Monday, September 8, 2014


No, I still don't know where I am going. We never know where we go until President announces it in the actual meeting. But I am scared haha. Elder C, who's in the offices has seen the cambios, and he gave me some clues. He said he knows her, but only by sight (like, he doesn't know her personally), and he's not sure, but he thinks she has less time in the mission than I do. He also said I'm not staying in Maranga, and I'm not going back to Magdalena. I have to say I am really, really scared I'm going to be put with this one hermana who scares everyone haha. But really. I know her. And there's a chance I could get put with her. I know I said this type of thing last time and it turned out fine, but it's different with this hermana. Is it bad to pray that I don't get put with her?

Hmm...what happened this week. Well on Monday, we had another earthquake! A little baby one though. Always a little freaky. What would I do if it ever got bad? Also, we had an interesting experience with a less active lady. I never liked visiting her. Why? Because she never did anything! She always talked about how she had so much faith, but she didn't need to read her Book of Mormon or pray or go to church or anything, because she had faith. She was just pretty prideful and besides that, she talks more than anyone I've ever met! It's ridiculous. Then we met with her last week and she told us she ran into a member who invited her to a noche de hogar that we were gonna have in the member's house. Hermana A and I had to teach. And the less active lady said she was gonna come! So we arranged to pick her up and everything beforehand. And when we planned the lesson for the noche de hogar, I was like, "We gotta teach about faith without works is dead!" haha. So we planned and taught about the brother of Jared. We read bits of the story together and ended with a video that talks about the importance of acting now. Well, everyone loved the lesson. And especially the less active lady! She loved it and has been coming to our noches de hogar every time! And she's been coming to church! And she introduced us to her friend who lives around the corner. His name is R. We taught our first lesson with him in the less active lady's house. And he's living with his girlfriend, who he's been with for 23 years, so you know what we taught the first lesson? That's right. CASTIDAD, CASTIDAD, CASTIDAAAAAD! We taught the law of chastity. And he was kinda funny. He was like, "Oh. I'm breaking this commandment. I gotta fix that." And we were like, "Yes. Yes you do." So he said he's willing to get married, but he's not sure about baptism yet. Eh. Poco a poco. I hope the Elders coming here continue with him.

We were supposed to meet up with R for our second (technically 3rd, I'll get to that) lesson with him. But he had to stay home and take care of his girlfriend (she's a little sick (they're old)), so he bailed on our lesson in the less active lady's house. And right before going to the noche de hogar with her, we decided to share a spiritual thought with her. We had no idea what it was going to be, but we just asked her how she was doing and just listened, hoping to let the Spirit prompt us with what to say/share. She's going through a little bit of a hard time. I don't remember exactly what she was struggling with, but life's a little rough right now for her. It just seems like so many different things are happening to her right now. So as I listened, the scriptures to share just popped into my head. So I opened my scriptures and had her read it. She started crying. It was somewhat of an answer to her prayers I guess. Or at least a message that comforted her. So all of that worked out just because R didn't show up. Wow. That was part of God's plan. My expectations don't matter at all haha. We were put there to wait for R, only to share that scripture with the lady. This is so much bigger than me.
We ended up telling that lady yesterday that we are leaving the area, and she's sad, but she expressed a lot of gratitude for us. She said she was so stubborn and prideful and always came up with excuses, but we kept coming to visit her, until she finally heard the messages that touched her heart. Chevere!

So after our first lesson with R, we went to a little noche de hogar we had with an elderly couple in the ward and a friend of theirs, whom they wanted to introduce to us. It was maybe the worst noche de hogar I've had. They thought it was fine, but it was just weird. Roman wanted to come to our next lesson so that he could learn more. We started teaching about the Book of Mormon, but then it turned into a million other topics. And Roman randomly brought up chastity. But it didn't fit at all with what was being said. And the friend of the couple, M, randomly started singing some song he liked, and we just sat there in silence and waited for it to end. And it was longer than you would think. Really awkward. And during his little solo, Hermana A and I just looked at each other and tried really hard not to laugh. Oh man.

So in the mission, we all have these little journal things for other missionaries to write in and put pictures and personalize it and stuff. Like a fun yearbook-ish thing. But cooler. Anyway, Hermana A did mine and it's 4 pages long and it's soooo funny! I think we both almost wet ourselves when I went through and read it out loud. Haha she's nice. And a good missionary. I'll miss her.

I had to say goodbye to some people yesterday. That stunk. I still have to say goodbye to some people today. That stinks. But what was fun is that we got invited over to our ward mission leader's house last night and together with him, his wife, and another young couple from the ward, we made pizza! Kinda as a fun little thing to do, and a little goodbye thing to me and my companion I guess. I love this ward!!!! It stinks so bad saying goodbye to my friends here! Haha

Anyway, I gotta finish up now. Thanks for always updating me on everything! Until next week!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

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