Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Moving On

Oh man, where do I begin. So, we went to the temple yesterday, which was nice. And Hermana Anderson from my zone went home last night in order to start back up at BYU. Sad. She's really cool. This week has been crazy. We spent a bunch of time looking for rooms to rent. We even took a whole day to do so. It was really frustrating. BUT MONDAY, we got a call from one of the assistants, and he said "Well, don't worry about looking for a room anymore, because what's gonna happen is is that we're gonna put.....elders there." So then I was like, "So you're saying we're both being transferred." And he said yes. NOOOOOOO! I love my ward! And I love my sector! Yeah, it's not the safest place in the world, but it's not that dangerous either. Anyway, we're sad. We're sad to leave the district too. And Hermana A kept saying, "But you have to finish my training!" She doesn't want to leave me, and she's been saying that for a long time because everyone kept saying that there was a chance I could be transferred in the next cambios. I'm gonna miss her too. She's a good girl. I've enjoyed being with her. We'll both be leaving Maranga these next cambios on September 9th (11-month mark!). Now I'm so nervous as to where I will go, and who will be my next companion. And who will finish the training of Hermana A? Well, now we know she'll have a stepmom.

Oh my gosh, there was a crazy, crazy fight outside of our house Monday afternoon. We went looking for houses that morning, then we went back home to do language study and get ready to go to lunch. I was talking to my companion, or on the phone or something, then I just hear people screaming outside. I was like, "What the heck?" Then I go over to the window to check it out. I see three women below where we live going at it big time. And it was 2 on 1. Super crazy cat fight. Screaming, hitting, and punching and stuff. And one of them had a big pink stick that she was hitting one of them with. I had to talk to a couple people on the phone, but my companion saw the whole thing and said it was very brutal. Blood and everything. Crazies. Then the cops showed up, but a little too late. We also heard cops on our street the night before. Yeah...maybe it's a good thing that they're getting us out of here.

Remember how I said I was scared about getting one Hermana as my companion, but she ended up going to my old companion, Hermana Z? So, yes, she can be pretty serious, but she's not scary like I thought she would be haha. I love her! She's cool, and we talk a lot. We're very different, but we get along well. She and Hermana Z also invited over us to their house one night just to make tacos for dinner. And she's from Mexico, so...authentic, man! They. were. so. GOOD! Man, I'm gonna miss this district.

This Saturday, we have a special meeting with two 70's, Elder Soares and Elder Grow, and their wives. I can't remember if anyone else is supposed to be in our meeting. But you know who was going to be in our meeting? Elder D. Todd Christofferson. But, we've just been told recently that he has to go back to Salt Lake for something and won't be able to meet with us. Bummer. But the meeting should still be good! Something cool: our bishop told us that apparently while we were walking with the Elders on Friday to where we were gonna eat lunch, the bishop drove by in a van with Elder Waddell of the 70, someone else I think, and Elder Neil L. Andersen. And they saw us near a stop light near my house where we met up with the Elders, recognized us as missionaries, and pointed us out! Then our bishop was like, "Oh! Those are my missionaries!" Haha then Elder Andersen saw Elder Chatwin's blue slacks and asked, "Is that Elder wearing jeans?" Kinda funny. Now I wish I saw that van when we were there.

So, the earthquake here. Nope. Didn't feel it at all! I did hear about it though. M told us the next day. But, she also said she didn't feel it. Her son did, though. But I have felt earthquakes here before. They happen all the time, it's just a matter of if you feel them or not. I think I've felt...2... One was when I was in Magdalena with Hermana L. We were sleeping and then all of a sudden we felt a little one at 11 pm. We had a lot of construction on the street outside our house at that time, so it was normal to feel rumblings and such. However, we know for a fact they don't do contruction at 11 pm haha. So, it was an earthquake. And other people felt it too. Hermana Lopez was like, "Hermana, did you feel that?" and I said yes. Then she said, "Was it an earthquake?" And I said yes. And then we went back to sleep. Haha I was so tired that I didn't care. Then once when I was here with Hermana B, we were in a lesson with a less active lady, and all of a sudden, we felt a rumble for a few seconds. Then it got stronger and everything was shaking. The lady we were visiting got really scared, grabbed Hermana B by the arm, and headed towards the door to evacuate. But just before she got to the door, it stopped. It wasn't very long, but it was a little bit freaky just because I didn't know if it was gonna continue to get stronger. I hope we don't get anything really big here.

