Monday, April 6, 2015

Last Letter from Lima

Okay, everybody! Here it goes. My last letter home from my mission here in the good ole' Lima, Perú. I will first tell you about my week, and then I will express some feelings I'm having right now. Okie dokie.

This week was crazy! First of all, because of General Conference, instead of going to visit old sectors on Sunday and Monday, they gave us any day in this week, and Monday. On Wednesday, I went to Magdalena. It was great! I only got to see a few families. I visited la familia De Loayza, who I lived with, la familia Chonsen, la familia Bazan, y la familia Ampudia. Haha some of them gave me some things to take home, and they all said some really nice things. I'll have to tell you when I come home. It was great to visit. Today's a little crazy. I'm here in Carmen de La Legua as I write you. I stopped by to visit Diego and Margarita, which was nice. I'd like to visit one or two other people here, but I don't know if I'll be able to today because after this, I'm going to the mission offices in San Isidro for my final interview with Presidente Borg at 12:45. Then after that I think we'll have lunch with the other Hermanas in Escardo, and then I have to visit a few people in Maranga today, and during the day, I need to find time to go find Hermana Mackey and say goodbye, AND we need to meet up with the Bishop to get him to sign the baptismal record of our investigator (well, now she's a recent convert), M! That's right she got baptized on Friday! We talked to Presidente Borg and it's a long story and kind of a special case, but he said she could get baptized, we just had to coordinate it with the family. Do you remember her? I think I talked about her last week. She knows a few words in Español, but she speaks Quechua. So, pretty cool to have a baptism in your last week in the mission, right? That's what I thought. But man, I've never seen a baptism like this one. I can explain it better in person, but oh. my. gosh. Crazy mission experience time!

So we plan to have the baptism in the stake center because the stake center has the option to have warm water, because she's an older, frail woman. So we get there, heat the water in the font, and wait for them to show up. We also write up the program because it was all short notice and our ward mission leader wasn't going to show up either. Then the family shows up, which is only M, her daughter, and her son-in-law. We had other missionaries there, the first counselor of the bishopric and his wife, and an investigator of the Elders. So the son-in-law wanted to baptize his mother-in-law, but we kept talking to him about if he could because he also had a stroke and now like half of his body is half-dead. But he kept insisting and kept insisting. So our district leader, Elder McPhie told him, "Okay, but I'm going in the font with you." We also kept telling him we needed to practice before they went into the font. But he kept saying, "No, it's fine. I can do it." Elder McPhie told him we needed to practice, but he just walked fast and right into the font and said, "No, it's better here." So they get in the font. All three of them. The son-in-law raises his arm to the square and says the words for the ordinance. Then he starts lowering her into the water really...super...slow. We told him, "You have to go faster than that." But he doesn't. Also, I don't know if he could because of his bad arm. So he puts her all the way under, but really super slow. She goes all the way under, which is good because she didn't have to do it again. Also a good thing because she didn't have a good hold on her nose and she starts freaking out underwater, like she's drowing. She comes up, gasps, and starts coughing. During all this, the son-in-law slips and sinks. And remember, he has a bad leg. So he tries getting up, but he can't, until his wife finally tells him to grab the bar that was by his side. Meanwhile, his wife was by us off to the side and she almost ran into the font to help! It's a good thing we held her back, or else she would've gone in. Poor Elder McPhie, who was in there with two people basically drowning in the font. He tried his best to help. Haha then we hear from the the other side of the font, "Close the doors, close the doors." The doors are closed and they get changed into dry clothes. Then the son-in-law was also going to confirm her. But we made sure he ran through what he had to say first. That' part was fine. The confirmation went well. But a su maquina! My companion and I, everytime we think about that baptism, we bust out laughing and we can't stop. It was crazy. I also had to jump off a moving bus this week. Haha everything's happened to me in my mission.

General Conference was so good! I loved it. There were a lot of good messages that helped me. It was sad to have it be my last Conference in the mission though. And it was sad saying goodbye to the zone afterwards.

I cannot believe I am going home in 2 days. I will miss the mission a ton and I feel like my heart is breaking as I write this. But I am grateful for the opportunity I had to serve as a missionary and representative for the Lord, Jesus Christ. He is my salvation, my strength, and my song. Now, as I start the next part of my life, I have to keep doing everything I've learned here. I know it will not be easy at all. Like we heard in General Conference, it requires a lot of effort. And I cannot go back to the person I used to be. I feel like at times it will be really hard, and that scares me. But I know God has a plan for me and He knows what kind of person I need to become. Now, I just have to do everything I can, even if it's hard or uncomfortable for me, to endure to the end. I know this Church is true. It is Jesus Christ's church. The mission has strengthened my testimony over and over again. I am really grateful for that and I will always remember the mission and the change it has left in me.
2 Nephi 22:2

I am out of time now, but as always, I love you all, and I am so grateful for all your love, prayers, and support. You all have no idea how they've helped me here in my mission. For the first time in my life, I've been able to know what it literally feels like to feel the prayers of others. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And nos vemos el miércoles!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

Monday, March 30, 2015

Last Full Week

As usual, this week was good! We have a 19 year old investigator named D who's really awesome. He hasn't fully accepted baptism yet, but we're working on it. It's all very new to him, which he's told us. But, he's reading, praying, and he came to church! And, he came to a baptism that the other Hermanas in the ward had on Saturday. We know with good hermanamiento in the ward, he can progress really fast. Now were just working on trying to get a lesson with him and the rest of his family. We also have an investogator who's like 76 years old, but doesn't understand very much. We still need to talk to Presidente Borg about in which direction we should go with her. She's living with her daughter and her son-in-law, who are both faithful members. She goes everywhere they go. And guess what! She understands Español and can only speak a few words in Español, but she speaks Quechua! We teach her, and when she responds, her daughter translates for us. How cool! We had intercambios this week with Hermana T and Hermana B. These were my last intercambios! I went to their sector in La Marina with Hermana T. They are doing really well! Hermana T is training Hna B very well and they are just a dream team! They get along super well as well, so there are no problems. Yay! But on the other hand, there are still some problems withthe other Hermanas from La Marina. The new Hermana told me that they don't usually have companionship study because her companion is always sleeping in really late. They're also not communicating very much. We're gonna try to go over to their house again this week and try to talk to them. Man, at least I am done with all this drama in a week!

