not. We're gonna explain our purpose as missionaries, see what he says, and depending on that, we'll continue teaching him to see if he changes, or we'll drop him. If you're willing, you think you could please pray for S and R?

Allison and Brian told me all about the Peruvian restaurant! Haha it was fun to hear about. Hmm...what else has happened this week? Oh yeah! I got my "paquete trunky" this week. Man, I forgot! I was gonna take a picture to send you so you know my flight information and all. Oh well, I might send one next week. But if I remember correctly, I fly out of Lima on April 8th at 1:10 am, then I don't remember what time I land in Atlanta, but I land in Atlanta and my flight in Atlanta leaves at like 12:something and I get into Philadelphia at 2:06 pm or something like that on the same day, April 8th.

That's cool to hear about you all and all your races! Good luck! Have an awesome week!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

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