Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Hey! So....M GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY! She is so awesome! And oh my goodness there was so much opposition leading up to her baptism. But it all worked out in the end. First of all, her boyfriend and her were fighting, so that day we got a call from M saying that they had been fighting and he didn't feel good enough to baptize her. So my district leader baptized her. And it was great! It was something really serious and important for her. She was a little emotional before stepping into the font. And right before she stepped in, she quickly turned around and hugged Hermana Z and I and just whispered "Gracias" to us. That was really sweet. And the water was really cold, but afterwards she kept saying "I didn't even feel cold!" And they asked her to give her testimony, asnd she kept talking about how she was ready and grateful to start a "new life", as she put it. But at church, her boyfriend never showed up. Whoops! You could tell she wasn't very happy about that. But we'll see what happens. A really good talk was given all about sacrifce and one of the things the speaker talked about was converts who are the only members in their family and their sacrifice. It can be incredibly hard for them, but they endure to the end just because they know the Church is true. It was pretty powerful. And it was perfect for the moment. M got really emotional and started crying. Oh, and yes, I did get to give the English hymnbook to Hermana B because we invited her to the baptism since she taught M with me as well. She likes it!

That's so awesome about Amanda's mission call! I had no idea she was thinking about a mission. There's a missionary in my zone from Honduras, and I told her I have a friend going there. And when I said what mission it was. She said, "Oh, it's gonna be super hot there. Tell her she's gonna have to bring a bunch of sunscreen!" So there you go, Amanda.

Oh, so a week or so ago when you asked me about that picture you saw with me in it, that was not for my birthday. It was a family home evening. And I didn't cut my hair. However, a haircut has been needed. And there's a girl from Utah in my zone who cuts hair, so she cut mine today! And now it's so healthy! Yay! I got it cut like how I normally do at home, but it's gotten so long here, that everyone that was there when I got it cut was like "Noooo! That's too much!" But it's not. It's nomal, freaks. Haha

That's so awesome about the MoTab Concert with Santino Fontana! I'm still jealous! But, I'm so glad they broadcasted it and that you recorded it! I'm so excited to watch it when I get home! Man, I can't believe it was almost a year ago when we went to go see the Cinderella show. Haha still love that show so much.

Megan Bendixen, "To Kill a Mockingbird" is one of my favorite books! It's awesome.

The work is going good. We have two investigators that want to get baptized now, which is great! But, it's not quite serious to them yet. We're working with them to strengthen their testimonies first. We don't want them to get baptized and go inactive. But the other Hermanas in the ward have a baptism this Saturday! And the Elders have one on Sunday! The ward's in a pretty good spot right now.

Wow! Good job, Dad, with your triathalon! Hahaha that's funny about the YW at the wedding reception!

Hey, do you think you could please send me a bunch of pictures! Of our family/whatever! I'm trying to decorate my desk! Haha

I have to go now, so have a great week! Maybe I'll have news for the next transfer meeting next week!

Love you!
Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

Pics from M's baptism!
1. Elder C, Hermana Z, M, Me, Hermana B, Elder B
2. M with some women in the Relief Society who came to her baptism
3. I love M! So proud of her.


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