Monday, September 29, 2014

Companion Love -- Week Two!

Hermana M is from a little place called Placerville, CA. I've actually wondered if it's hard for certain missionaries to have their mission changed as well. We've talked about it. I wondered if it was especially hard for her because she also has such a love for Russian. She's studied it since she was 12 and has always wanted to go to Russia or somewhere that spoke Russian. So she was really stoked when she got called to the Ukraine. But she said when they called her group into the president's office in the MTC and they all got their mission reassignments, she just thought, "Okay, well here we go! Let's rock this thing!" Then she said it got a little harder later. She admits that sometimes it's a little hard just because she doesn't exactly know why she got called to The Ukraine in the first place. She says that maybe it was just to meet the people she met in the MTC or something like that. But she has the faith that she's where she's supposed to be right now. And honestly, she hasn't shown any signs of it being hard for her. She loves it here, and she's rocking it. Every now and then we'll be talking and then she'll just pause and say something like,"Oh my gosh, WE'RE IN PERU!" as if after months it still hasn't sunk in yet or something haha. She's doing great and always has a great attitude.

Funny story time. One night last week after teaching English classes in the church, a member wanted to take us out to eat something. There's a member who lives right next to the church who has a little cart outside where she sells food. So she took us there. We were handed soup. I get a good look at the meat in there. It's not normal. It's really squishy. I immediately had a flash back to when I had mondongo (cow stomach) in Maranga with Hermana Z. So I ate everything else that was in the soup and when I got to the meat, which we're pretty sure was actually liver, I took a deep breath. Then I looked over at Hermana M and saw that she finished. I asked, "How did you eat all that?" "I mixed it with the other stuff." "What is it? It's squishy." "I don't know. It could be liver." "Aw man." "Do you want me to help you finish it?" "No, that's okay you don't have to if you don't want to." And then she goes, "I don't want to, but I'll do it because I love you." And before I could even stop her or tell her again that she didn't have to, Hermana M shoveled in spoonful after spoonful of that stuff. And I say stuff because we're still not completely sure what it was. And then I just see her start gagging. I honestly thought she was gonna throw up. But she finally got it down and exlaimed, "Ahhh! That's nasty! I have NEVER gagged before in my life! I thought I was gonna throw up for real!" No one else at the table understood us though, so when they asked what's wrong, Hna M just pointed at the ají (hot sause) and said "Pica.", which means like, "It's spicy." Just blame the ají, I guess. Thanks for taking one for the team, M!

This week has been pretty good! We have some people who lok like they could be getting baptized soon! They are some really great people. Humble too. Really willing to listen. Some have some difficulties with somethings that are making it hard for them to go to church or get baptized, but we're working on that, and I have faith that things can change! We're working with some less actives and we're doing well with them too. I always love seeing people progress.

So yesterday the zone leaders assigned me, and someone else I think, to be the Obra de Salvación people and call the missionaries in the other wards and ask them questions that have to do with the Work of Salvation on Sunday nights, and then report it back to the zone leaders. Also, my district leader called me this morning to tell me that I'm wanted to be part of some program that's gonna be put together next month. Don't really know what it is yet. I'll have to ask for more details, but apparently it's some program that the church is doing to promote the church or something. I asked if it's like a worldwide thing, but I think they just told me it's just Lima. And I don't know what kind of program this is, if  it'll be filmed or interviews, or what. But they want some missionaries in it that have over 7 months in the mission and "speak fluent Spanish". And they want me to be part of it! I don't consider myself a fluent speaker, but it's flattering to hear that other people think I am! Haha I've also had other people tell me that I speak fluent Spanish. Even down to the point where some people have asked me if I'm Peruvian.....? Haha okay, that seems a little extreme. Like I said, I don't consider myself fluent. But, still flattering to hear that.

We won't be seeing General Conference until the week after because that weekend is elections here, and it's illegal to have meetings on those days. So don't tell me anything big or anything until I've seen it. But I did see the Women's Conference on Saturday night. I saw it in Spanish though. I liked it! It was really good! I'm hoping I'll be able to see General Conference in English again. All the hermanas in the mission also had a conference this week. It was good! And it was fun to have a meeting with just the hermanas and hang out with them.

Anyway, I should be getting off. Que tengan una buena semana! Los quiero mucho!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

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