Haha that's so funny that our ward will be having a talent show on April 11th, because our ward is planning a ward talent show for April as well! Hahahaha I laughed out loud just now when I read that part about what Joey Bendixen wrote! Well, it looks like I'm going to a ward talent show si o si! Yes, I did get to go the Women's Conference in our stake center. It was good! That was probably the last conference I'll watch in Spanish, because they'll probably have a room to watch General Conference in English. Hahaha yeah, C showed me the picture she posted on facebook! And she told me the majority of the people who "liked" it were my friends. Then she showed me the list of people. Then I did a double take when I saw David's profile picture. I almost didn't recognize him with the beard!

Felizmente, our training in Multizonas on Tuesday about the 13 steps of weekly planning went well! We were trying to think of how we can make something as boring as the 13 points of weekly planning fun. But we brought candy. And we had a couple practices, one of which was a little funny, and we tried to be as animated as we could. We got a lot of compliments afterwards though, and a couple companionships mentioned to us the big difference in their weekly planning session a couple days later, so it looks like it turned out pretty well. I also had to give my final 3 times already haha. All the people leaving the mission were asked to at the Multizonas, and I was asked to bare my final testimony in our Gospel Principles class, right after I got up to share my testimony in Sacrament Meeting (although I chose to give that one). Why ask me to beare my testimony literally right after hearing it a few minutes before? Haha

Today was my last p-day! We went to Centro de Lima and a few missionaries and I went shopping instead of going with the rest of the zone up to Cerro San Cristobal. Eh. I've been three times. And I'm going home soon, so I went shopping instead. I did what's necessary and I got myself a sweet llama sweater haha. And some other stuff that you'll all see when I'm home.

One more letter before I'm home! That's crazy! Have a great week and enjoy General Conference! I'm still praying for you all!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

Monday, March 23, 2015

Sowing Seeds for Others to Harvest

Wow! Lindsay's engaged?! Felicidades!

This week was good! We reactivated a less active named Timotea she's progressing very well. Those who have been baptized or reactivated lately in our sector are progressing really well in the Church, which is super important. It's important that they have the support of the ward and that they have their goals (mainly their goals that lead to the temple) in mind. I think I forgot to tell you that the grandmother, G, of K, a recent convert, got baptized about a month ago in Puno! We were teaching her, and then she had to go to Puno for a month. We kept in contact with her frequently to follow up that she was reading her Book of Mormon and praying and how she felt about getting baptized here. It was all going really well, until one day she told us she wasn't coming back to Lima yet because she was gonna get baptized in Puno. The Elders there got a hold of her because her grandson is also a recent convert in Puno, and they ended up baptizing her... Oh well, she's here now and she's a really great member of the Church! Super excited about everything. She's at every activity and she's always the first one to help out, too! She's great. Go, G! We've also been told that the relative of a member family in our ward, R, who listened to the missionaries for years and never wanted to be baptized, and whom we taught in a noche de hogar with her member family, is getting baptized on the 29th! ...But she lives in a different zone. La Libertad, I think. But apparently she told her family that she never wanted to be baptized until she heard us explain about the gift of the Holy Ghost. She said she felt something really strong and felt like she needed to have the gift of the Holy Ghost in her life, and from then on, she's had the desire to be baptized! So, it looks like we're planting seeds while some other missionaries are harvesting. It's all good though. I'm just happy I get to have a part in it and see how these awesome people change. It's the coolest thing!

We had intercambios with the Hermanas from Escardo 2. I stayed in my sector with Hna A. We had a really good day! She's a really great missionary and she's training her new companion very well. She's in my group that goes home in 2 weeks. I met her in the CCM! She lived across the hall! She's from Bolivia and was actually gonna end her mission in May, since she actually has about a month less than me in the mission (only 2 weeks in the CCM), but Presidente Borg is sending more missionaries home a little earlier because the apostles are saying that we have too many missionaries in our mission right now and they need to get the numbers down. So a lot of the Elders are now not allowed to extend their missions, and a group of Latina Hermanas are going home a cambio early this cambio. Hahaha yeah! The D M family is the best! And actually, N told me in church yesterday about how she read my letter and how she and her sister commented on it. She told me what they commented, but she told me in Spanish. Haha but it was funny when she told me.

Wow! Well I'm flattered that people outside of my family want to read about my life. Haha thanks! That's nice that Sister Hall's been sending my letters to Berlynn. Yeah, it'll be totally cool to speak Spanish with everyone after the mission! But it'll be so weird to hear what their accents will be like. Haha I already know what Berlynn's accent sounds like. Los uruguayos... No worries. At least I got sent to the country that speaks the most correct Spanish! Haha (kidding...) (but not really). I'm excited to even talk with Dad and see if I can tell if he talks like a Mexicano. The assistants called us yesterday and told us we have to do a 20-30 minute training in Multizonas tomorrow on the 13 steps of the weekly planning session... Kkkkiiiiilllllllll mmmmeeeeeee...... Could that get any more boring? Oh well. We'll see what we come up with. We still have no idea what we're gonna do. We gotta think of a good game. It's just so boring that we've come up with nothing so far haha.

I thought it was gonna cool down these days, but it's only gotten hotter! I. am. DYING. Walking all day every day under the sun seems to take away all my energy. And what's more, something's going on in our building, and they keep cutting our water. So we come home tired and sweaty to a hot and humid room, and we can't even bathe. Sometimes it comes on, but it's been going off in the morning and at night. So we've been walking to the other Hermanas' house at 7am, on a busy city street, with a million people staring at us as we walk past in our pajamas and flip flops. Not the first time this has happened. Or the second. Or the third. I actually don't know how many times I've had to do that in my mission. We're planning on talking to our landlord today because it's getting ridiculous. Today for p-day, we went to Larcomar, ate lunch, and then some of us rode bikes all the way to and up this giant hill that has a giant Christ statue overlooking part of Lima in Chorrillos. Man, it was so tiring. We all sweat like crazy and I think I got more sunburnt. But it was fun! And a good workout haha! I only have one more p-day left. We'll be going to central Lima. After that, I'll be using my last Monday to go visit old sectors. My last two days, April 5 and 6, will be my days to go and visit my old sectors. I'm thinking I might go to Maranga on Sunday the 5, and maybe go to Magdalena on the 6 and swing by Carmen de la Legua that day as well. I gotta call some people and set it all up.

