Monday, March 30, 2015

Last Full Week

As usual, this week was good! We have a 19 year old investigator named D who's really awesome. He hasn't fully accepted baptism yet, but we're working on it. It's all very new to him, which he's told us. But, he's reading, praying, and he came to church! And, he came to a baptism that the other Hermanas in the ward had on Saturday. We know with good hermanamiento in the ward, he can progress really fast. Now were just working on trying to get a lesson with him and the rest of his family. We also have an investogator who's like 76 years old, but doesn't understand very much. We still need to talk to Presidente Borg about in which direction we should go with her. She's living with her daughter and her son-in-law, who are both faithful members. She goes everywhere they go. And guess what! She understands EspaƱol and can only speak a few words in EspaƱol, but she speaks Quechua! We teach her, and when she responds, her daughter translates for us. How cool! We had intercambios this week with Hermana T and Hermana B. These were my last intercambios! I went to their sector in La Marina with Hermana T. They are doing really well! Hermana T is training Hna B very well and they are just a dream team! They get along super well as well, so there are no problems. Yay! But on the other hand, there are still some problems withthe other Hermanas from La Marina. The new Hermana told me that they don't usually have companionship study because her companion is always sleeping in really late. They're also not communicating very much. We're gonna try to go over to their house again this week and try to talk to them. Man, at least I am done with all this drama in a week!

Haha that's so funny that our ward will be having a talent show on April 11th, because our ward is planning a ward talent show for April as well! Hahahaha I laughed out loud just now when I read that part about what Joey Bendixen wrote! Well, it looks like I'm going to a ward talent show si o si! Yes, I did get to go the Women's Conference in our stake center. It was good! That was probably the last conference I'll watch in Spanish, because they'll probably have a room to watch General Conference in English. Hahaha yeah, C showed me the picture she posted on facebook! And she told me the majority of the people who "liked" it were my friends. Then she showed me the list of people. Then I did a double take when I saw David's profile picture. I almost didn't recognize him with the beard!

Felizmente, our training in Multizonas on Tuesday about the 13 steps of weekly planning went well! We were trying to think of how we can make something as boring as the 13 points of weekly planning fun. But we brought candy. And we had a couple practices, one of which was a little funny, and we tried to be as animated as we could. We got a lot of compliments afterwards though, and a couple companionships mentioned to us the big difference in their weekly planning session a couple days later, so it looks like it turned out pretty well. I also had to give my final 3 times already haha. All the people leaving the mission were asked to at the Multizonas, and I was asked to bare my final testimony in our Gospel Principles class, right after I got up to share my testimony in Sacrament Meeting (although I chose to give that one). Why ask me to beare my testimony literally right after hearing it a few minutes before? Haha

Today was my last p-day! We went to Centro de Lima and a few missionaries and I went shopping instead of going with the rest of the zone up to Cerro San Cristobal. Eh. I've been three times. And I'm going home soon, so I went shopping instead. I did what's necessary and I got myself a sweet llama sweater haha. And some other stuff that you'll all see when I'm home.

One more letter before I'm home! That's crazy! Have a great week and enjoy General Conference! I'm still praying for you all!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

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