Monday, September 22, 2014

Ukranian Companion (kind of)

Hey! So now I'm serving in.....Carmen de la Legua! It's in the San Martin zone. It's been great so far! I still miss Maranga (my favorite area so far), but it'll be good here. So you know how I was so worried about everything with transfers and who was? But, it's been really great! My new companion is Hermana M from California. That's two gringa companions in a row. She actually has only one cambio more than Hermana Amis. So she just finished her training. Her trainer left, and I came in! Wanna know something wild though? She's one of the missionaries that was supposed to serve in the Ukraine. She was in the MTC in Provo learning Russian for 4 weeks, and then they told all the missionaries going to the Ukraine that they were getting reassigned, and a bunch came to the best (and smallest) mission in the world! She's obsessed with Russian though. She said she's gonna teach me haha. We get along pretty well. She's pretty dang funny.

Carmen de la Legua is in a part of Callao, kind of. And it's one of the more dangerous parts. I'm one of 4 sisters here in my zone. However, I haven't felt unsafe here. At least not yet. They don't send sisters to the really bad parts of Callao, so we're good there. Some parts actually seem a little quaint.

I don't have very much time to write this week! So I'm trying to finish up and get in the essentials. Whoa, that's pretty cool that my blog is on that list thingy. I love getting emails from everyone every week and I always read them even if I don't have much time to respond! So, I might not get to everyone's emails today. At least not the sibs... So please tell them I'll try my best to respond next week! It sounds like Brian's having a great time out at BYU! He keeps telling me funny things that have happened! It's fun to read! And congrats to David for writing in his journal for 10 years! I gotta get better at that.
Oh and I got the care package over a week ago! I just forgot to tell you. Thanks everyone! I loved it! My companions have loved the candy as well. And I loved the little notes from everyone!

Hope you all have a great week! Love you!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

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