Monday, September 1, 2014

Life Goes On

Oh my gosh it's crazy how life goes on while I'm here. I knew that Emilee was getting married and that Caitlyn was pretty far along in her pregnancy. Caitlyn wrote to me on my birthday and told me all that. Sill, crazy.

We had a really good conference with Elder Grow from the 70, Elder Soares from the presidency of the 70, and his wife Sister Soares. Elder Grow's wife was sick, so she wasn't there. But Elder Grow talked about conversion, Sister Soares talked about the importance of obedience, and Elder Soares talked about obedience, using the mission to establish a firm foundation in the faith (because life will get a lot harder after the mission), and being a diligent worker in the mission. It was all really good. Elder Grow must've served in Argentina or something, because his Spanish was a little different. Elder and Sister Soares are from Brazil, and Elder Soares spoke to us in Spanish, but he's learning, so some things were a little off, but he spoke really, really well! And Sister Soares spoke to us in Portuguese, with a translator. But we almost didn't need a translator because Spanish and Portuguese is so similar! It sounds really cool actually. It's like a mix between Spanish and French. I understood a lot! It was fun to listen to. Elder and Sister Soares also came to my stake in Maranga and spoke at our stake conference yesterday, along with our stake president, Presidente Borg, and Hermana Borg. They spoke about the Book of Mormon, how reading the Book of Mormon to children will help them stay on the right path, or bring them back, and the importance of tithing. It was good and they seemed like super famous to all the members here haha.

Elder C left us this week. That was a little weird, just because I've had my entire mission with Elder C haha. Literally when I got to the field, he was in my district, then he became my district leader, and then we got transferred to the same district in Maranga haha. But now he's a secretary in the offices. And his companion went with our zone leaders until transfers, so our ward's without elders until the 9th. Then they'll suddenly get 4 elders!

P-day was a personal day, so after we dropped off our clothes and stuff we went to an Incan Market and my companion bought some stuff for her family. And this morning I got a call from a number I didn't recognize. So I picked it up. "Hola! Buenos dias!" "Esta es Hermana Hymas?" "Si." "Hi, friend!" Haha it was Hermana R inviting us to meet up with her and her companion, and Hermana B and her companion (and my mom), Hermana N! So we met up with them at a big mall place near me and just ate lunch together at (Chili's). Hermana N and Hermana R are going home next week, so that stinks. It stinks saying goodbye. But, Hermana N and Hermana R want to go study at BYU, so hopefully that works out, because that would be sweet!

Welp, I don't know what else to say. It's still crazy how everything goes on at home. Brian's at BYU, Grace is a Junior, Jack's on his mission, etc. Jack wrote me back haha. He said he's loving it and he has a couple friends going to Lima, but I should tell him there are 5 missions in Lima haha. He's funny, he ended the email saying, "thanks again, you have fun knockin doors while im sitting in a class for 10 hours." Glad he's enjoying it.

Hahaha yes, Grace told me all about her temple trip. It was funny. How's everyone else doing? How's Jeff's staph infection, by the way? He's been in my prayers.

I've been feeling really great lately, for some reason haha. Just like, a lot more confident and stuff, I guess. I feel comfortable with everything. My teaching, training, my Spanish (although I'm always improving), living and getting all over Lima, etc. It's a good feeling, and I only hope it grows. My testimony has also increased and continues to grow. I know that everything we do in the Church is significant. I know this is the truth. I know that God is merciful and loves us immensely. God is good.

I should get going probably. Hope you all have a fantastic week! Love you! Can't wait to get my package!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

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