Monday, August 11, 2014

Another Baptism

Hey! So guess what! We had another baptism this week! Haha a baptism on my 10-month mark! I was gonna send pictures, but I forgot my cord in my room. And I don't think I'll be going back home until tonight. So, I'll try to send pictures of the baptism next week. M got baptized! She had a baptismal date, but we weren't completely sure if it was gonna change or not. But we visited her everyday this week and prayed about it and we decided to go with it. We felt she was ready to be baptized, the only thing we're a little worried about is what happens after baptism. We want to make sure she'll stay in the church. And right now, I think she's okay since she has a lot of friends in the church. The only thing is that she doesn't have much support from her husband.  And M has been taught for like a year now, because she wasn't married for a long time. But she just got married in May, or something like that. She always wanted to get baptized. And she had a testimony and was practically like a member and everything, she just needed a few things to get baptized. So we worked on her a bit in the past few weeks/month to help her get back on the right track again, because she also stopped going to church and stuff. And other missionaries stopped teaching her. So we taught her the lessons again and got her coming to church again, and church activities, and got her all ready to get baptized. It was a really special baptismal. Not only for her, but for a lot of her friends as well who have been rooting her on from the start. That was pretty cool to see. Also, I invited the 2 missionaries who started teaching her, Hermana B and Hermana W, to her baptism. It was cool for them to come back and see her finally get baptized. And, Hermana B ended her mission the day before, so she came to the baptism with her family that came down to Peru to pick her up! That was kinda cool/weird to see. YAY M!!!

Hmm...what else has happened this week. Not much! Haha we had a lot of stuff going on with getting the baptism ready, meetings for the new missionaries and their trainers, and finding a new place to live. And guess what! We found a new room! We're moving on Saturday! We found a place that's in a street that's a bit calmer, thank goodness.

My companion's doing well. And she's progressing. I'm trying to help her as best as I can. We're still trying to make it a goal to only speak spanish to each other. Woops! Haha. Oh my gosh! I cannot believe Jack leaves so soon on his mission! That's super crazy! It honestly feels like it was yesterday when I gave my farewell in church. I cannot believe that was 10 months ago.

Go ahead and accept all of those friend requests! I know all of them! And once again, they're really great people! By the way, thanks for always running the names by me before accepting them. Hey, I have a question about my debit card that I brought with me from home. I don't know if I should ask you or Dad about this. So, I need new shoes. I went to buy them today, and I went to get money out of my card so that I can buy some. However, the machine said that the transaction didn't work with my card. Maybe it's something with my card? Or it could be that maybe I used machines that just don't work with my card. It was Scotiabank. I don't know. Just a heads up.

Wow, that family reunion sounds like it was so much fun! And oh my gosh! Jhkjahnkjashkjanskdjakjd! I had no idea Hayley was pregnant! That's so exciting! Aww they're having a little boy! Hey, that's a cool way to tell the family. Through the ice cream cones and everything. Hahaha and I heard all about the cute little kids and Alice's sass haha. Sounds like it was a lot of fun. Thanks for the pictures too!

Hope you all have a great week! Love you all and pray for you all the time!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

A picture Charito sent me. This is us last Sunday after the Elders' baptism. Sorry for the unattractiveness on my part....haha

Hermana Z, Hermana A, Me, Charito (on my back), Hermana A

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