Hope you all have a great week! I pray for you all individually. Hope all is well! Love you lots!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


1-5. Parque de las Aguas
6. A, a member in the ward from Huancayo who fed us lunch on Saturday. (Chrisanne is just 5 feet tall! It's so weird to see her tower over someone!)


Monday, March 16, 2015

Star Wars vs. Harry Potter

This week was good. We need to find new investigators, so we're contacting more people and we're having members come out to teach with us more. We're working with the PF's (people who have family members who are members) a lot as well. We're also starting to do family home evening in the members' houses about twice a week, where we invite everyone we're teaching to come. We have one tonight and we're teaching about the Spirit and how we can recognize it. We had intercambios with the Hermanas from La Marina that were having a hard time together. They're still having a hard time. I was in their sector with the new Hermana, and it's like she just started the mission yesterday. She really doesn't know how to do, like, anything. I don't mean that to sound harsh, I just mean she really hasn't been trained in a lot of things. We also talked a bit about the importance of obedience. Her companion has been pretty disobedient. And we can also tell that the new Hermana seems to be afraid of her companion sometimes. I know they don't talk very much. I don't know if they've fought before. I know I have seen moments where the trainer doesn't treat her companion very well. The new Hermana is very sweet and I know that she can be a very great missionary, but I just know there are a lot of things she is lacking in her training.

So remember the missionary who had a problem with her legs and we didn't know if she was gonna go home or not? She ended up going home on Tuesday. We had her companion, Hna T, with us for a day until she got what we call a "mini missionary" (just a member who got permission from Presidente Borg) to be her companion for the rest of the cambio. Remember how Hna T's last companion, Hna S, had to go home because she had a problem with her knee and Hna T was with us for about a day and a half? Man, she's just killing everyone off! I also heard something sad today. Remember my hija, Hermana L? Well, looks like she'll be going home with my group. Looks like she has a problem with her liver. I remember that when she came to the mission. She has pancreatitis or something like that. I remember she had to tell member what she could and couldn't eat. And sometimes she had to rest. Looks like it got to the point where now she has to be sent home early. Pobrecita.

Hahaha okay, this is funny. So after church yesterday, all 4 of us went to eat with the familia D M. They are so funny! We ate with the mom, and her 3 kids. The dad's not a member and he wasn't there. During lunch, L, the son, starts talking to me about Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. He LOVES both of those, but especially Star Wars. So he was talking to me all about random facts and stuff about Lord of the Rings, when his older sister, M, turns to me and says, "I have one thing to ask you. Do you like Harry Potter?" And I was like, "Oh, I LOVE Harry Potter!" Then she was like, "HA!" to her brother. And that's when the argument started. Then the whole table got in a big debate about which one was better. We had basically everyone against L on the Harry Potter side. Then we started talking about things from Harry Potter that would be useful in real life, like the time turner and the marauder's map and everything. L kept trying to argue, saying things like, "Harry Potter was too predictable. Everyone knew that Harry was gonna win and Voldemort was gonna die. Nobody knew what was gonna happen in Lord of the Rings." Then M cuts him off and starts saying things like, "No! Who knew Harry was gonna find the resurrection stone in the snitch?! Did you?! NO!" Then L came back with, "Do you know what story has the closest relation to the gospel? Star Wars. Do you know how many they have in their council? 12. Like the 12 apostles." So M came back with, "DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY MEMBER THERE ARE IN THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX? MORE THAN 12! 24! THAT'S 2 SETS OF APOSTLES! HA!" Then I asked M if she's ever read the Harry Potter scripture. She says no. So I tell her to go to Doctrine and Covenants 38:28. She pulls it up on her phone and reads, "And again, I say unto you that the enemy in the secret chambers seeketh your lives." Then she gives it to her brother to read and shouts "HA! IT'S IN THE SCRIPTURES!" Then L goes, "NO! THAT'S APOSTASY! THAT'S APOSTASY! IT'S APOSTASY!" Then M and I were like, "How can it be apostasy?! It's in the scriptures!" Hahaha well, there was more to that big debate, but I don't have time to write it all. But it was funny. Haha that family's crazy.

Anyway, I can't think of much else that happened this week. Wow, felicidades to Pauline! I can't believe she's getting ready to go already! Yeah! That'd be so cool to run into the Garrisons at the airport!

Have a great week! I'll try to send pictures soon! Time ran out this week...

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

Monday, March 9, 2015

The Work

You can accept all those friend requests. Wow! Jordan's a wife! That's crazy!!! Felicidades, Jordan! And felicidades to Matt Kunz for his mission call!

I haven't decided yet if the weather here is improving or not. We've had a few foggy mornings, but then it usually clears up and gets really sunny during the day. So sometimes it looks like the weather is changing, and I guess in a way it is, but it's still pretty hot most of the time. The Hermanas are good, for the most part. We got a call from the Zone Leaders saying that the companionship I told you about that was having some problems have been sending them texts saying that one of them isn't doing very well, and their numbers have super been low, and it looks like they could be falling back in the same old routine. So it looks like we might do intercambios with them this week. There's also another Hermana who we don't know yet if she'll be going home or not. She's had a problem with her legs or something and she's in a lot of pain.

This week we met a family that just moved into our ward. The father, S, contacted us in the street and asked us where the church is. We visited them, and they are a very great family! Father, mother, and 2 daughters. One that's 15 and one that's 9. The 9 year old hasn't been baptized yet because she refused to get baptized unless her father, S, baptized her. He couldn't because he's been inactive for about 3 almost 4 years. He was the first counselor in the bishopric in his old ward, but had some problems with the bishop and apparently also saw some tithing being used in the way it should be. So he left and now he says he's never even had a testimony. We know he has, but he's just a bit resentful right now and very closed. He went to Sacrament Meeting yesterday, which was a good start. We'll see how things go with him. The ward members have expressed that they are willing to help. We have a noche de hogar esta noche en la casa de la familia A que vive cerca. We'll see how things go. We're hoping he goes. He also seems to make up excuses to get out of things sometimes. But we're working on hermanamiento with some of the ward members. We're praying things will turn around. But it looks like his 9 year old daughter could be getting baptized soon. She might just have a cousin or someone baptize her if her dad's not ready yet.

