Monday, January 26, 2015


I'm not sure who that is. Glad Dad had a good birthday. I got Cami's Christmas package this week! Thanks Cami! I shared with my companion. By the way, everyone here are amazed by pez dispensers.

Guess what! K got baptized on Saturday! I'll have to send pics next week. It's a long story. She was gonna get baptized on next Saturday because she was waiting for her bishop from Puno to come to baptize her, but he ended up not coming, so she got baptized this Saturday! Helaman A baptized her. Her baptism was beautiful. She's really happy and she's wanting to move on to the next things. She's wanting to do her family history and she's doing her personal progress and everything. She's gonna try to go on a temple trip with the young women tomorrow. I think we're gonna have her come out with us and teach lessons as well. We met her mom who came from Puno and just got reactivated. She's great too. She bore her testimony to us about how she changed and everything.

We had a conference with Elder Carlos Godoy. He spoke in general conference in Portuguese. He spoke about his patriarchial blessing in general conference. I really loved the conference with Elder Godoy! Very, very good. He's very funny, and just overall a great teacher. I felt the Spirit really strong. And I loved the leadership training he did with us! The leaders had a training beforehand and it was really good. He asked what the problems were with missionaries in the mission. Someone mentioned "animo" (I don't really remember what that translates to. I think it's like motivation or something.) But he explained that if missionaries are really studying the Book of Mormon everyday, they will have the Spirit with them and they won't lose their animos. The entire thing was just super good. I think it may have been my favorite conference that I've ever been in in the mission.

We also went to EFY this week, which is now called FSY. We had to present the Book of Mormon and how to give it away to a friend, and we helped kids print out a name to take to the temple. I was asked to go on stage and talk to them about how the Book of Mormon is related to the Mi Familia booklet. I went up and did that and bore my testimony about it and stuff. It was funny, they told us we had to be very animated and stuff because they were coming into the auditorum after lunch, so they were gonna be tired. It was also funny because when I was up on stage, a couple boys held up their hands made in the shape of a heart at, okay? And well, I think it went well. People told me I did a good job. And one of our zone leaders the next day said that he heard people say they really liked my part. He said the marriage couple leading FSY said that my bit was the best part of the whole thing. So I mean hey, that makes me feel good. 

Not really sure what exactly Hna M needs for her BYU application. She's stressing a little bit about the essays. She said she just needs time to sit at the computer and think. She doesn't really know to say either.

This computer is horrible and taking forever, so sorry if I don't get back to everyone.

I hope you're all doing well. Love you!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

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