Monday, December 29, 2014


I know all of those facebook friend requests, so go ahead and accept all of them.
It was so fun talking to you all on Christmas! So fun to see you and hear from you!  And you all finally got to meet Hermana M as she entered in with her scarf on her head, playing her Peruvian flute. Hahaha she's hilarious. After skyping, we stayed at the A's house for dinner. I think we might be eating dinner with them on New Year's Eve as well.

This week was good! Although we are still trying to find more people to teach and we're working with our investigators, we've been doing very well with the less actives. They're really progressing. And one of them will be fully reactivated really soon. And she's feeling the spirit of the work of salvation! She came with us to visit her aunt who's interested in the church. She's good at sharing the gospel. We'll see how it goes with her aunt.

The other Hermanas had a baptism a couple of days ago. He's good, but a bit creepy at the same time. Hahaha we were all a little scared during the whole thing. But it looks like everything turned out okay. We had intercambios right before Christmas with a couple Hermanas. The one that was with me can be pretty hard to work with, and she hasn't gotten along with any one of her companions. She says everything's fine with her and her companion, but we don't know if her companion's having a hard time. Her companion tends to keep everything to herself just to avoid making a big deal about things. I hope she actually does come to us though if anything does go wrong.

I can't believe you're seeing all my buddies come home from their missions! It's crazy! And thanks for sending me voice recordings. It's fun to hear people. I'm so happy Allison had a good experience at the temple! That's awesome!

Don't have too much to write this week, so have a great week, and FELIZ AÑO NUEVO!!! 2015! NO PUEDO CREERLO! And to quote Sister Dixon, ¨This is my year!"

Love you all! Thanks for everything! All the prayers, support, everything.
Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

Zona Maranga at the Christmas party with Presidente and Hermana Borg

Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas, Baby!

NOOO!!!! I accidentally just erased EVERYTHING I just wrote you. Okay, well let's try again.

The Christmas party on Thursday was fun. We started off with some games. I played volleyball for a little and then I played this game that is basically just dodgeball, but with little packets of flour. So you throw it and it explodes in a cloud of flour and gets all over you. Pretty fun. Then we washed up (thanks to the flour) and took a group picture. Then we met up and watched about an hour-long stream of little Christmas videos and shorts. The longest video we watched was the Christmas short of How to Train Your Dragon. And everything was in Spanish, so I learned a new word! "Chimuelo" means "toothless". I totally gotta watch movies in Spanish when I'm home. Then we ate a really good dinner. Ham, peas and carrots (Forrest Gump?), rolls, and I don't remember what else. Then we had the gift exchange game. some Elder I don't know ended up with my creepy gift. Presidente said, "Elder, that's perfect for you!" when he walked by and saw it. I just got a little stuffed Santa ornament. Then we had the skits. They were pretty good this year. I'll have to tell you about it when we skype this week. Then they showed a fun little video that the mission offices made, but it stopped working about half-way through due to technical difficulties. Piña. Then we ended at 9 pm with a little Christmas spiritual thought from Pdte Borg. Then they gave us little goodie bags. We got home around 10:30 pm.

Then we went on intercambios the next day with Hna Mackey and her companion, Hna Castillo. I stayed in my sector and Hna Castillo came with me. She's a good missionary and works hard and all.  It's weird because as Hermana Capacitadoras, we hear a bunch of gossip and drama, but it's not gossip for us. It's stuff we need to know. So it's information for us more than it is gossip, which is weird.

Hna M and I got to go back to La Legua on Saturday for a for investigator's baptism! She's an old lady that almost got baptized last cambio, but she had to wait a little. Now she finally got baptized! Woo! Yay, M! It was so fun for us to be on splits for a little bit and go back to our old sector. We bailed on the ward Christmas party to go to the baptism. And oh yeah, about 1 minute before the baptism started they said that the lady who was supposed to give a talk wasn't coming and that I was gonna give the talk instead. I had to speak on baptism and the Holy Ghost. I just had to wing it. Welp, oh well!