We're also still working with R, whom I told you about last week, but it's gotten to the point where I think we're just gonna see if he actually has a desire to know if The Book of Mormon is true or not. We're gonna explain our purpose as missionaries, see what he says, and depending on that, we'll continue teaching him to see if he changes, or we'll drop him. If you're willing, you think you could please pray for S and R?

Allison and Brian told me all about the Peruvian restaurant! Haha it was fun to hear about. Hmm...what else has happened this week? Oh yeah! I got my "paquete trunky" this week. Man, I forgot! I was gonna take a picture to send you so you know my flight information and all. Oh well, I might send one next week. But if I remember correctly, I fly out of Lima on April 8th at 1:10 am, then I don't remember what time I land in Atlanta, but I land in Atlanta and my flight in Atlanta leaves at like 12:something and I get into Philadelphia at 2:06 pm or something like that on the same day, April 8th.

That's cool to hear about you all and all your races! Good luck! Have an awesome week!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

Monday, March 2, 2015

Beginning the Last Cambio

Go ahead and accept the facebook requests. As with cambios, I'm still here in Escardo....and so is Hna L! Yep, she's killing me off. At the end of this cambio, she will have been the only companion I've been with for more than 3 months. It's cool though. We get along. It was weird starting this cambio. It's like, you know it's coming and you know it's your last, but it also just kinda hits you. It was a weird feeling. It was a little sad to start the cambio. I'll admit, I've already cried to my companion a little bit. I didn't even mean to haha. I think it just kinda came out. Oh well, I think it helped though. I haven't been as sad since I cried. Maybe I just needed to talk to someone. But no worries! I'm good! Yeah, I think I get little moments of feeling sad because I'm about to leave, but I also get moments where I'm just excited! Today, I get my "paquete trunky" which has all my flight information, the information about my final interview with President and visiting old sectors, what time I need to be in the offices to leave, etc. Wow, this is really happening!

This week was good. Although, we had to go visit a couple Hermanas because they're having problems in their companionship and one of them also hasn't been very obedient and has been sleeping in really late. Like until 2 pm. We had them do an inventory and we were there to watch and help them. Then they talked to us individually. We gave them suggestions on what they could do to improve personally and in their companionship. So they set some goals and we're following up and they're saying that they're doing better. We'll keep following up though.

Guess what!!! We went to the temple on Saturday with K, the 17 year old girl that got baptized about a month ago. We helped her with her family history and she got to go into the temple for the first time on Saturday and be baptized for her great great grandmother. My companion and I also did baptisms for our family members. I did the baptism and confirmation for someone named Margaret Deague. That's most likely my last time at the Lima Temple. Unless we go when we go back to visit my mission.

We had stake conference this week, and it was sooo good! We only went yesterday because we were at the temple on Saturday. The guest speaker was Elder Taylor Godoy of the seventy (area seventy). He's actually from the first area I served in, Magdalena! He wasn't in my sector, but in my ward. I've only just heard him speak in conferences and sacrament meeting, and I've eaten lunch in his house with his wife and kids. His family is awesome! And he's super cool! A wonderful speaker as well! He spoke for a long time yesterday, but everyone was so engaged in what he was saying. He spoke about like, everything! We have an investigator named R who finally came to church yesterday (well, stake conference)! He's the only one in his family who's not a member. His wife and daughter are active members, and his son is on a mission in Argentina. He's a very good, funny man, and he's been reading The Book of Mormon every night with his family, but he's a bit prideful. He always has something to criticize, and he talks about how everyone always tells him to pray and ask God if The Book of Mormon is true, but he's never gotten an answer. So we went to their house last night and explained a little more about The Book of Mormon and why we invite to read, meditate, and pray about it. He's a little hardhearted, but he came around a little bit in at the end. We invited him to take on the invitation and, when he receives an answer, to be baptized on March 28th. He said he will if he gets an answer. It's totally possible with R! He just needs to humble himself a little bit.

About the YSA conference thing, I'm thinking maybe no... Just because I will have just gotten home, and I don't know of any one of my friends I could go with. As for BYU, I'm still looking into the classes and housing and everything when I have time, but I also trust you guys. Yeah, I think it would be better to live off campus. I don't kow much about the housing. Maybe Glenwood would be a good choice, I don't know. As for living with someone in particular, I haven't planned it out with anyone, so I think it's okay to look into it without trying to live with someone in particular.

Wow, good job with your running! I remember that race! That was a fun one to go to! I wanna do something like that someday!

Have a fantastic week! Love you all!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

1. Weird fog that has been here lately. Nice to have a little change in the weather!
2-3. Temple baptisms with K. Wet hair don't care.


Monday, February 23, 2015

What a Week

I don't know aboout cambios yet. I'll find out later today. I'm thinking I'm gonna stay here in Escardo and finish off my misison here. It'd be weird if they switched me. Although, I have a feeling that Hna L's gonna get transferred.

