Monday, December 15, 2014

Parque de Las Aguas

For the Facebook requests, I only really recognize Sister Daniels and A. Go ahead and accept those. The others might require pictures. I don't know if I know them or not. I get confused with all the Latin names sometimes haha. I watched the video you sent me! So cool to see David there in that group. You go, Dave. Sounds like the Messiah Sing Along was really good. Yeah, I figured Sister Bernards would be going home soon. Hermana B's flight leaves at like 1:30 am on Wednesday morning. We drop her off at the offices for good tomorrow. So weird. Hermana L and I will be lost without her here in Escardo. It'll be an adventure. But Hna L is the BEST! She is chill, funny, and suuuuuppppeeeerrrr cute! I love working with her! She's so cute!

Our training on Wednesday went well. Since we're new Hermana Capacitadoras, we trained just the 2 of us, without Hna B. It went well though. We did the training on compromisos y verificación (commitments and following up). We had p-day after that meeting. It was an all day thing. We got together and played soccer for a little and then we went to Parque de Las Aguas. On Thursday, we went on intercambios. Our first one as Hermana Capacitadoras. It was good. I went with Hermana T to her sector. She's an excellent missionary. Not worried about her at all. It was fun!

AHHHHH!!!!! Allison's going to the temple!!! Que emoción! That's so exciting! I wanna see pictures! Congrats, Allison!

Sorry, we still need to see when and where we're gonna Skype. My companion doesn't know yet and is trying to figure that out with her family. Just keep checking your email and Skype so that I can communicate with you on that. I'll be able to communicate all that with you si o si before Christmas, I promise. Sorry it's taking a little while.

We have the mission Christmas party on Thursday! Well, our half of the mission. So excited! We were supposed to buy a gift of 5 soles for a game Hna Borg is gonna do at the party. I found the best one. It's a bag, and it was 2 soles. I bought 3 soles worth of chocolates to fill the bag. I'm sending you a picture of it. I showed Hna M the picture of it and now she hopes she gets it at the party.

Yesterday we went with Hna B to on of her old secors in Las Flores to visit converts and members and stuff. It was fun. We're doing that again today. Our sector's been a little dry this week because of all the stuff she has to do before she goes home. But it's all good.

It's so hot here. I'm sweating all the time. And I've been getting some sun. Enjoy the cold! Y disfruten su semana! Los quiero un montón!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

1-2. Intercambio with Hermana T
3. We saw this outside someone's house. I've never seen whatever this show is nor do I understand it, but this sign was kinda funny.
4-6. Parque de Las Aguas with my companions, Hermana B and Hermana L
7. Parque de Las Aguas with the zone. I'm that little head in the very, very back.
8. The best gift ever for the Christmas party.
9. Our district threw Hermana B a tiny going away party this morning.


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