Monday, March 2, 2015

Beginning the Last Cambio

Go ahead and accept the facebook requests. As with cambios, I'm still here in Escardo....and so is Hna L! Yep, she's killing me off. At the end of this cambio, she will have been the only companion I've been with for more than 3 months. It's cool though. We get along. It was weird starting this cambio. It's like, you know it's coming and you know it's your last, but it also just kinda hits you. It was a weird feeling. It was a little sad to start the cambio. I'll admit, I've already cried to my companion a little bit. I didn't even mean to haha. I think it just kinda came out. Oh well, I think it helped though. I haven't been as sad since I cried. Maybe I just needed to talk to someone. But no worries! I'm good! Yeah, I think I get little moments of feeling sad because I'm about to leave, but I also get moments where I'm just excited! Today, I get my "paquete trunky" which has all my flight information, the information about my final interview with President and visiting old sectors, what time I need to be in the offices to leave, etc. Wow, this is really happening!

This week was good. Although, we had to go visit a couple Hermanas because they're having problems in their companionship and one of them also hasn't been very obedient and has been sleeping in really late. Like until 2 pm. We had them do an inventory and we were there to watch and help them. Then they talked to us individually. We gave them suggestions on what they could do to improve personally and in their companionship. So they set some goals and we're following up and they're saying that they're doing better. We'll keep following up though.

Guess what!!! We went to the temple on Saturday with K, the 17 year old girl that got baptized about a month ago. We helped her with her family history and she got to go into the temple for the first time on Saturday and be baptized for her great great grandmother. My companion and I also did baptisms for our family members. I did the baptism and confirmation for someone named Margaret Deague. That's most likely my last time at the Lima Temple. Unless we go when we go back to visit my mission.

We had stake conference this week, and it was sooo good! We only went yesterday because we were at the temple on Saturday. The guest speaker was Elder Taylor Godoy of the seventy (area seventy). He's actually from the first area I served in, Magdalena! He wasn't in my sector, but in my ward. I've only just heard him speak in conferences and sacrament meeting, and I've eaten lunch in his house with his wife and kids. His family is awesome! And he's super cool! A wonderful speaker as well! He spoke for a long time yesterday, but everyone was so engaged in what he was saying. He spoke about like, everything! We have an investigator named R who finally came to church yesterday (well, stake conference)! He's the only one in his family who's not a member. His wife and daughter are active members, and his son is on a mission in Argentina. He's a very good, funny man, and he's been reading The Book of Mormon every night with his family, but he's a bit prideful. He always has something to criticize, and he talks about how everyone always tells him to pray and ask God if The Book of Mormon is true, but he's never gotten an answer. So we went to their house last night and explained a little more about The Book of Mormon and why we invite to read, meditate, and pray about it. He's a little hardhearted, but he came around a little bit in at the end. We invited him to take on the invitation and, when he receives an answer, to be baptized on March 28th. He said he will if he gets an answer. It's totally possible with R! He just needs to humble himself a little bit.

About the YSA conference thing, I'm thinking maybe no... Just because I will have just gotten home, and I don't know of any one of my friends I could go with. As for BYU, I'm still looking into the classes and housing and everything when I have time, but I also trust you guys. Yeah, I think it would be better to live off campus. I don't kow much about the housing. Maybe Glenwood would be a good choice, I don't know. As for living with someone in particular, I haven't planned it out with anyone, so I think it's okay to look into it without trying to live with someone in particular.

Wow, good job with your running! I remember that race! That was a fun one to go to! I wanna do something like that someday!

Have a fantastic week! Love you all!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

1. Weird fog that has been here lately. Nice to have a little change in the weather!
2-3. Temple baptisms with K. Wet hair don't care.


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