......OH MY GOSH!!!!! BRIAN'S GOING TO HUANCAYO, PERÚ!!!! A SU MAQUINA!!! I don't even know what to say!!! I sent him a video response (below). I do remember Michelle! She was my companion for one day when I was in Magdalena! There's probably no way to let anyone in her family know. I don't even know her family apart from her and her younger sister. Her sister was working at FSY and I talked to her a tiny bit, but that was all before I knew Brian was going to Huancayo. I'll probably find a way to email Michelle after I come home. Man, I don't even know what to say. I'm super excited for him. And looks like we'll have another Spanish speaker in the house. It'll be fun to maybe teach him some things when I come home. I might even come home speaking a little bit of Spanglish. It's hard to remember certain words in English. And sometimes when I read in English, I read it with a Spanish accent. But who know, maybe there won't be much of that when I come home. My roommates in the CCM went to Huancayo. I don't keep in touch with them, but I know a little bit about Huancayo. I know it's in the hills and that it can get cold. My roommates brought coats and stuff. High altitudes and I think they even get snow. I'm gonna be telling everyone now. I'll see if I people can tell me a little more about Huancayo and how Brian can prepare and what he should bring. And he's going to the CCM here in Lima!!! I'll have to tell him all about it. It's small. Sometimes it can feel like prison, but at other times it can be really fun. From what I've seen, the Hermanas generally like the CCM more than the Elders. Haha they tend to think of it more as a prison. But who knows! I think Brian will have a good experience! But the good thing is that you get to interact with the Latin missionaries that are all there too. And he'll be doing everything I did and going to all the places there that I went! It's so small that the only possible places he'll go at the CCM that I've never been to will be his dorm room and maybe his classroom. Everything else--lunch, devotionals, church, sports, etc. will all be the same. And every p-day, which will either be Tuesday or Thursday, depending on his district, he will go to the temple here in Lima, just like I did! After that I know he can go to either Tottus or Metro, two market places, on p-day. He'll walk the same streets and go to the same places I went to on p-day! And every 2 weeks, everyone in the CCM will leave and take buses to other missions in Lima to proselyte for the day. I went to the the Lima North Mission all three times, but someone here in the mission told me they came here to the Lima Central Mission! Either way, that'll be fun. I like how the CCM here does that. Good experience. Except his mission will look quite a bit different than Lima. I'm kinda jealous about that. Lima's kinda ugly and smelly but I love it. Since Huancayo is also provincia, the people should also be a bit more humble and more willing to accept the Gospel. I also don't know how often, but at some point, Brian will be able to go to the temple while he's in the field. They don't go too often though, I don't think. We're just so close to the Lima temple that we get to go often. I've seen missionaries at the temple who came from Huancayo, Trujillo, and Iquitos. He could see people from my mission! Hermana M said, "I'll still be in the mission. I could see him at the temple!" It's not very likely, but it's possible. Brian should always ask the missionaries there what mission they're from to see if there are any from my mission! He'll go to the Lima temple every week in the CCM, but when he's in the field, I don't know if he'll travel to the Lima temple or to the Trujillo temple that will be dedicated in June. I haven't looked at it or asked my companion, who's from Trujillo, how far away they are from Huancayo. I cannot wait to talk to him all about Perú and share all my stories with him!

Congrats to David about singing in the Priesthood session of conference and to Allison for signing with a literary agent! She hasn't written me yet, but that's great news!

I did intercambios twice this week. On Tuesday I went to Maranga (again) with Hna L. She's really quiet but really, really sweet. She's a fairly new missionary from Colombia that's finishing up her training. We met up with M who I taught and who got baptized in July. She's having some problems, but we talked to her and taught her and stuff and she was a little better by the end. I just hope she can open up to the missionaries that are there right now. She said she's pretty attached to my companions (who taught her with me) and me. It's just a matter of keeping in contact with her and having the missionaries and the ward member continually try to contact her. From what I know, they've been pretty good with that. On Thursday, I had an intercambio with Hna M! That was fun! We went out and taught, and then we came home and went up to the roof to "Choko slam" again. That's the thing with the chocolate covered crackers and milk. If you don't remember, read the email that explains all about the night before Hna M got transferred. She made a couple recordings for you, Mom, which I'll send you.

We're teaching a man named G who's progressing really nicely. He wants to get baptized now, but the only thing is that he and his girlfriend are not married. We've talked to them and now they want to get married, but they want to get married in July with all their family there and stuff. Man! Okay, we'll see how this all works out. Also, remember G, the grandma of K? She's coming back from Puno! I think she's coming back today. We're gonna have to contact her and finish teaching her. She wants to get baptized here. We had K go out with us Saturday morning to visit and teach with us. We taught the Plan of Salvation to G with her. She's a really good girl and it was really good when she shared her testimony. I think it was not only good for G to hear a member's testimony, but also for K
, who was recently baptized to share her testimony in that kind of a setting. We're planning on going to the temple with her this week to do baptisms.

Don't think I have too much else to say this week! I'll be sending you more in some recordings!

Que tengan una semana extremadamente bonita y llena de sorpresas y amor y felicidad y sonrisas y niños que se ríen y todas las cosas buenas de la vida! Jaja. La vida es hermosa! Disfrútenla!

Con amor,
Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

From our temple trip a couple weeks ago.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Heart Attacks and Bad Jello

I got the puffy envelope you sent me in the mail this week. Thanks! Yeah, go ahead and log onto my FamilySearch account. I think a lot of the work I have reserved on there are sealings, but you can look. I think there might be some baptisms and confirmations as well.

This week was a little slow, but good. We had interviews with Presidente Borg and FSY again (I had to speak on stage about the same topic again, but with my companion this time). It was a little bit of a busy week, so we didn't get a chance to do intercambios this week. We're gonna squeeze in 2 intercambios this upcoming week. For Valentines Day, my companion and I decided to heart attack the other Hermanas' rooms. So we made hearts out of white, red, and pink paper, wrote on them and made a little note with a little candy to put on their desks. Then we had to plan when we were gonna go to their rooms. We have copies of their keys, so we could just sneak in. We had to pick times when they weren't supposed to be there. Everything was going well at first. We went into the room of the other Hermanas from Escardo and left everything really fast. Then we went to San Miguel and left everything SUPER fast, but then when we walked out of their room, I saw one of the Hermanas walking up the stairs. So I booked it and hid behind something, but my companion didn't have time. They came up and were like, "What? What are you doing in our room?" Then I just shouted, "YOU'LL SEE! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! CHAO!" and ran down the stairs. My companion followed me and when we got to the bottom, one of the Hermanas shouted down to us, "Ustedes son la muerte!", which is a way of saying something like, "You two are so funny!" So, we got caught. Dang it. But it wasn't our fault. The Hermanas came home 30 minutes before they were supposed to. So apart from them, we were able to sneak into everyone else's rooms without them knowing. We went to Precursores and Maranga in the afternoon. We almost got caught by the Hermanas in Maranga, but we were too sneaky for them... Anyway, it was fun. Glad to hear that the little video worked. Looks like I'll have to make more.

