Monday, February 23, 2015

What a Week

I don't know aboout cambios yet. I'll find out later today. I'm thinking I'm gonna stay here in Escardo and finish off my misison here. It'd be weird if they switched me. Although, I have a feeling that Hna L's gonna get transferred.

......OH MY GOSH!!!!! BRIAN'S GOING TO HUANCAYO, PERÚ!!!! A SU MAQUINA!!! I don't even know what to say!!! I sent him a video response (below). I do remember Michelle! She was my companion for one day when I was in Magdalena! There's probably no way to let anyone in her family know. I don't even know her family apart from her and her younger sister. Her sister was working at FSY and I talked to her a tiny bit, but that was all before I knew Brian was going to Huancayo. I'll probably find a way to email Michelle after I come home. Man, I don't even know what to say. I'm super excited for him. And looks like we'll have another Spanish speaker in the house. It'll be fun to maybe teach him some things when I come home. I might even come home speaking a little bit of Spanglish. It's hard to remember certain words in English. And sometimes when I read in English, I read it with a Spanish accent. But who know, maybe there won't be much of that when I come home. My roommates in the CCM went to Huancayo. I don't keep in touch with them, but I know a little bit about Huancayo. I know it's in the hills and that it can get cold. My roommates brought coats and stuff. High altitudes and I think they even get snow. I'm gonna be telling everyone now. I'll see if I people can tell me a little more about Huancayo and how Brian can prepare and what he should bring. And he's going to the CCM here in Lima!!! I'll have to tell him all about it. It's small. Sometimes it can feel like prison, but at other times it can be really fun. From what I've seen, the Hermanas generally like the CCM more than the Elders. Haha they tend to think of it more as a prison. But who knows! I think Brian will have a good experience! But the good thing is that you get to interact with the Latin missionaries that are all there too. And he'll be doing everything I did and going to all the places there that I went! It's so small that the only possible places he'll go at the CCM that I've never been to will be his dorm room and maybe his classroom. Everything else--lunch, devotionals, church, sports, etc. will all be the same. And every p-day, which will either be Tuesday or Thursday, depending on his district, he will go to the temple here in Lima, just like I did! After that I know he can go to either Tottus or Metro, two market places, on p-day. He'll walk the same streets and go to the same places I went to on p-day! And every 2 weeks, everyone in the CCM will leave and take buses to other missions in Lima to proselyte for the day. I went to the the Lima North Mission all three times, but someone here in the mission told me they came here to the Lima Central Mission! Either way, that'll be fun. I like how the CCM here does that. Good experience. Except his mission will look quite a bit different than Lima. I'm kinda jealous about that. Lima's kinda ugly and smelly but I love it. Since Huancayo is also provincia, the people should also be a bit more humble and more willing to accept the Gospel. I also don't know how often, but at some point, Brian will be able to go to the temple while he's in the field. They don't go too often though, I don't think. We're just so close to the Lima temple that we get to go often. I've seen missionaries at the temple who came from Huancayo, Trujillo, and Iquitos. He could see people from my mission! Hermana M said, "I'll still be in the mission. I could see him at the temple!" It's not very likely, but it's possible. Brian should always ask the missionaries there what mission they're from to see if there are any from my mission! He'll go to the Lima temple every week in the CCM, but when he's in the field, I don't know if he'll travel to the Lima temple or to the Trujillo temple that will be dedicated in June. I haven't looked at it or asked my companion, who's from Trujillo, how far away they are from Huancayo. I cannot wait to talk to him all about Perú and share all my stories with him!

Congrats to David about singing in the Priesthood session of conference and to Allison for signing with a literary agent! She hasn't written me yet, but that's great news!

I did intercambios twice this week. On Tuesday I went to Maranga (again) with Hna L. She's really quiet but really, really sweet. She's a fairly new missionary from Colombia that's finishing up her training. We met up with M who I taught and who got baptized in July. She's having some problems, but we talked to her and taught her and stuff and she was a little better by the end. I just hope she can open up to the missionaries that are there right now. She said she's pretty attached to my companions (who taught her with me) and me. It's just a matter of keeping in contact with her and having the missionaries and the ward member continually try to contact her. From what I know, they've been pretty good with that. On Thursday, I had an intercambio with Hna M! That was fun! We went out and taught, and then we came home and went up to the roof to "Choko slam" again. That's the thing with the chocolate covered crackers and milk. If you don't remember, read the email that explains all about the night before Hna M got transferred. She made a couple recordings for you, Mom, which I'll send you.

We're teaching a man named G who's progressing really nicely. He wants to get baptized now, but the only thing is that he and his girlfriend are not married. We've talked to them and now they want to get married, but they want to get married in July with all their family there and stuff. Man! Okay, we'll see how this all works out. Also, remember G, the grandma of K? She's coming back from Puno! I think she's coming back today. We're gonna have to contact her and finish teaching her. She wants to get baptized here. We had K go out with us Saturday morning to visit and teach with us. We taught the Plan of Salvation to G with her. She's a really good girl and it was really good when she shared her testimony. I think it was not only good for G to hear a member's testimony, but also for K
, who was recently baptized to share her testimony in that kind of a setting. We're planning on going to the temple with her this week to do baptisms.

Don't think I have too much else to say this week! I'll be sending you more in some recordings!

Que tengan una semana extremadamente bonita y llena de sorpresas y amor y felicidad y sonrisas y niños que se ríen y todas las cosas buenas de la vida! Jaja. La vida es hermosa! Disfrútenla!

Con amor,
Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

From our temple trip a couple weeks ago.

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