Monday, November 24, 2014

Small, Silly Miracles

Well...that's awkward...Thanksgiving was not this week. Sorry 'bout that haha.

You can accept at least the friend request from A. I might know L. But the thing is is that there are a lot of people named Luis here, I don't really remember. What does he look like?

Alright, sorry I've forgotten to write you about it, but no, I have not gotten the Fall package yet. Or any package. Actually, I got a halloween package from Cami this week! I had my companion, another latin Hermana from Honduras, and my pensionista try candy corn and pop rocks, which they really liked. My pensionista thinks the pop rocks are really fun. But about the packages, I've been told that SurPost, the postal service here, is on strike, so they're kinda holding on to everything and then send them in a period of like 3 months. But I asked if I would get everything before Christmas, and I was told that yes, I should.

We're trying to see if the woman getting baptized on Saturday, M, really wants to get baptized for the right reasons, or only for her family. We're pretty confused because she knows the importance of keeping her commitments and stuff, but I think she feels more pressure from her family. We're gonna meet with her tomorrow, so we'll see how it turns out.
That kinda scared me about Grandpa. Good thing he's alright though. Haha that's funny that everyone was wishing him a happy birthday. HAPPY 80TH BIRTHDAY, GRANDPA! Oh man, how I miss those Hallmark movies. Haha, yes I do like that one. Enjoy those for me! Matt and Mackenzie are dating?! Wow.

This morning Hermana H told me I'm one of the oldies in the mission (one of the older/more experienced missionaries). That was kind of a "whoa" experience for me. I can't believe I almost have 4 months left. Guess what, I have like, 3 cambios left. This is all too weird. It definitely does not feel like it's been that long.

Our investigators and menos activos are doing well. It's really hard work sometimes, and we've had some pretty slow days this week. But, you can find miracles in every day. We had a slow day, and my companion was complaining a bit, so I actually made my companion and I take a couple minutes to count all the miracles in that day, even if they were super small and silly. I think it helped though. I love Carmen de La Legua! It's a little dirty, humble, and smelly sometimes, but it's awesome. And I love the people here. I'm gonna miss it when I have to leave eventually.

I'm out of time now. I hope you all have a great week! Love you! Have a very happy Thanksgiving!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

1-2. Preview of when we went to Parque de Las Aguas. I met a friend to teach the Gospel to as well!

3.  On a fake plane. Too soon? Notice the "Hymas Family" shirt I'm reppin'.
4.   I forgot to tell you that our house flooded this week! They're doing contruction next door and a pipe burst or something. Anyway we came home to a flooded house. Here's my companion wringing out some water.

5.  We passed through Philadelphia last night! Or should I say "Filadelfia"...?


Monday, November 17, 2014

This and That

Haha glad to hear you all liked the mariachi band recording from last week. Sorry, I don't have any recordings for you this week. Maybe next week you'll get something.

I have been in such a Christmas-y mood lately, although it's starting to feel a lot like summer. I'm a little jealous you're starting to get snow. And I miss Christmas music. My companion has a CD with a few MoTab Christmas songs on it, and that gets me in the holiday spirit and all, but that's about all we have for now. I still miss the things about the holidays back home in PA and the little traditions, big and small, and the things we do as a family during that season. And pumpkin chocolate-chip cookies. Just yes. However, it's better this year, now that I have over a year in the mission and I know what the Christmas season is like here (which is just a lot like a summer vacation). But I have to say, I will be pretty excited to welcome all those fun little homey Christmas season things back into my life. Well, it's a little different when you're in college, but still. Fun times.

I tried getting the music you sent me. Some of it worked one day. And some of it didn't work. You're doing it right, sending it the right way and all, but I think it just depends on some of the computers here and the format of the music file. I should be able to try again and make it work though.

That's still crazy about everyone coming home from their missions! I wanna talk to Lindsay about her mission. Sounds like she had some cool experiences. And are the Barr's in DisneyWorld right now? Ah that sounds so fun!!! Are they all there together as a family? Or is Madison out at school?

This city is full of apostasy. They love worshiping their images of Mary and their saints and stuff. We've seen a lot of little parade things in the streets with a little band and a ton of people around, and they carry a huge representation thing of Jesus, or Mary, or a saint or something, and walk around in the streets worshiping it. I'll try to send pictures at some point.