I'm feeling better now. Turns out I had a stomach infection. I was put on a diet and had to take some pills for a while. We're not completely positive, but we're pretty sure that I got sick from some jello I ate that was most likely made with bad water. My companion ate it too, but she's Peruvian and used to the water, so she didn't get sick. We're pretty sure it was the jello. I don't think it could've been anything else.

We went to the temple this week and I got to do a lot of the work for Alice Maud Letch, the relative I mentioned last week. It feels good to do all that for a relative. I sent you the screenshot of her work on I think it's cool to see it says that it's been done in Lima, Peru too.

Yes, I've also heard about Allison! That's great news! I'll be rooting for her over here. I am so anxious to know where Brian will be sent on his mission! I would LOVE a video! I might just send a video response back. If you can't do a video, a recording will do! Man, I'm so excited for him! I bet he's just really excited/anxious/nervous. I almost feel like I'm feeling the the same things I felt when I opened mine. I don't know why. It's not even my call!

Que tengan una buena semana! Los quiero mucho!!! Me encanta leer todos sus correos! Es definitivamente la mejor parte de mi semana. Tan divertido!

Con amor,
Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

Photos: Temple trip with the zone

Monday, February 9, 2015

Taxis, Trucks, and Machetes

Hey, guess what. I hit 16 months today!

So the good thing about serving a mission in a third world country is that you get some crazy experiences sometimes haha. The bad thing is that you also are more prone to getting sick. Yep. I'm sick again. It's getting better, but it's not gone yet. It started out with just a stomach ache, to having to sit down on a curb in the street because I was about to pass out, to losing my vision and my hearing a little, to my entire body aching, to getting a fever of 103.4 F. Well, it was a little freaky at first, especially when I started losing my vision and hearing in the street, and my poor little Loayza was freaked out too. To the point where she was afraid to go to sleep for fear of my fever getting higher and having like, convulsions haha. I basically spent Saturday and Sunday in our room resting. I'm doing better now, except for my stomach. That hasn't gotten better. My stomach just doesn't want to hold on to anything I guess... We'll see how things go today. The offices are putting me on a little bit of a diet this week to see if they can figure out what's going on.

We had intercambios this week! I was with Hna T in her sector. She's doing well. My companion and I helped train her and Hna C (who was with Hna L) with a couple of things concerning their teaching and practicing and such, but they're doing really well. They're both great missonaries.

We saw a crazy fight outside our window this week. We're in our room, then all of a sudden we hear yelling outside. So we look out and we see a taxi driver and the driver of an ENORMOUS truck arguing. Then the taxi driver starts to pick up things and throw them at the truck driver. But wait, it gets better. The truck driver climbs into his ENORMOUS truck and pulls out a machete! Que en el mundo?! Only in Perú, ladies and gentlemen. He threatened the taxi driver with it, but they got back into their cars and no one got hurt. But that's just because the light at the intersection turned green. Then, the ENORMOUS truck drives off, but hits the taxi on purpose, tearing off his bumper. So, then the taxi driver speeds up and stops in front of the ENORMOUS truck, blocking it, steps out of his car, gets on the phone and yells at someone. Then he hangs up and starts picking up rocks and starts throwing them at the other guys windshield, as he continues to scream at him. Then the other guys just casually backs up his ENORMOUS truck and drives off. I knew the truck was gonna win the whole time.

Good luck with the babysitting! And the cold weather! Man, I have no idea where I wanna live in the fall. When do I have to decide? Now? I haven't been able to really look at the thing you sent me. I don't know much about many places except that David was trying to convince me to go to Glenwood. He just said there are apparently a lot of people there who served in Spanish speaking missions/native Spanish speakers.

I'm going to the temple tomorrow! I printed out a name to bring. Her name's like, Alice, if I remember correctly. I have permission to go do her baptism, confirmation, initiatory, and endowment, but we just don't know yet if they'll have enough priesthood holders for the baptisms in the morning, but if there are, I can do all those ordinances tomorrow! It's cool that my mission gives us time to work on our family history, and a temple so close to do the work there. By the way, do you know anything about the Philadelphia temple? How's that going?

Hope you all have a great week! Keep 'em comin'! I'll keep dishin' 'em out as well!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

1. From when Hna. T joined us and was our companion for a day
2. Chao, Elder C! Asistente who's favorite scripture was also Ether 12:4
3. Bad quality, but me and mija, Hna. A, and Hna. A and her hija, Hna. M
4. Mi primera hija, Hna. L. Check out the anchors! Looks like she learned well from her mom.
5-6. P-day at the beach!
7. Sad to leave the beach
8. Hahaha


Monday, February 2, 2015


WHAT! Becky had a baby?! Wow. I can't believe how fast time flies during the mission. Welp, felicidades, Becky! Be safe in all that ice and cold weather! I continue to sweat under the sun here. I also always have my black backpack on, so as you can imagine, my back just ends up completely wet everyday. And I swear I was sweating buckets just walking to lunch yesterday after church.

Ew! I'm sitting next to a man right now you reaks of cigarette smoke! I'm dying. Save me!

So K, who just got baptized, is doing really well and she and her mom have a lot of support from the ward. We took them to the local institute to do their family history in the family history center we have there. They're doing their family history work now and they are really excited about it. They're doing well. Her mom even printed out a name to take to the temple. We're going as a zone to the temple on the 10th, and we might see if we can go early and do temple work there with them. By the way, I told you I found a ton of names on FamilySearch who all have work ready to be done! It's really cool! Last week, I mentioned to Hermana Terry that I couldn't really advance in my family history work because everyone already has their work done. Then she was like, "Nope, there's more." And she showed me something really cool. I've been gathering really disntant family members for a couple days. I'm not done either. I started on Dad's side. I'll teach you how. Go to and log in, then go to your family tree. In the left-hand corner, you can change the view. Change it to descendancy. Then click on the little blue link in the same corner that says expand. It'll show you your tree as far back as your grandparents. Pick your mom's side or your dad's side, then just keep doing that same thing. Expand, and click on a grandparent of that person. The goal is to go as far back as you can. I don't know if that makes sense. Then, when you've gone back as faar as you can, click on every little arrow that's in a little gray circle that looks like this >. It'll drop down a line of that person. Be sure to click EVERY one of those little arrows. This shows a ton of people. Distant cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. Then when you find someone who has a green temple icon next to their name, that means their work's ready. Sometimes it'll say possible duplicates exist. The missionaries in the family history center taught me how to deal with that. If you need help with that, go head and ask so I can explain next time. I don't have time to explain that right now. Everyone else, you should be able to click on the green temple and "solicitar ordenanzas" (I don't exactly know what that translates to on the english site). But I'm gathering a list of them and there's still a lot more to go. You can enter into my account and print some out to do the work for them back home too if you want. I just have to pick one of those names to print out and take to the temple naxt week. I still need to look at it.

