Monday, February 9, 2015

Taxis, Trucks, and Machetes

Hey, guess what. I hit 16 months today!

So the good thing about serving a mission in a third world country is that you get some crazy experiences sometimes haha. The bad thing is that you also are more prone to getting sick. Yep. I'm sick again. It's getting better, but it's not gone yet. It started out with just a stomach ache, to having to sit down on a curb in the street because I was about to pass out, to losing my vision and my hearing a little, to my entire body aching, to getting a fever of 103.4 F. Well, it was a little freaky at first, especially when I started losing my vision and hearing in the street, and my poor little Loayza was freaked out too. To the point where she was afraid to go to sleep for fear of my fever getting higher and having like, convulsions haha. I basically spent Saturday and Sunday in our room resting. I'm doing better now, except for my stomach. That hasn't gotten better. My stomach just doesn't want to hold on to anything I guess... We'll see how things go today. The offices are putting me on a little bit of a diet this week to see if they can figure out what's going on.

We had intercambios this week! I was with Hna T in her sector. She's doing well. My companion and I helped train her and Hna C (who was with Hna L) with a couple of things concerning their teaching and practicing and such, but they're doing really well. They're both great missonaries.

We saw a crazy fight outside our window this week. We're in our room, then all of a sudden we hear yelling outside. So we look out and we see a taxi driver and the driver of an ENORMOUS truck arguing. Then the taxi driver starts to pick up things and throw them at the truck driver. But wait, it gets better. The truck driver climbs into his ENORMOUS truck and pulls out a machete! Que en el mundo?! Only in Perú, ladies and gentlemen. He threatened the taxi driver with it, but they got back into their cars and no one got hurt. But that's just because the light at the intersection turned green. Then, the ENORMOUS truck drives off, but hits the taxi on purpose, tearing off his bumper. So, then the taxi driver speeds up and stops in front of the ENORMOUS truck, blocking it, steps out of his car, gets on the phone and yells at someone. Then he hangs up and starts picking up rocks and starts throwing them at the other guys windshield, as he continues to scream at him. Then the other guys just casually backs up his ENORMOUS truck and drives off. I knew the truck was gonna win the whole time.

Good luck with the babysitting! And the cold weather! Man, I have no idea where I wanna live in the fall. When do I have to decide? Now? I haven't been able to really look at the thing you sent me. I don't know much about many places except that David was trying to convince me to go to Glenwood. He just said there are apparently a lot of people there who served in Spanish speaking missions/native Spanish speakers.

I'm going to the temple tomorrow! I printed out a name to bring. Her name's like, Alice, if I remember correctly. I have permission to go do her baptism, confirmation, initiatory, and endowment, but we just don't know yet if they'll have enough priesthood holders for the baptisms in the morning, but if there are, I can do all those ordinances tomorrow! It's cool that my mission gives us time to work on our family history, and a temple so close to do the work there. By the way, do you know anything about the Philadelphia temple? How's that going?

Hope you all have a great week! Keep 'em comin'! I'll keep dishin' 'em out as well!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

1. From when Hna. T joined us and was our companion for a day
2. Chao, Elder C! Asistente who's favorite scripture was also Ether 12:4
3. Bad quality, but me and mija, Hna. A, and Hna. A and her hija, Hna. M
4. Mi primera hija, Hna. L. Check out the anchors! Looks like she learned well from her mom.
5-6. P-day at the beach!
7. Sad to leave the beach
8. Hahaha


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  1. Oh Sister Hymas, que triste espectáculo el que viste, pero te comento que no solo en Perú sucede eso. Yo lo veo en la televisión en las noticias internacionales , sucede también en otros países, y hasta cosas peores.
    No cabe duda que la gente se esta alejando cada vez más de lo correcto, y hace cosas que no debe.
    Pero oremos para que ésta situación cambie en todo el mundo.
    Espero que su salud mejore, y que tenga una mejor semana.
    Con cariño
    Hermana Mary Nuñez.