Monday, November 3, 2014

Upcoming Baptisms

Hola hola! How's everything going? I don't feel like there's too much to report on this week, but here we go. It was kinda fun chatting with you a couple days ago too! (From her mother - Chrisanne and I happened to be online at the same time Saturday morning.  She was working on family history and had a number of questions, so for about 45 minutes we were able to email back and forth about her family history work.) This week has been good. A little slow some days, but it seem like everytime we have a slow day, there always seems to be some sort of miracle that comes our way. Yesterday was a little bit of a slow day, but a few people we weren't expecting to show up at church finally came! And one of them, J, is a friend of a young man in our ward named H. We also met with J that night for a little bit and he told us that he wants to get baptized this week! He needs permission from his parents, but I'm thinking they'll give permission because they like how the Church is helping him and stuff. He also cannot get baptized this week because he doesn't have the required church attendances yet. So he has a baptismal date for November 22. We're also working with a few other people that are pretty close to baptism as well. We've also had a couple people who will not be able to get baptized until December or January for a few reasons. One progressing investigator isn't married and her husband works in a mine or something and he won't come home until about mid-December. And another investigator is going on vacation for the hollidays and won't come back until January.

Also, we have a recent convert named D who is starting to get a little more involved and he's thinking about a mission a little bit. Yay! We got him signed up for classes at the local institute. Starting tomorrow and Wednesday, he will be taking Book of Mormon II and....MISSION PREP!!! Go, D, go!

Thanks for the music! I'm excited about my Christmas package and the rest of the music! Hmm...I'm trying to think of what else I want as far as music. All the stuff I had before on the ipod would be nice. And maybe some Badly Drawn Boy, U2, maybe some Jack Johnson, I don't know. I have limited time to write and I don't really feel like I have too much time to think about all of that right this second haha. Lo siento! Wow, what's with David and all his accidents? I hope he stays safe. Haha yeah...I'll keep him in my prayers! It is getting hotter here. But at least I know what the "Christmas season" is like here now, so I know what to expect. I'm excited for the Chirstmas party. But, the mission has grown and we don't know if they'll split it up or if we'll all be together. I hope they find a place big enough to fit all of us! It's not the same if we're not all together. No, Hermana Borg doesn't make a dinner or anything for us on Thanksgiving. It's basically a normal day. I remember last Thanksgiving for lunch we were given fish. Like, a whole fish. Eyes, scales, everything. But, they didn't make me eat the whole thing. Oh my gosh, that reminds me of something really nasty. It concerns a fish that was left in a refrigerator for like, 3 or 4 months. I don't have time to tell this story. Just remind me to tell it next week.

I talked with my companion a bit this week. We had a bit of a talk last night. She doesn't like talking about how she feels, but I kept talking and asking questions until I finally got it out of her. She just really misses her old sector, she doesn't like change, and she worries a bit sometimes about her family. She also says she tends to stress out really easily about a lot of things. I also talked about how I felt and how sometimes I felt judged and everything. We just put it all out on the table. I think it helped. I think she's maybe feeling better. Her attitude has been a little different today.

Okay well, I gotta go! Love you all! Chau-fa!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

Sheep with a diaper. See the diaper?

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