Monday, January 26, 2015


I'm not sure who that is. Glad Dad had a good birthday. I got Cami's Christmas package this week! Thanks Cami! I shared with my companion. By the way, everyone here are amazed by pez dispensers.

Guess what! K got baptized on Saturday! I'll have to send pics next week. It's a long story. She was gonna get baptized on next Saturday because she was waiting for her bishop from Puno to come to baptize her, but he ended up not coming, so she got baptized this Saturday! Helaman A baptized her. Her baptism was beautiful. She's really happy and she's wanting to move on to the next things. She's wanting to do her family history and she's doing her personal progress and everything. She's gonna try to go on a temple trip with the young women tomorrow. I think we're gonna have her come out with us and teach lessons as well. We met her mom who came from Puno and just got reactivated. She's great too. She bore her testimony to us about how she changed and everything.

We had a conference with Elder Carlos Godoy. He spoke in general conference in Portuguese. He spoke about his patriarchial blessing in general conference. I really loved the conference with Elder Godoy! Very, very good. He's very funny, and just overall a great teacher. I felt the Spirit really strong. And I loved the leadership training he did with us! The leaders had a training beforehand and it was really good. He asked what the problems were with missionaries in the mission. Someone mentioned "animo" (I don't really remember what that translates to. I think it's like motivation or something.) But he explained that if missionaries are really studying the Book of Mormon everyday, they will have the Spirit with them and they won't lose their animos. The entire thing was just super good. I think it may have been my favorite conference that I've ever been in in the mission.

We also went to EFY this week, which is now called FSY. We had to present the Book of Mormon and how to give it away to a friend, and we helped kids print out a name to take to the temple. I was asked to go on stage and talk to them about how the Book of Mormon is related to the Mi Familia booklet. I went up and did that and bore my testimony about it and stuff. It was funny, they told us we had to be very animated and stuff because they were coming into the auditorum after lunch, so they were gonna be tired. It was also funny because when I was up on stage, a couple boys held up their hands made in the shape of a heart at, okay? And well, I think it went well. People told me I did a good job. And one of our zone leaders the next day said that he heard people say they really liked my part. He said the marriage couple leading FSY said that my bit was the best part of the whole thing. So I mean hey, that makes me feel good. 

Not really sure what exactly Hna M needs for her BYU application. She's stressing a little bit about the essays. She said she just needs time to sit at the computer and think. She doesn't really know to say either.

This computer is horrible and taking forever, so sorry if I don't get back to everyone.

I hope you're all doing well. Love you!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Church is True!

Nothing happened with cambios. Hermana L and I stayed together! We got a new missionary in the ward though. Hermana M is now companions with...Hermana A! Haha de nuevo! Hermana A was Hermana M's trainer and when she got transferred, that's when I came in. Crazy. I can't believe they're together again. So that means there's hope, right? Hermana M and I could be put together again? Haha well, not very likely, but it'd be sweet. Hermana M told me I should just tell President, "She's killing me off, or it's suicide."

We had a great week this week! We met a 17 year old girl and her grandma who came to church on their own last Sunday. They're from Puno, Perú and they're not members but the 17 year old girl's mom is a member. So we set up an appointment to visit with them the next day. We went, and they are great! Super prepared. Especially the 17 year old, K. She was taught a few of the lessons in Puno, went to church there for about a month before moving here, and had a baptismal date! But she had to move to Lima to study. She even called her bishop in Puno and told us to talk to him. We talked to him, and he said she's gone to Church every week, her mom just got reactivated and has a calling and everything, and that when K gets baptized, he wants to know. He's trying to come to Lima to baptize her. We'll see if it works out. But she's getting baptized this Saturday 24th! And her grandma is in the process of getting her answer. We've been visiting them every day. She wants to join the church, but she wants an answer about The Book of Mormon like her daughter had. She's on her way, and has a baptismal date for February 7th.

The Church is so true!!!! It's crazy sometimes. We watched a video with K and her grandma, G, last night about Joseph Smith and the restoration of the Church. I always feel the Spirit so strong whenever I watch it. There's absolutely no way Joseph Smith and the saints would go through all they went through if it wasn't true.

Whoa, Sarah's engaged?! Felicitaciones! Wow, I still cannot believe Grace is driving! And on icy roads! I was talking to my companion a little bit about that last night. She was interviewing me and we recorded it on the ipod haha. Maybe I'll send it. It's gonna be so crazy to find out where he's going! I can't believe how fast the time has gone by. How are his papers going?

Hope you all have a fantastic week! Love you all!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

P.S. Hermana L is wearing the Plan of Salvation right now. Haha she loves it.

Photos of me and Hermana L a couple of p-days ago.


