Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Anniversary Week

Accept those friend requests! One is Hermana R and the other is a recent convert in Maranga. Oh my gosh! Caitlyn had her baby! That's so weird. Haha I told that first part about Billy Joel and Hermana M giving you an extra point to Hermana M. She said "She just got 40 points for saying that." So there you go.

I cannot believe I have a year in the mission (well, on Thursday). It's super crazy. Although I feel a lot more experienced and I can actually speak Spanish now, I feel like this year has just flown by in the blink of an eye. I cannot believe I come home in 6 months. It's gonna fly by as well, I can tell.

So, I actually did get to see Conference this week! The only session I didn't see was the Saturday morning session. I'll be seeing it next week in the stake center with the rest of the stake and will watch with other missionaries in English, I believe. But we had the chance to watch it online only if we got investigators or less actives to come with us, which we did. We watched it in Spanish though, obviously. But this was the first time they had speakers speak in their native language! That was cool. With the Spanish speakers it was cool because we didn't have anyone translating over the speaker, we just straight up listened to the actual speaker! Same thing with Richard G. Scott. But wait, he gave his talk in English, didn't he? Let me explain. Richard G. Scott is his own translator! For Spanish anyway. It was cool to listen to the talk in Spanish, but in his own voice. I am excited to see the conference next weekend as well. I liked a few talks, but during David A. Bednar's talk a kept thinking of a friend of mine back home who's not a member. She writes me sometimes and she's always been super supportive of the mission and the Church and everything, but I've almost always been a little nervous or scared to invite her to anything or do anything regarding the Church. But I felt prompted to write her and say something. I actually felt prompted to send her Bednar's talk. So I got on this morning and luckily had an email from her to respond to. So I took that time to send her the clip of Bednar's conference talk and ask her to watch it and get back to me on what she thinks. I bore my testimony a little bit and told her I was sending that to her because I love her and I know that God loves her. We'll see if she watches it. I hope so. I was pretty nervous to invite her to do this, but I felt prompted, and that comes from God. Fear comes from Satan. You just have to choose who to listen to. Besides, who ever really knows what will come from sharing the Gospel with someone?

We got to go to the temple this week with some ward members. We could only go if we had recently reactivated members, or recent converts with their own family names to bring to the temple. So this past week was really busy as me and my companion ran around inviting everyone to the temple helping people with their family history. So we ended up taking a recent convert, who just did confirmations because he's in a wheelchair, and a family that we're working with. Some have been pretty lax with the Church, but they went and did baptisms, and loved it! It was their first time too! Yay for the power of temple work!

I'm out of time and I won't have time to write back anyone else who wrote me this week...:( But next week, everyone! :) Love you all! Have a great week!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

PS. I taught a lesson last night while an old lady gave me cornrows on half of my head...literally during the lesson as we were teaching. Welcome to the jungle. Welcome to La Legua.

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