Felicitaciones to Hayley and Andrew! And to Pauline with her mission call to Salta, Argentina! Wow, do you realize that the day she leaves on her mission is the day I come home?

I am so excited to talk to you all on Christmas this week! It totally does not feel like it's Christmas at all for me. I might actually just open my Christmas package (yes, I got it about a week and a half ago) as I skype with y'all.

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

1. After the flour fight
2. Dinner!
3. Con mija, Hna A!
4-5. Speak for themselves...
6. Intercambio with Hna C
7. Margarita's baptism!
8. Us with a recent convert we used to visit in La Legua. Go, D, go!
9. Panteón: the traditional Christmas fruitcake all Peruvians love.


Monday, December 15, 2014

Parque de Las Aguas

For the Facebook requests, I only really recognize Sister Daniels and A. Go ahead and accept those. The others might require pictures. I don't know if I know them or not. I get confused with all the Latin names sometimes haha. I watched the video you sent me! So cool to see David there in that group. You go, Dave. Sounds like the Messiah Sing Along was really good. Yeah, I figured Sister Bernards would be going home soon. Hermana B's flight leaves at like 1:30 am on Wednesday morning. We drop her off at the offices for good tomorrow. So weird. Hermana L and I will be lost without her here in Escardo. It'll be an adventure. But Hna L is the BEST! She is chill, funny, and suuuuuppppeeeerrrr cute! I love working with her! She's so cute!

Our training on Wednesday went well. Since we're new Hermana Capacitadoras, we trained just the 2 of us, without Hna B. It went well though. We did the training on compromisos y verificación (commitments and following up). We had p-day after that meeting. It was an all day thing. We got together and played soccer for a little and then we went to Parque de Las Aguas. On Thursday, we went on intercambios. Our first one as Hermana Capacitadoras. It was good. I went with Hermana T to her sector. She's an excellent missionary. Not worried about her at all. It was fun!

AHHHHH!!!!! Allison's going to the temple!!! Que emoción! That's so exciting! I wanna see pictures! Congrats, Allison!

Sorry, we still need to see when and where we're gonna Skype. My companion doesn't know yet and is trying to figure that out with her family. Just keep checking your email and Skype so that I can communicate with you on that. I'll be able to communicate all that with you si o si before Christmas, I promise. Sorry it's taking a little while.

We have the mission Christmas party on Thursday! Well, our half of the mission. So excited! We were supposed to buy a gift of 5 soles for a game Hna Borg is gonna do at the party. I found the best one. It's a bag, and it was 2 soles. I bought 3 soles worth of chocolates to fill the bag. I'm sending you a picture of it. I showed Hna M the picture of it and now she hopes she gets it at the party.

Yesterday we went with Hna B to on of her old secors in Las Flores to visit converts and members and stuff. It was fun. We're doing that again today. Our sector's been a little dry this week because of all the stuff she has to do before she goes home. But it's all good.

It's so hot here. I'm sweating all the time. And I've been getting some sun. Enjoy the cold! Y disfruten su semana! Los quiero un montón!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

1-2. Intercambio with Hermana T
3. We saw this outside someone's house. I've never seen whatever this show is nor do I understand it, but this sign was kinda funny.
4-6. Parque de Las Aguas with my companions, Hermana B and Hermana L
7. Parque de Las Aguas with the zone. I'm that little head in the very, very back.
8. The best gift ever for the Christmas party.
9. Our district threw Hermana B a tiny going away party this morning.


Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Miracle?

What a week! Okay, so we had cambios, and guess what, I've been made an Hermana Capacitadora (Sister Training Leader), which is kind of like being a zone leader of the Hermanas, mas o menos. We do intercambios (24-hour exchanges) with all the Hermanas in our zone, and we have to do trainings at zone meetings and stuff. Also, you know where I got transferred? Magdalena. Not just in my very first ward, but in my very first sector. Exactly where I was for my first 6 months in the field! Apparently I was supposed to get transferred somewhere else, but one of the assistants told me that for some reason they switched me at the last second. I got put with an Hermana A from Argentina. I was just like, "....What...?" I kinda thought, okay well it stinks that I'm going back to a place I'm already super familar with and people I'm super familiar with, but it must be for a reason. So I went back to the same house, the same room, the same alarm to wake us up in the morning, the same streets, the same everything. I felt like I was starting the mission all over again. It was the worst feeling ever. I didn't let my companion know I felt that way though. It was so weird. We were planning for people to visit the next day, and my companion has only been in Magdalena for a month and a half. So I filled her in on the people we were going to visit and what their deal was, and I knew the streets a little better and everything too. Awful.

But then on Wednesday, we got a voice mail from President Borg while we were in a lesson telling us to call him. We called him back and was like "Hermana Hymas, are you sitting down? Listen, I made a big mistake. And it was not the Lord's mistake, it was mine. You weren't originally supposed to go there, but things got a little complicated before cambios and we changed some people around. I made a mistake. I wasn't looking at my records very well and I know you've been in Magdalena for a long time. So I would like to switch you and put you in the barrio Escardo (which is part of the Maranga stake). I know you've been in Maranga already but what do you think?" I told him that yes, I've been in Maranga, but I was in the Maranga ward, not in the Escardo ward. I also asked him if he was sure it was all a mistake, just in case I really was supposed to be there for a reason. He said that it was absolutely a mistake. So I agreed to getting transferred. So that night I went to a couple of my favorite families and said hello again...and goodbye haha. Then the next day, Thursday morning, we (all the zone leaders and the hermana capacitadoras) had a leadership meeting with President Borg and the assistants. So they just had me bring my luggage to the meeting and make the switch there. So now I'm in Escardo with my 2 companions, Hermana B from Wisconsin and Hermana L from Trujillo, Peru. We're in a trio because Hermana B is going home in a week. Hermana L is also new to Escardo and she's a new Hermana Capacitadora as well. So, we're both learning the area, and Hermana B's just training us a little on how to be Hermana Capacitadoras this week. We actually have to give a training to our whole zone on Wednesday in our zone meeting. I'm happy to be with them! They're really awesome! And I'm excited to stay with Hermana L! She's super cool and everyone I know who has ever been her companion LOVES her.

Wanna know the best part of all this? Hermana M's in my ward! Wooo! Haha I knew that too, but M didn't know about the switch until we had our meeting with our ward mission leader Friday morning with the other missionaries as well. She looked shocked when she walked in the meeting, and I explained everything to her afterwards. She said "Hermana, this is a miracle!" We talked in cambios about meeting up at the mission Christmas party, but because our mission has grown so much, they're splitting it up in 2 days. But at the leadership meeting, we found out the zones that will be together for the party. Good thing I got switched, because otherwise, M and I wouldn't be together for Christmas like we planned. Christmas miracle? Haha.

I saw the Christmas Devotional last night! Aw man, I loved the music. It made me miss cello a bit, actually. So excited for Christmas! And excited to make my cookies! I need to find someone who will lend me their oven so that I can make them. I also need to plan out with my companion when we'll be calling home on Christmas. Do you all need to talk at a specific time? Or are you free all day?

So, is "Hymas" the new baby name of 2014? STORY OF MY MISSION!!!! At cambios, my old companion, Hermana Z, who's still in Maranga told me about a less active woman that Hermana Amis and I visited, named N. She was pregnant when we visited her, but she just had her baby. A little baby girl. And do you know what she named her? Hymas. But she pronounces it like "Ay-miss", like Hermana Amis. So the missionaries asked her, oh like Hermana Amis? And she was like "No, the shorter one with dark hair." They asked her why, and she said it's because she felt a special connection with me. Her baby's name is spelled like our last name and all. Hymas. So that's right, someone named their baby after me! M was with me when Hermana Z told me, and she said, "Well, if the rest of your mission is horrible, at least you had a baby named after you!" Haha.