I sent Jack a quick little email! And I read Ashley's email. Thanks for those! I may not be able to read them all the time, but every now and then, it's fun to see what's up with everyone. Hahaha I thought that was so funny about people saying, "The Lord will protect you" to Amanda. Aww, sad that the Sutton's are gone now. That'd be so cool if they ran into Jeannie.

Welp, I think that's about it for the week! Stay tuned next week for more Peruvian adventures! Love you all! Have a fantastic week!


Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

P.S. - Hermana Borg wants to put together a cookbook from just the Hermanas in the mission. So before the 9th, we have to hand in a recipe we like. Since it's my favorite, and it's so simple, I feel like I should send in the pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe. Or should I do something different since they don't have the ingredients here?
Could you send me that? I know what it is and all, but I'd like to have measurements (amounts) correct and stuff. Thanks!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Admiring Youth and Converts

So...we didn't end up moving after all. Womp, womp womp... Want happened is that we called the landlord Thursday morning to see if everything would be ready for us to move on Saturday. But then he told us he wanted more money. So I called the zone leaders and they wanted to talk it over with him. Then they called us back and said that he wouldn't back off, and he said that apparently someone else was interested in the room, and willing to pay what he wanted, so he's going to rent it out to them. So, now were back to looking for rooms to move to. Who knows, we might need to take a whole day to go around and scout out rooms.

I have to say I love the youth I've met here so far. Not only are they really fun, but they're really awesome people as well. And they all have such great, solid testimonies. I'm glad you're enjoying looking at my new Peruvian friends on Facebook haha. But really, it's true. I respect them so much. You know who I also respect? Converts. A ton. I've met some people who stand so alone in their beliefs, but stand so tall. First of all, you all know the story of M. She's going through some hard times right now, and she admits it's really, really hard not having hardly anyone who supports her, but she does her best to hold onto her foundation; her faith. I also met a 17 year old from another ward this week, C, who just got baptized not to long ago. He has absolutely no support in his family, but he continues to do what is right, and he's preparing to go on a mission, although his family doesn't want him to. It's really tough for him, and it's such a sacrifice, but he knows it's right. Also, I think you said I got a friend request from a 19 year old girl in my ward a little while ago, N. She got baptized in October and is the only member in her family. She didn't even tell her mom or anyone in her family, except for her niece, that she got baptized until recently. She asked us for advice on how to tell her mom and everything and finally decided to just do it. Her mom was shocked, but now supports her. However, she wants to serve a mission, but her mom says "no way". So, she's still trying to decide on that. But oh my gosh, N has such a strong testimony! She's a big help in lessons. She'd make a wonderful missionary. We are so lucky she's willing to come with us! I've gained such a testimony of sacrifice and what that really means. Not just because the mission is so much sacrifice, but because I've seen the sacrifices that people like M, C, and N make because of what they believe. It's not easy at all. But they stay active in the Church because they know it's true. Hats off to these amazing people.

I'm still trying to do more family history work. I'm trying to find more information and move further, but I just feel a little stuck. As you all do, I'm sure. I don't know how to find more information. Also, do you know of anyone (female) in our family that is in need of temple work that I can do here? We're going to the temple next week and the goal for our zone, if possible, is to take one of our own ancestors' names to the temple for an endowment session. It's pretty cool. There's someone here in my zone who's gonna take her grandmother's name to the temple. Again, it's if it's possible. I know we've had a lot of work done already. Let me know if there's a name I can take! Side note: I saw the movie "17 Miracles" this week, for the second time in my mission. I gotta say it was kinda fun/cool to watch the story of Jens Nielson and his family a little. I feel proud of the legacy they left and the faith they had.