Monday, January 12, 2015

Visiting Old Areas

For the facebook requests, I know everyone except for F. No idea who that is. Wow, sounds really cold there! I forgot to tell you, but the recording you sent me last week sounded a little gross to me when everyone started talking about their hot chocolate just because it's hot hot chocolate just sounded gross, even though I LOVE Wawa hot chocolate. This week was good. So remember that family we found last week? Well, we're still working with them. They didn't go to church this week...but we're visiting them. Also, they're not married, but they said they're thinking about it! They know they're living in sin and the mother said she wants to set a good example for her baby girl. So now we're looking into matrimonios masivos from the municipalidad. Hope it works out.

I also forgot to tell you a couple things last week, well año nuevo some of us just got together to hang out, go eat lunch at Chili's, and play a couple fun games called "Kiwi" and "Signs" at the stake center. Then we went to the stake center of a different stake to play some futbol, but Hna M and I just ended up talking and playing her quena (peruvian flute she played for you on Christmas). Then the four of us here in our ward ordered a pizza, took it back to my room, and ate like tired, pathetic, little youngsters away from home...sometimes with long silent pauses haha. Then we went up to the roof to watch fireworks. Man, it looked like world war 3. Fireworks everywhere you looked. Then 2 days later was Hna M's birthday, so after lunch, my pensionista let me use her oven to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies since we don't have an oven. I left the majority of them there for the family and took a few to the tiny surprise birthday celebration for Hna M. I gave her some cookies as her gift from me haha. She ate them later though because she was so full from the cake, but she told me later that she loved them!

We finished up intercambios this week! Phew. Right before cambios. I left my sector and went back to my ward in Maranga! But a different sector. My old companion, Hermana Z, was my companion for the day. It was fun to be with her again for the day. Her district leader, who is now serving in my old sector in Maranga (remember when they took out me an Hna Amis because it was too dangerous for hermanas to be there?), gave us permission to go visit a few people I used to teach. We visited M who got baptized when I was there. She's still active in the Church and was actually leaving after our visit to go to a Doctrine and Covenants class in the local intitute. She also just had a baby boy named P last month. He's so little and cute! In other baby news, we got to go visit a less active, N, who named her newborn baby girl (about 2 months old) after me. Remember that? So I got to meet Hymas this week. I'll send a picture. We tried to visit M, but she wasn't there. I told Dad a little more about her and what's going on, so you can ask him if you'd like.

Remember how we had to go visit a couple of the hermanas we're over to help them out in their sector because one of them has a bad knee? Well, we found out while we were with them that she was being sent home for medical treatment. She left last night to go to the airport, and might actually be home right now. They said she should be coming back in a couple months. So her companion will be with us for today and until cambios tomorrow. In other news, I hit 15 months on Friday! That means I'll be home in less than 3 months. Crazy stuff. Hna M hit 9 months the same day, so to celebrate her halfway mark, she went to a sketchy place here and had some sketchy lady pierce her ears over a counter haha.

Don't think I have anything else to say! Love you all! Have a wonderful week! And HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY, DAD!!!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

Know who this baby is? Hymas.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Great Experiences

We had a great experience this week! On Saturday, we were trying to find a less active in a house we passed by. We haven't been able to get a hold of her. But we saw a woman with her baby looking out the window in the second floor. We shouted up and asked her if she knew who the woman was, but she said no, because she just moved there. Then we asked her if she needed help with anything. And she said yes and told us to come around to the door. We came around and waited for her. Then she came down, talked to us, we presented ourselves and asked if she wanted help. Then she told us that her sister is sick and she's worried about her and wanted to know if we could offer some spiritual message. So we entered her home and a minute later her husband came home (although we're not completely sure if they're married...we still have to ask). We got talking and found out that as a youth, he listed to the missionaries and went to church for a long time, but never got baptized. We taught about the Book of Mormon and committed them to read the introduction and pray about it. They said they would, and that they would also come with us to Church the next day. He ended up coming with us for all 3 hours, but she apparently had to stay home with the baby. But he liked church. But it's a very good family. We'll see where it goes. We have a lesson with them tonight.

Haha I loved that recording! It brought me back to being in the minivan with y'all. I'll send you some I made this week. Apart from that we're still working hard and trying to help these people progress. This next week is gonna be a little slower I think because not only are we gonna finish up intercambios this week, but we also have to do intercambios with a companionship because one of the hermanas hit her foot pretty bad earlier in the cambio and was on crutches for a while, but this week she's supposed to be on bed rest all day this whole week. So we're gonna help them out a bit this week in their sector.

That's cool that Courtney Hicks is in David's ward. Haha sorry about the rash. Has it gone away yet? I feel like I don't have too much to say this week. I'm here in an internet place in central Lima. We went in a little van up a big hill called Cerro San Cristobal. I'll send pictures. Thanks for all the love and support! I love you all and I'm not trying to sound trunky, but I am excited to see you all again and hang out and stuff. It blows my mind sometimes as I get closer and closer to the end of my mission. But I've still got time.

Have a great week!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

1. We never get white puffy clouds like this here
2. A view of Lima from the top of Cerro San Cristobal
3. With Hna M
4. With Elder I, one of Jack's buddies from Lone Peak.