Monday, October 13, 2014

Family History

Hey! So as for people in my mission...we could have an Elder Wilcox. The truth is I really don't know. My companion's name is Ana Mackey, so I doubt they know each other. I do know an Elder Jefferson though! You'll have to ask that missionary if it's him. He's from Utah, and he's biracial, with blue eyes. I think he goes home fairly soon. He was one of my Zone Leaders in Maranga. And there isn't any Hermana Hanson in my mission. Also, I don't know if I ever told you that one of Jack's friend's came to my mission this last cambio. I've emailed Jack a little and he told me to keep an eye out for his friends, Elder Irving and Elder Cluff. So I don't remember seeing an Elder Irving (maybe he's coming to the mission later), but I did see an Elder Cluff. And President announced that he's from Alpine, UT, so that's gotta be him. I haven't met him yet, though.

I hit 1 year in the mission, and my companion hit 6 months on the same day on Thursday! Wooo! We didn't have very much to celebrate though, so after planning that night, we pulled out some Ají de Gallina, a delicious and very peruvian dish, from the refrigerator that a member made us, stuck in a cheap little match in each dish, not a candle--a match, turned out the lights, and sang Happy Birthday. I actually have a little video of that that I might try to send you on my flash drive. It was pretty funny. My companion's crazy. Sad to think we only have a little over a week left in this cambio. I'll be so sad if one of us gets a cambio.

So Hermana M's been telling me about how her brother and her boyfriend have been traveling all over South America. They've been in Lima the past few days and were gonna pass through Carmen de La Legua to pick up a note that my companion left for them with one of her converts that we visit. But what are the chances we'd actually run into them while we're working? So Saturday afternoon we're walking through the street and my companion's telling me a story about her boyfriend. We get to the end of the block and are about to turn the street. Then I glance over to the neighboring corner because I see a gringo, which isn't very common here. So I keep looking, and then I realize that I recognize him and the guy he's with from my companion's pictures. Then I say, "Oh. my. gosh." It's Hermana M's brother and her boyfriend. Then I say, "Hermana, is that...?" Then she answers, "Yes." Then we're walking toward them because now we're on the same street. They see us too. But they don't react. Just stare for a little bit and then turn around. Then we turn the corner and walk in a different direction. My companion doesn't react either. She says, "You can turn around and get a glance if you want." So I did, but they were gone. We think they were ducking behind something. So then we're rushing to D's house, the recent convert, to drop off one more thing before her brother and boyfriend get there. Man, my heart was pumping and I was on an adrenaline rush, while it didn't seem to even phase my companion haha. It was crazy haha.

This was interesting. We had a lesson with a new investigator named Y, who has investigated the Church for a long time before and then she moved to La Legua and just recently came across a member who presented her to us at church. So we met with her and there was a time where we read the last part of the introduction to the Book of Mormon with her, then I looked up from reading and asked her something concerning it. Then she apologized and explained that she wasn't really paying attention to that last part because she couldn't stop staring at the bright light that surrounded us. She explained that she can see a really bright "aura", she called it, surrounding people sometimes. Just like a really bright white light. But she said the first time she saw it was when she was younger and only saw it in the Church surrounding only a few members. Then for years and years, even with other missionaries, she never saw it again. Until our lesson with her. It was weird she kept marvelling and pointing at it, outlining us with her finger, and talking about how strange it was because it has been so long since she's seen it. She said "I'm assuming it means that the person who has it is a really good person or that what they're saying is true." Then I asked her if she thought what we were teaching her was true, and she said yes. But when we invited her to be baptized she said she didn't feel ready yet. She's also not married and her boyfriend, for his job leaves for a long time and only comes back every now and then, and that might be only for a week. And she needs to get married before baptism, so we'll see what ends up happening. But kinda crazy, right? Haha we must be angels!

Yes, I saw most of conference, but thanks to some technical difficulties, I only heard like 3 talks from Saturday morning's session. Sorry, I missed Elder Robbin's talk. So I'll have to look up the talks from that session online. Either that or just wait for the Liahona.

So remember how I told you about that project that's going on in Lima with missionaries who have experienced time in the mission and all that. It's called the Rimac Project (because we'll be in or near Rimac). We'll be in central Lima to street contact from 2-5 pm and the objective is to contact over 1000 people or something like that and a ton of referrals. This is happening October 26th. Sounds kinda cool! Should be fun. I'm just gonna go out and have a blast. Considering how touristy it is there, I'll probably be contacting some Americans or Europeans. It wouldn't surprise me.

As for Christmas, I'm not sure. Something I love like chocolate covered pretzels, or Take5, or something. Also, maybe some solid color skirts, like black and brown (and maybe white?) would be awesome. And I'm kinda serious about the French Book of Mormon. That would be sweet! I don't expect like a nice leather one or anything. Just the classic blue or something.

Anyway, I'm out of time. Thanks for the family history stuff! I'll look into it! Have a great week! Love you!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

P.S.  My companion is a proud supporter of Family History. Check her out in this Mormon Message! Haha

1:29-1:34 "I don't think it's just for old people." "It's really easy!" Haha

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