Monday, July 28, 2014

Robbery Attempt and Counting Blessings

I'm losing my Z-ita. She's getting transferred to where the other sisters in our ward are. So we'll be in the same ward, but I wanted to be together for 1 more transfer. :( And I'm losing some other friends. I'm sad. Hermana B has a transfer. Who am I gonna die laughing with now? She makes me laugh so hard! Oh well, we'll see what this next transfer brings. I'm scared that I'll get this one sister that other people say is pretty strict. Oh I forgot to tell you, last week, Hna Z kept calling me McGyver. Why? Because our toilet broke and I fixed it with a little piece of plastic. And now it works perfectly haha! What else is going on. There are some things I'm gonna need sent to me. But I don't think I'm remembering everything, so wait a little while in case I remember more next week or something. Okay, I know I'm forgetting things because I had a list of things, but now all I can think of is saline solution. It's hard to find here and it's really expensive for 1 bottle. And the bottles aren't even that big.

Hahaha yeah, you told me about how Grace won't look at anything that has to do with school. That's funny. You'll have to tell me all about the road trip and the family reunion. Have a great time. And be safe! I'll also be praying for David and his ear. It's always nice for me to hear about people who read my blog! It's nice to know that people care about my life haha. Thanks, all!

I miss you guys, but I have to tell you something. I had a dream the other day that I came home. Well, that you guys came here to pick me up, in the family van, and when we drove away it looked like we were driving through Wyoming. Weird, I know. Here comes the part I'm sorry about. I was really sad in my dream. I woke up sad! Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for when I come back home to my awesome family and friends and America and it's wonderfulness, but I'm thinking I'll be a bit sad to leave. And I don't want to be sad to come home! Welp, not time to think about that right now, I still have 9 (almost 8!?) months left.

Guess what. My companion and I almost got robbed the other day! Remember a couple weeks ago how I mentioned that a crazy drugged-up guy who apparently lurks by the church robbed the other sisters? He pulled out a knife on them and everything. Well, the same guy (we're pretty sure it was the same) almost robbed us. He starting doing the same things he did to the other hermanas, and he was walking closest to my companion. And then we linked arms and started walking faster and faster. But he did too. And he was walking super close to us. Practically stuck to us. Then he grabbed my companion and we broke away and ran until he was basically out of sight when we hit the next block. Then we heard him scream some vulgar things at us. But at least we got away safely. The mission also told us that we have to move because where we live it too dangerous. So I'm super stressed out finding a room to rent and all right now, especially since I'm getting a new companion tomorrow on top of all this. Please pray for me in all this.

Thanks so much for sending me those 2 little clips of the MoTab/Santino Fontana concert! It looked so fun and I'm excited to watch the rest when I come home! Haha it's funny, I was thinking of two of those songs from the Happy Medley this week. I thought of "Make Someone Happy" because they play it at the end of Arthur Christmas and I was explaining that movie to Hna Z one day. Also, we were walking one day and "Put On A Happy Face" popped into my head so I started singing it to my companion in the street haha. I had to tell her what it meant, but now she remembers because after I heard it this morning, I sang a little piece of it again to her. And then she looked at me and just smiled real big haha.

I have to go now, but have a great week! I love you all! And I have to tell you that I love the Church. It is perfect and I cannot deny that. I love Jesus Christ. I feel super lucky and priviledged to follow Him and be His servant right here, right now. My testimony continues to grow, and it makes me really happy to see you all strong in the Church. Countin' my blessings day by day!


Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

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