Monday, January 12, 2015

Visiting Old Areas

For the facebook requests, I know everyone except for F. No idea who that is. Wow, sounds really cold there! I forgot to tell you, but the recording you sent me last week sounded a little gross to me when everyone started talking about their hot chocolate just because it's hot hot chocolate just sounded gross, even though I LOVE Wawa hot chocolate. This week was good. So remember that family we found last week? Well, we're still working with them. They didn't go to church this week...but we're visiting them. Also, they're not married, but they said they're thinking about it! They know they're living in sin and the mother said she wants to set a good example for her baby girl. So now we're looking into matrimonios masivos from the municipalidad. Hope it works out.

I also forgot to tell you a couple things last week, well año nuevo some of us just got together to hang out, go eat lunch at Chili's, and play a couple fun games called "Kiwi" and "Signs" at the stake center. Then we went to the stake center of a different stake to play some futbol, but Hna M and I just ended up talking and playing her quena (peruvian flute she played for you on Christmas). Then the four of us here in our ward ordered a pizza, took it back to my room, and ate like tired, pathetic, little youngsters away from home...sometimes with long silent pauses haha. Then we went up to the roof to watch fireworks. Man, it looked like world war 3. Fireworks everywhere you looked. Then 2 days later was Hna M's birthday, so after lunch, my pensionista let me use her oven to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies since we don't have an oven. I left the majority of them there for the family and took a few to the tiny surprise birthday celebration for Hna M. I gave her some cookies as her gift from me haha. She ate them later though because she was so full from the cake, but she told me later that she loved them!

We finished up intercambios this week! Phew. Right before cambios. I left my sector and went back to my ward in Maranga! But a different sector. My old companion, Hermana Z, was my companion for the day. It was fun to be with her again for the day. Her district leader, who is now serving in my old sector in Maranga (remember when they took out me an Hna Amis because it was too dangerous for hermanas to be there?), gave us permission to go visit a few people I used to teach. We visited M who got baptized when I was there. She's still active in the Church and was actually leaving after our visit to go to a Doctrine and Covenants class in the local intitute. She also just had a baby boy named P last month. He's so little and cute! In other baby news, we got to go visit a less active, N, who named her newborn baby girl (about 2 months old) after me. Remember that? So I got to meet Hymas this week. I'll send a picture. We tried to visit M, but she wasn't there. I told Dad a little more about her and what's going on, so you can ask him if you'd like.

Remember how we had to go visit a couple of the hermanas we're over to help them out in their sector because one of them has a bad knee? Well, we found out while we were with them that she was being sent home for medical treatment. She left last night to go to the airport, and might actually be home right now. They said she should be coming back in a couple months. So her companion will be with us for today and until cambios tomorrow. In other news, I hit 15 months on Friday! That means I'll be home in less than 3 months. Crazy stuff. Hna M hit 9 months the same day, so to celebrate her halfway mark, she went to a sketchy place here and had some sketchy lady pierce her ears over a counter haha.

Don't think I have anything else to say! Love you all! Have a wonderful week! And HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY, DAD!!!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

Know who this baby is? Hymas.

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