Thanks for the voice recording! That's awesome! I just listened to that! Wow, it's a little weird hearing your voice after so long. I'm writing a lot and I don't have too much time left. So I'll end this one and talk to you next week! Have a great one!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

Monday, December 1, 2014


I got the fall package this week! Thank you sooooo much! I am so excited to make some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! I shared some Take5's with my companion, who liked them, and some peanut butter M&M's with her and my district as we celebrated Thanksgiving. What did we do? We gathered in the church after the baptismal interview of our investigator and ordered a couple pizzas. Not much. But it was nice to get together and wind down for a little bit. Better than last Thanksgiving when I had a fish staring at me for lunch.

This week was a little stressful just because an investigator we're teaching, M, was going to get baptized this week, but after her interview, we found out that she needs to wait a little longer (attend all 3 hours of church 3 times at least) and have an interview with President Borg first. She was a little depressed, but I think it helped her realize the importance of baptism and the Church. So she actually, for the first time in a long time, came to church for all 3 hours on Sunday! It was great. I hope she keeps it up. And I hope she works on strengthening a testimony of the Church. It's a hard road for her, but her baptism will be that much more special if she does.

GOODBYE CARMEN DE LA LEGUA!!!! I have a transfer. I have to pack up and leave tomorrow. It's a little sad, but I was also kind of preparing myself to leave, just because I knew it was a possiblity. So, we'll see where I'm sent tomorrow. I'll be spending Christmas there. I might die (end my mission) there. Weird. I get little weird feelings about going home sometimes. And it freaks me out. Carmen de La Legua is right next to the airport, so there are airplanes passing over about every 10 seconds, and they're really close. The other day, I saw the lights inside a plane, and I got like a half-second feeling of weird end-of-mission-life/the-only-life-I've-known-for-the-past-almost-14-months sadness. Also, Hermana H had to call her mom this week, and I heard the whole conversation. She goes home tomorrow. It also gave me some weird feelings. So just a heads up, it's probably gonna be hard for me to come home. Don't get me wrong, I'm really excited to see you all and embrace all the things I love about home, but I'm just saying it's gonna be hard to say goodbye. But, I'm not gonna think about that right now. I have a little over 4 months left. I just know it's gonna fly by.

I don't really know what else to say. I just have a mix of emotions right now. And I'm a little nervous for tomorrow. And stressed. I have to pack and write in 3 people's cuadernos still! Cuadernos are journals that missionaries will buy and pass around to other missionaries to sign and put in pictures and make it creative and stuff. I have one that I pass around. Hermana M has mine right now. They're like a cooler/more personalized yearbook. They're fun, but stressful.

Thanks for the link to the Christmas video the church did! I actually saw it already. It's really good. And it's actually part of our missionary work now. We were given little cards that advertize the video to pass out to people. It's a way to spread the message, and to contact new people to teach and such. We have to count how many we pass out and how many new investigators we get from the cards/video and all that as well. But I like it! It's cool. Thanks for the pictures of the Peruvian nativity scenes! Do you remember the Peruvian nativity scene I sent home. Did you ever get Joseph's head fixed? It is bad?

Que tengan una semana muy hermosa! Los quiero mucho! Les avisare como estoy la próxima semana!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

1. Elder P did NOT want to share our Thanksgiving pizza.
2. You can't see it really well, but there are a lot of telephone wires here with sneakers hanging from them. Supposedly it means it's a drug deal spot, but I don't know. That's what I've heard here.
3-7. Saying goodbye to my awesome pensionista, N! Some pictures look better than others...haha. But I just sent them all. It's really hot here right now. Today was a really hot day and I was sweating all day. So, sorry if I look sweaty and gross...