Haha that's funny about the difference between Brian's roommates and my roommates. Although it's true. Sometimes my companion reminds me of some of my former roommates.The funny thing is that now, I DO live in the hood. Carmen de La Legua is the most "hood" place the Hermanas in the mission can be sent, I think. Well, overall I think. I had some pretty ghetto parts of my last sector in Maranga, but as a whole, it was more advanced and wealthier (although not very wealthy) than it is here. I've seen a few street fights here. I've even seen a man walking away from a fight with his face covered in blood. I've also seen a few drug deals as well. But I'm alright. I've never felt unprotected or even in danger here. Welcome to da hood!

We have a lady we're teaching who has a baptismal date! Her name's M, all her kids and grandchildren are members, and they've been trying to get her to get baptized for years. The problem was always that she worked on Sundays. But now she's starting to come to Church, and she's supposed to be getting baptized on the 29th. We'll see how it goes in preparing her to get baptized. We actually have a lesson with her in an hour. Prayers are welcome in all this!

He pensado mucho esta semana en como puedo mejorar mi relación con mi Padre Celestial. Estoy en el proceso de orar y preguntar a Dios si El Libro de Mormón es verdadero, solamente para fortalecer mi testimonio y aumentar mi fe aun mas. También se que es necesario hacerlo para renovar nuestros testimonios siempre. Quiero aprender mas acerca de Jesucristo. Y esta época de Navidad parece como una muy buena oportunidad para tomar tiempo y enfocarme en eso! Entonces, hace como dos días, estábamos escuchando ese CD de mi compañera (lo de Navidad) durante nuestro estudio personal, pero bien bajito, y empece a pensar en la historia del nacimiento de Jesus. Abrí mi Biblia y empece a leer en Lucas 2. Después, leí en "Jesus el Cristo" acerca del nacimiento de Jesucristo. Aunque todavía estoy tratando a aumentar mi fe y aprender mas acerca de todo esto, y acerca de Jesucristo, en ese momento de mi estudio personal, sentí un espíritu bien bonito y muy especial. Uno puede decir que quizás todo eso fue porque estaba animada por Navidad al escuchar esa música y leer esa escritura o algo así jaja, y quizás era, pero también se que ese espíritu fue el Espíritu Santo testificando a mi que Jesus es el Cristo. Fue una experiencia bien bonita. Me sentí tranquila, y de verdad, muy bien.

As always, can't wait to talk to you next week! Have an awesome Thanksgiving for me! I am so grateful for all of you! I love you!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

Sorry I didn't have time to write anyone else! Next week!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Stinky Fish Story

Hello, family-cito! This week has been good. Although a few people who had a baptismal date lost their date because they didn't come to church. But, we'll work with them on that. Also, we met the boyfriend of our investigator (they're not married), and he seems really nice and sincere! He wants what's best for his family. Our investigator wants to get married and baptized, but it's just a matter of getting him to accept marriage, and baptism for that matter.

My conpanion and I are doing a bit better I think. We are very different people with very different personalities, but we're doing well for the moment at least. Also, I would love to fill you in on my companion's size (well, she's smaller than me, in height and size. Petite, I guess you could say.), but the truth is, I am not sure at all what's gonna happen this next cambio (Dec 2). I don't even think I can say I have a guess. The thing is is that my companion has almost 11 months in the mission, and has not trained yet. And...we all think it's very possible she could train this upcoming transfer, which means I would leave La Legua. We're not sure, but it just looks pretty possible.

Wow, that's crazy about everyone coming home on their missions! It's funny, one of the other missionaries in my ward is going home on December 3rd. I keep bugging her about it. The phrase of the week from me has been "Hermana, in 3 weeks, you can...!" We've been getting her a little trunky. This p-day was pretty good. We went to a physics park thing. It's just this place where you can experiment with different things. Like, spin in a chair and going faster or slower depending on how you position your body. Stuff like that. Last p-day (Thursday) was crazy. First of all, we had some bickering between the zone just because some people didn't want to pay a bunch of money to enter an ice skating rink for an hour. Some of the missionaries were guilt tripping the others telling them they were bad missionaries and stuff for not wanting to do it. Just dumb. Then we went to Parque de las Aguas and went off to take pictures. We got some cool ones, Hermana H took a lot of better pictures of me on her camera, but she lost her camera in the park...with all her pictures...and she's going home in 3 weeks. That stinks. I'm also helping her apply for BYU and I gotta say, it's making me a little excited for BYU. College is fun.
So. The fish story from last week. When I got to La Legua, Hermana M was like, "Hermana, we have a problem. When I was with Hermana A, for some reason we thought it would be a good idea to buy a fish. But we never got around to cooking the fish. So now we have a rotting fish in that refrigerator that's been there for 3-4 months. Personally, I'm just scared to open that thing." We occasionally talked about what to do with the old fish/refrigerator (we had a new refrigerator we'd been using), but we always put it off. So then, about a month or so ago, M looks at me and goes, "It's time. We're taking out the fish." So we took time to plan it out and take a few deep breaths of clean air (as clean as it gets in Lima). Then she opened the refrigerator and dropped the fish in a couple bags I was holding. Then I ran it out to the curb. But as I was running, I heard, "Aww! The stench entered my nose and I'm not even breathing!" from M behind me. And then we opened windows and aired out our room for a bit. Then we booted that stinky refrigerator later. And that just stunk everything up again. Literally everything. Like, our neighbors probably hated us because that super strong stench of 4-month-old fish was probably occupying every apartment around us. So there you have it. Another great jungle experience from La Legua.
Ugh, I feel like I had something to tell you, but I don't remember now! A couple days ago we saw a mariachi band playing to a woman in the street for her birthday. It was kinda cool. I'm sending you a recording. What else do I want to tell you...I don't remember and I have limited time!
Have a fanstastic week! Los quiero mucho!
Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

Monday, November 3, 2014

Upcoming Baptisms

Hola hola! How's everything going? I don't feel like there's too much to report on this week, but here we go. It was kinda fun chatting with you a couple days ago too! (From her mother - Chrisanne and I happened to be online at the same time Saturday morning.  She was working on family history and had a number of questions, so for about 45 minutes we were able to email back and forth about her family history work.) This week has been good. A little slow some days, but it seem like everytime we have a slow day, there always seems to be some sort of miracle that comes our way. Yesterday was a little bit of a slow day, but a few people we weren't expecting to show up at church finally came! And one of them, J, is a friend of a young man in our ward named H. We also met with J that night for a little bit and he told us that he wants to get baptized this week! He needs permission from his parents, but I'm thinking they'll give permission because they like how the Church is helping him and stuff. He also cannot get baptized this week because he doesn't have the required church attendances yet. So he has a baptismal date for November 22. We're also working with a few other people that are pretty close to baptism as well. We've also had a couple people who will not be able to get baptized until December or January for a few reasons. One progressing investigator isn't married and her husband works in a mine or something and he won't come home until about mid-December. And another investigator is going on vacation for the hollidays and won't come back until January.

Also, we have a recent convert named D who is starting to get a little more involved and he's thinking about a mission a little bit. Yay! We got him signed up for classes at the local institute. Starting tomorrow and Wednesday, he will be taking Book of Mormon II and....MISSION PREP!!! Go, D, go!

Thanks for the music! I'm excited about my Christmas package and the rest of the music! Hmm...I'm trying to think of what else I want as far as music. All the stuff I had before on the ipod would be nice. And maybe some Badly Drawn Boy, U2, maybe some Jack Johnson, I don't know. I have limited time to write and I don't really feel like I have too much time to think about all of that right this second haha. Lo siento! Wow, what's with David and all his accidents? I hope he stays safe. Haha yeah...I'll keep him in my prayers! It is getting hotter here. But at least I know what the "Christmas season" is like here now, so I know what to expect. I'm excited for the Chirstmas party. But, the mission has grown and we don't know if they'll split it up or if we'll all be together. I hope they find a place big enough to fit all of us! It's not the same if we're not all together. No, Hermana Borg doesn't make a dinner or anything for us on Thanksgiving. It's basically a normal day. I remember last Thanksgiving for lunch we were given fish. Like, a whole fish. Eyes, scales, everything. But, they didn't make me eat the whole thing. Oh my gosh, that reminds me of something really nasty. It concerns a fish that was left in a refrigerator for like, 3 or 4 months. I don't have time to tell this story. Just remind me to tell it next week.

I talked with my companion a bit this week. We had a bit of a talk last night. She doesn't like talking about how she feels, but I kept talking and asking questions until I finally got it out of her. She just really misses her old sector, she doesn't like change, and she worries a bit sometimes about her family. She also says she tends to stress out really easily about a lot of things. I also talked about how I felt and how sometimes I felt judged and everything. We just put it all out on the table. I think it helped. I think she's maybe feeling better. Her attitude has been a little different today.

Okay well, I gotta go! Love you all! Chau-fa!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

Sheep with a diaper. See the diaper?