This week we had intercambios again! I stayed here in my sector and Hermana B (from UT) came with me for the day. It was fun! I enjoy intercambios. And...we stayed up until midnight talking that night. Whoops! I talk too much. Oh well, it was fun. But I was really tired the next day. Not only that, but man, I'll tell you, I feel exhausted all the time. I feel like the more time I have the mission, the more exhausted I feel.

Hmm, what else has happened. I'm trying to think. Nope. Can't think of too much else. Thanks for send me that package! Can't wait to get it! Glad you all had fun at the family reunion! Minute to Win It sounds like it was fun. Y'all know I would've owned that. Haha but really, sounds like you had fun.

Have a spectacular week! Thinking about you and praying about you often! I love you all!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas
* A couple pictures from M's baptism. Not the best quality, but it'll do. My companion actually has one that's better. We'll see if I can maybe send that one at some point.
(Note M's son, M, playing with my skirt in the second picture haha. Eh, whatevs.)


Monday, August 11, 2014

Another Baptism

Hey! So guess what! We had another baptism this week! Haha a baptism on my 10-month mark! I was gonna send pictures, but I forgot my cord in my room. And I don't think I'll be going back home until tonight. So, I'll try to send pictures of the baptism next week. M got baptized! She had a baptismal date, but we weren't completely sure if it was gonna change or not. But we visited her everyday this week and prayed about it and we decided to go with it. We felt she was ready to be baptized, the only thing we're a little worried about is what happens after baptism. We want to make sure she'll stay in the church. And right now, I think she's okay since she has a lot of friends in the church. The only thing is that she doesn't have much support from her husband.  And M has been taught for like a year now, because she wasn't married for a long time. But she just got married in May, or something like that. She always wanted to get baptized. And she had a testimony and was practically like a member and everything, she just needed a few things to get baptized. So we worked on her a bit in the past few weeks/month to help her get back on the right track again, because she also stopped going to church and stuff. And other missionaries stopped teaching her. So we taught her the lessons again and got her coming to church again, and church activities, and got her all ready to get baptized. It was a really special baptismal. Not only for her, but for a lot of her friends as well who have been rooting her on from the start. That was pretty cool to see. Also, I invited the 2 missionaries who started teaching her, Hermana B and Hermana W, to her baptism. It was cool for them to come back and see her finally get baptized. And, Hermana B ended her mission the day before, so she came to the baptism with her family that came down to Peru to pick her up! That was kinda cool/weird to see. YAY M!!!

Hmm...what else has happened this week. Not much! Haha we had a lot of stuff going on with getting the baptism ready, meetings for the new missionaries and their trainers, and finding a new place to live. And guess what! We found a new room! We're moving on Saturday! We found a place that's in a street that's a bit calmer, thank goodness.

My companion's doing well. And she's progressing. I'm trying to help her as best as I can. We're still trying to make it a goal to only speak spanish to each other. Woops! Haha. Oh my gosh! I cannot believe Jack leaves so soon on his mission! That's super crazy! It honestly feels like it was yesterday when I gave my farewell in church. I cannot believe that was 10 months ago.

Go ahead and accept all of those friend requests! I know all of them! And once again, they're really great people! By the way, thanks for always running the names by me before accepting them. Hey, I have a question about my debit card that I brought with me from home. I don't know if I should ask you or Dad about this. So, I need new shoes. I went to buy them today, and I went to get money out of my card so that I can buy some. However, the machine said that the transaction didn't work with my card. Maybe it's something with my card? Or it could be that maybe I used machines that just don't work with my card. It was Scotiabank. I don't know. Just a heads up.

Wow, that family reunion sounds like it was so much fun! And oh my gosh! Jhkjahnkjashkjanskdjakjd! I had no idea Hayley was pregnant! That's so exciting! Aww they're having a little boy! Hey, that's a cool way to tell the family. Through the ice cream cones and everything. Hahaha and I heard all about the cute little kids and Alice's sass haha. Sounds like it was a lot of fun. Thanks for the pictures too!