We had intercambios this week. I stayed in my sector with Hermana B and my companion went with Hermana A. Hermana B is good and I like the way she teaches. However, she's having a hard time with her companion. I gave her some advice. Her companion is really hard and all of her companions have had problems with her. We'll be checking up on them to see how they're doing.

So, yesterday started Carnavales here in Perú. During the whole month of February, Peruvians play Carnavales, which is just where they soak other people with water whenever they want. Water balloons, a hose, a bucket of water, etc. Last year, I never got hit, and usually the missionaries don't get hit, at least not very much. Last year I heard of a couple sisters in my zone who got hit once, but just a little bit. So we were walking yesterday and you guessed it. A car drove by and someone pegged me with a water balloon. I was walking on the side facing the street, and my companion was walking on the side facing the inside of the sidewalk, so she didn't get hit. The balloon hit my side and exploded. It was a little inconveniente because it got me all wet and it soaked a Book of Mormon I had in my hand, but then of the other side it felt good on a hot day and we ended up giving away the Book of Mormon (after it dried a little) to a family we contacted in a park. We're actually playing Carnavales as a zone today for p-day. I'm excited. Water games are always fun.

That's all I can really think of this week. I don't know why but the end of this week has been a little weird. I can't really describe it. I just feel weird sometimes. Maybe it's when I get frustrated or something, I don't know. But I'll tell ya, reading your letters make a difference! Thanks! Have a great week!

Don't have time to write the others, just to let them know. Maybe next week!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

Pictures of K's baptism and goofing off in the bathroom while K gets dressed.

Monday, January 26, 2015


I'm not sure who that is. Glad Dad had a good birthday. I got Cami's Christmas package this week! Thanks Cami! I shared with my companion. By the way, everyone here are amazed by pez dispensers.

Guess what! K got baptized on Saturday! I'll have to send pics next week. It's a long story. She was gonna get baptized on next Saturday because she was waiting for her bishop from Puno to come to baptize her, but he ended up not coming, so she got baptized this Saturday! Helaman A baptized her. Her baptism was beautiful. She's really happy and she's wanting to move on to the next things. She's wanting to do her family history and she's doing her personal progress and everything. She's gonna try to go on a temple trip with the young women tomorrow. I think we're gonna have her come out with us and teach lessons as well. We met her mom who came from Puno and just got reactivated. She's great too. She bore her testimony to us about how she changed and everything.

We had a conference with Elder Carlos Godoy. He spoke in general conference in Portuguese. He spoke about his patriarchial blessing in general conference. I really loved the conference with Elder Godoy! Very, very good. He's very funny, and just overall a great teacher. I felt the Spirit really strong. And I loved the leadership training he did with us! The leaders had a training beforehand and it was really good. He asked what the problems were with missionaries in the mission. Someone mentioned "animo" (I don't really remember what that translates to. I think it's like motivation or something.) But he explained that if missionaries are really studying the Book of Mormon everyday, they will have the Spirit with them and they won't lose their animos. The entire thing was just super good. I think it may have been my favorite conference that I've ever been in in the mission.

We also went to EFY this week, which is now called FSY. We had to present the Book of Mormon and how to give it away to a friend, and we helped kids print out a name to take to the temple. I was asked to go on stage and talk to them about how the Book of Mormon is related to the Mi Familia booklet. I went up and did that and bore my testimony about it and stuff. It was funny, they told us we had to be very animated and stuff because they were coming into the auditorum after lunch, so they were gonna be tired. It was also funny because when I was up on stage, a couple boys held up their hands made in the shape of a heart at, okay? And well, I think it went well. People told me I did a good job. And one of our zone leaders the next day said that he heard people say they really liked my part. He said the marriage couple leading FSY said that my bit was the best part of the whole thing. So I mean hey, that makes me feel good. 

Not really sure what exactly Hna M needs for her BYU application. She's stressing a little bit about the essays. She said she just needs time to sit at the computer and think. She doesn't really know to say either.

This computer is horrible and taking forever, so sorry if I don't get back to everyone.

I hope you're all doing well. Love you!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Church is True!

Nothing happened with cambios. Hermana L and I stayed together! We got a new missionary in the ward though. Hermana M is now companions with...Hermana A! Haha de nuevo! Hermana A was Hermana M's trainer and when she got transferred, that's when I came in. Crazy. I can't believe they're together again. So that means there's hope, right? Hermana M and I could be put together again? Haha well, not very likely, but it'd be sweet. Hermana M told me I should just tell President, "She's killing me off, or it's suicide."

We had a great week this week! We met a 17 year old girl and her grandma who came to church on their own last Sunday. They're from Puno, Perú and they're not members but the 17 year old girl's mom is a member. So we set up an appointment to visit with them the next day. We went, and they are great! Super prepared. Especially the 17 year old, K. She was taught a few of the lessons in Puno, went to church there for about a month before moving here, and had a baptismal date! But she had to move to Lima to study. She even called her bishop in Puno and told us to talk to him. We talked to him, and he said she's gone to Church every week, her mom just got reactivated and has a calling and everything, and that when K gets baptized, he wants to know. He's trying to come to Lima to baptize her. We'll see if it works out. But she's getting baptized this Saturday 24th! And her grandma is in the process of getting her answer. We've been visiting them every day. She wants to join the church, but she wants an answer about The Book of Mormon like her daughter had. She's on her way, and has a baptismal date for February 7th.

The Church is so true!!!! It's crazy sometimes. We watched a video with K and her grandma, G, last night about Joseph Smith and the restoration of the Church. I always feel the Spirit so strong whenever I watch it. There's absolutely no way Joseph Smith and the saints would go through all they went through if it wasn't true.

Whoa, Sarah's engaged?! Felicitaciones! Wow, I still cannot believe Grace is driving! And on icy roads! I was talking to my companion a little bit about that last night. She was interviewing me and we recorded it on the ipod haha. Maybe I'll send it. It's gonna be so crazy to find out where he's going! I can't believe how fast the time has gone by. How are his papers going?

Hope you all have a fantastic week! Love you all!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

P.S. Hermana L is wearing the Plan of Salvation right now. Haha she loves it.

Photos of me and Hermana L a couple of p-days ago.


Monday, January 12, 2015

Visiting Old Areas

For the facebook requests, I know everyone except for F. No idea who that is. Wow, sounds really cold there! I forgot to tell you, but the recording you sent me last week sounded a little gross to me when everyone started talking about their hot chocolate just because it's hot hot chocolate just sounded gross, even though I LOVE Wawa hot chocolate. This week was good. So remember that family we found last week? Well, we're still working with them. They didn't go to church this week...but we're visiting them. Also, they're not married, but they said they're thinking about it! They know they're living in sin and the mother said she wants to set a good example for her baby girl. So now we're looking into matrimonios masivos from the municipalidad. Hope it works out.

I also forgot to tell you a couple things last week, well año nuevo some of us just got together to hang out, go eat lunch at Chili's, and play a couple fun games called "Kiwi" and "Signs" at the stake center. Then we went to the stake center of a different stake to play some futbol, but Hna M and I just ended up talking and playing her quena (peruvian flute she played for you on Christmas). Then the four of us here in our ward ordered a pizza, took it back to my room, and ate like tired, pathetic, little youngsters away from home...sometimes with long silent pauses haha. Then we went up to the roof to watch fireworks. Man, it looked like world war 3. Fireworks everywhere you looked. Then 2 days later was Hna M's birthday, so after lunch, my pensionista let me use her oven to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies since we don't have an oven. I left the majority of them there for the family and took a few to the tiny surprise birthday celebration for Hna M. I gave her some cookies as her gift from me haha. She ate them later though because she was so full from the cake, but she told me later that she loved them!

We finished up intercambios this week! Phew. Right before cambios. I left my sector and went back to my ward in Maranga! But a different sector. My old companion, Hermana Z, was my companion for the day. It was fun to be with her again for the day. Her district leader, who is now serving in my old sector in Maranga (remember when they took out me an Hna Amis because it was too dangerous for hermanas to be there?), gave us permission to go visit a few people I used to teach. We visited M who got baptized when I was there. She's still active in the Church and was actually leaving after our visit to go to a Doctrine and Covenants class in the local intitute. She also just had a baby boy named P last month. He's so little and cute! In other baby news, we got to go visit a less active, N, who named her newborn baby girl (about 2 months old) after me. Remember that? So I got to meet Hymas this week. I'll send a picture. We tried to visit M, but she wasn't there. I told Dad a little more about her and what's going on, so you can ask him if you'd like.

Remember how we had to go visit a couple of the hermanas we're over to help them out in their sector because one of them has a bad knee? Well, we found out while we were with them that she was being sent home for medical treatment. She left last night to go to the airport, and might actually be home right now. They said she should be coming back in a couple months. So her companion will be with us for today and until cambios tomorrow. In other news, I hit 15 months on Friday! That means I'll be home in less than 3 months. Crazy stuff. Hna M hit 9 months the same day, so to celebrate her halfway mark, she went to a sketchy place here and had some sketchy lady pierce her ears over a counter haha.

Don't think I have anything else to say! Love you all! Have a wonderful week! And HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY, DAD!!!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

Know who this baby is? Hymas.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Great Experiences

We had a great experience this week! On Saturday, we were trying to find a less active in a house we passed by. We haven't been able to get a hold of her. But we saw a woman with her baby looking out the window in the second floor. We shouted up and asked her if she knew who the woman was, but she said no, because she just moved there. Then we asked her if she needed help with anything. And she said yes and told us to come around to the door. We came around and waited for her. Then she came down, talked to us, we presented ourselves and asked if she wanted help. Then she told us that her sister is sick and she's worried about her and wanted to know if we could offer some spiritual message. So we entered her home and a minute later her husband came home (although we're not completely sure if they're married...we still have to ask). We got talking and found out that as a youth, he listed to the missionaries and went to church for a long time, but never got baptized. We taught about the Book of Mormon and committed them to read the introduction and pray about it. They said they would, and that they would also come with us to Church the next day. He ended up coming with us for all 3 hours, but she apparently had to stay home with the baby. But he liked church. But it's a very good family. We'll see where it goes. We have a lesson with them tonight.

Haha I loved that recording! It brought me back to being in the minivan with y'all. I'll send you some I made this week. Apart from that we're still working hard and trying to help these people progress. This next week is gonna be a little slower I think because not only are we gonna finish up intercambios this week, but we also have to do intercambios with a companionship because one of the hermanas hit her foot pretty bad earlier in the cambio and was on crutches for a while, but this week she's supposed to be on bed rest all day this whole week. So we're gonna help them out a bit this week in their sector.

That's cool that Courtney Hicks is in David's ward. Haha sorry about the rash. Has it gone away yet? I feel like I don't have too much to say this week. I'm here in an internet place in central Lima. We went in a little van up a big hill called Cerro San Cristobal. I'll send pictures. Thanks for all the love and support! I love you all and I'm not trying to sound trunky, but I am excited to see you all again and hang out and stuff. It blows my mind sometimes as I get closer and closer to the end of my mission. But I've still got time.

Have a great week!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

1. We never get white puffy clouds like this here
2. A view of Lima from the top of Cerro San Cristobal
3. With Hna M
4. With Elder I, one of Jack's buddies from Lone Peak.