Monday, December 29, 2014


I know all of those facebook friend requests, so go ahead and accept all of them.
It was so fun talking to you all on Christmas! So fun to see you and hear from you!  And you all finally got to meet Hermana M as she entered in with her scarf on her head, playing her Peruvian flute. Hahaha she's hilarious. After skyping, we stayed at the A's house for dinner. I think we might be eating dinner with them on New Year's Eve as well.

This week was good! Although we are still trying to find more people to teach and we're working with our investigators, we've been doing very well with the less actives. They're really progressing. And one of them will be fully reactivated really soon. And she's feeling the spirit of the work of salvation! She came with us to visit her aunt who's interested in the church. She's good at sharing the gospel. We'll see how it goes with her aunt.

The other Hermanas had a baptism a couple of days ago. He's good, but a bit creepy at the same time. Hahaha we were all a little scared during the whole thing. But it looks like everything turned out okay. We had intercambios right before Christmas with a couple Hermanas. The one that was with me can be pretty hard to work with, and she hasn't gotten along with any one of her companions. She says everything's fine with her and her companion, but we don't know if her companion's having a hard time. Her companion tends to keep everything to herself just to avoid making a big deal about things. I hope she actually does come to us though if anything does go wrong.

I can't believe you're seeing all my buddies come home from their missions! It's crazy! And thanks for sending me voice recordings. It's fun to hear people. I'm so happy Allison had a good experience at the temple! That's awesome!

Don't have too much to write this week, so have a great week, and FELIZ AÑO NUEVO!!! 2015! NO PUEDO CREERLO! And to quote Sister Dixon, ¨This is my year!"

Love you all! Thanks for everything! All the prayers, support, everything.
Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

Zona Maranga at the Christmas party with Presidente and Hermana Borg

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