Hope you all have a great week! Love you all and pray for you all the time!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

A picture Charito sent me. This is us last Sunday after the Elders' baptism. Sorry for the unattractiveness on my part....haha

Hermana Z, Hermana A, Me, Charito (on my back), Hermana A

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Training a Gringa

So, yes. I am training again. However this time, I'm training a gringa. Her name's Hermana Amis (Ay-miss), she's 19 and she's from Salt Lake. Haha it's hard for people to differentiate the pronunciation of our last names. So even though I am training again, this time is a little bit harder, because not only am I teaching her our sector and how to be a missionary, but I'm also teaching her Spanish. So it's a little harder. But the thing is is that I completely understand what she's going through right now. I'm trying to help her the best I can. And to be honest, it's hard for me to watch her struggle. But at the same time, I have to push her a little bit with the Spanish. I've been doing my very best to only speak Spanish with her, but sometimes, she responds or just talks to me in English because she knows I'll understand it anyway. I've gotta help her feel a little more comfortable about speaking in Spanish all day. I think she's sometimes a little embarrassed. But with practice and time, she'll feel better.

Cambios were sad! It was sad to see a group of some really awesome missionaries go up and give their testimonies. My mom, Hermana N, gave her testimony! And I don't know when I'll see her again. ...Actually, I think there will be a couple times before she leaves. I think she might come to the next cambios just to watch them, right before she leaves. I know Hermana R told me that that's what she's gonna do. I'm thinking I might see her a couple times before she goes back home to Mexico as well. I think we might actually have a little p-day with her zone/my old zone, Magdalena! That'll be fun. Side note: Hermana R gave me a little card that she and one of her old companions, Hermana B made for me. Hahahaha I laughed and everyone else who say it laughed as well. They cut out my face from a picture of our zone making funny faces. It's pretty bad. Maybe I'll have to take a picture and send it to you. I'm trying to work on sending my pictures right now, but this computer's doing lame today. Hey, that's another thing! Could you maybe send me padded envelopes or something to maybe send home a flash drive with a bunch of pictures?

So I had no idea I was training again. I actually was positive I wasn't because before cambios, the trainers go to the offices to have a little meeting on training, if you've trained before or not. But, I never got the call. But I heard about everyone else who was at the meeting. Turns out it was just a little glitch or something that I never got the call. So I was sitting there, thinking I would receive the Hermana who I was sure was gonna come to me. And she did come to my district, but she's with my old companion, Hermana Z. And when I saw that, I was like, "What the heck? Who's coming to me?" And then my picture came up and President Borg said, "Hermana Hymas will receive and train.....Hermana Amis!" And then my mouth literally dropped open. And I didn't move for a couple seconds. And then I covered my mouth with my hand. Then I walked up to the front to pick her up haha.

The work's been okay. It's been a little hard. We're working with an investigator right now who has a baptismal date for this upcoming Saturday, but she didn't come to Church yesterday and we're a little worried about that. We have to go talk to her about that. Marisol went on vacation a little bit right after her baptism, and I think she actually came back home today. We have to call her. I'm excited to see her again.

Today for p-day we went into central Lima to go into a big Catholic church and underneath it and everything to see the Catacombs. Man, some of us were talking about that and how, like, you just cannot feel the Spirit in churches/cathedrals like that. There's such a difference.

Sorry that little story about almost getting robbed scared you all. Maybe I shouldn't have told it. We're still working on getting a new place to live. I am glad we got away safely. Keep praying for us. I also know that the Lord has been protecting us. And my testimony has been growing so much. I've come to really love the mission. And oh my goodness the Church is so true and it makes me so happy!

I have to go now. Have a great week! I love you all! I had limited time to write this week, so I didn't get to write everyone back yet. Just the family letter. But thanks for writing me, everyone! And I'll try to get back to you all next week! Love you! Have a fantastic week!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas