Monday, July 28, 2014

Robbery Attempt and Counting Blessings

I'm losing my Z-ita. She's getting transferred to where the other sisters in our ward are. So we'll be in the same ward, but I wanted to be together for 1 more transfer. :( And I'm losing some other friends. I'm sad. Hermana B has a transfer. Who am I gonna die laughing with now? She makes me laugh so hard! Oh well, we'll see what this next transfer brings. I'm scared that I'll get this one sister that other people say is pretty strict. Oh I forgot to tell you, last week, Hna Z kept calling me McGyver. Why? Because our toilet broke and I fixed it with a little piece of plastic. And now it works perfectly haha! What else is going on. There are some things I'm gonna need sent to me. But I don't think I'm remembering everything, so wait a little while in case I remember more next week or something. Okay, I know I'm forgetting things because I had a list of things, but now all I can think of is saline solution. It's hard to find here and it's really expensive for 1 bottle. And the bottles aren't even that big.

Hahaha yeah, you told me about how Grace won't look at anything that has to do with school. That's funny. You'll have to tell me all about the road trip and the family reunion. Have a great time. And be safe! I'll also be praying for David and his ear. It's always nice for me to hear about people who read my blog! It's nice to know that people care about my life haha. Thanks, all!

I miss you guys, but I have to tell you something. I had a dream the other day that I came home. Well, that you guys came here to pick me up, in the family van, and when we drove away it looked like we were driving through Wyoming. Weird, I know. Here comes the part I'm sorry about. I was really sad in my dream. I woke up sad! Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for when I come back home to my awesome family and friends and America and it's wonderfulness, but I'm thinking I'll be a bit sad to leave. And I don't want to be sad to come home! Welp, not time to think about that right now, I still have 9 (almost 8!?) months left.

Guess what. My companion and I almost got robbed the other day! Remember a couple weeks ago how I mentioned that a crazy drugged-up guy who apparently lurks by the church robbed the other sisters? He pulled out a knife on them and everything. Well, the same guy (we're pretty sure it was the same) almost robbed us. He starting doing the same things he did to the other hermanas, and he was walking closest to my companion. And then we linked arms and started walking faster and faster. But he did too. And he was walking super close to us. Practically stuck to us. Then he grabbed my companion and we broke away and ran until he was basically out of sight when we hit the next block. Then we heard him scream some vulgar things at us. But at least we got away safely. The mission also told us that we have to move because where we live it too dangerous. So I'm super stressed out finding a room to rent and all right now, especially since I'm getting a new companion tomorrow on top of all this. Please pray for me in all this.

Thanks so much for sending me those 2 little clips of the MoTab/Santino Fontana concert! It looked so fun and I'm excited to watch the rest when I come home! Haha it's funny, I was thinking of two of those songs from the Happy Medley this week. I thought of "Make Someone Happy" because they play it at the end of Arthur Christmas and I was explaining that movie to Hna Z one day. Also, we were walking one day and "Put On A Happy Face" popped into my head so I started singing it to my companion in the street haha. I had to tell her what it meant, but now she remembers because after I heard it this morning, I sang a little piece of it again to her. And then she looked at me and just smiled real big haha.

I have to go now, but have a great week! I love you all! And I have to tell you that I love the Church. It is perfect and I cannot deny that. I love Jesus Christ. I feel super lucky and priviledged to follow Him and be His servant right here, right now. My testimony continues to grow, and it makes me really happy to see you all strong in the Church. Countin' my blessings day by day!


Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Hey! So....M GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY! She is so awesome! And oh my goodness there was so much opposition leading up to her baptism. But it all worked out in the end. First of all, her boyfriend and her were fighting, so that day we got a call from M saying that they had been fighting and he didn't feel good enough to baptize her. So my district leader baptized her. And it was great! It was something really serious and important for her. She was a little emotional before stepping into the font. And right before she stepped in, she quickly turned around and hugged Hermana Z and I and just whispered "Gracias" to us. That was really sweet. And the water was really cold, but afterwards she kept saying "I didn't even feel cold!" And they asked her to give her testimony, asnd she kept talking about how she was ready and grateful to start a "new life", as she put it. But at church, her boyfriend never showed up. Whoops! You could tell she wasn't very happy about that. But we'll see what happens. A really good talk was given all about sacrifce and one of the things the speaker talked about was converts who are the only members in their family and their sacrifice. It can be incredibly hard for them, but they endure to the end just because they know the Church is true. It was pretty powerful. And it was perfect for the moment. M got really emotional and started crying. Oh, and yes, I did get to give the English hymnbook to Hermana B because we invited her to the baptism since she taught M with me as well. She likes it!

That's so awesome about Amanda's mission call! I had no idea she was thinking about a mission. There's a missionary in my zone from Honduras, and I told her I have a friend going there. And when I said what mission it was. She said, "Oh, it's gonna be super hot there. Tell her she's gonna have to bring a bunch of sunscreen!" So there you go, Amanda.

Oh, so a week or so ago when you asked me about that picture you saw with me in it, that was not for my birthday. It was a family home evening. And I didn't cut my hair. However, a haircut has been needed. And there's a girl from Utah in my zone who cuts hair, so she cut mine today! And now it's so healthy! Yay! I got it cut like how I normally do at home, but it's gotten so long here, that everyone that was there when I got it cut was like "Noooo! That's too much!" But it's not. It's nomal, freaks. Haha

That's so awesome about the MoTab Concert with Santino Fontana! I'm still jealous! But, I'm so glad they broadcasted it and that you recorded it! I'm so excited to watch it when I get home! Man, I can't believe it was almost a year ago when we went to go see the Cinderella show. Haha still love that show so much.

Megan Bendixen, "To Kill a Mockingbird" is one of my favorite books! It's awesome.

The work is going good. We have two investigators that want to get baptized now, which is great! But, it's not quite serious to them yet. We're working with them to strengthen their testimonies first. We don't want them to get baptized and go inactive. But the other Hermanas in the ward have a baptism this Saturday! And the Elders have one on Sunday! The ward's in a pretty good spot right now.

Wow! Good job, Dad, with your triathalon! Hahaha that's funny about the YW at the wedding reception!

Hey, do you think you could please send me a bunch of pictures! Of our family/whatever! I'm trying to decorate my desk! Haha

I have to go now, so have a great week! Maybe I'll have news for the next transfer meeting next week!

Love you!
Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

Pics from M's baptism!
1. Elder C, Hermana Z, M, Me, Hermana B, Elder B
2. M with some women in the Relief Society who came to her baptism
3. I love M! So proud of her.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Sheep Pong and World Cup

Yes, you can accept the friend requests from all those people for me! I know all of them and they're all really awesome people! Neyda's birthday was yesterday! And we're going out for pizza with her tomorrow night! And I know! I called Lucero the night she opened her call! She's really excited.

So I apologize again for not writing very much last week. So let me tell you a bit about what happened last week! Last week was fun! We celebrated the 4th of July! Well, sort of. When I say we celebrated, I mean we just went to TGI Friday's for dinner with the rest of my district. That day was actually kinda hard. No one wanted to listen to us that day. We had like, 2 lessons. But I wore red, white, and blue of course. And I decorated my daily planner all red, white, and blue that day. I just overall felt super proud to be an American, especially being here, where I see just how lucky we are in the states. We walk by the beach like everyday, so I kept thinking of you all every time we walked by the beach on the 4th, picturing you all enjoying your vacation at Cape May. Haha sounds like it wasn't quite the trip we're used to. I also guessed that you all would go to Dairy Queen at least once. Haha looks like I was right!

I told you a little about my birthday and how my district smashed my face into a cake at McDonalds. Haha that was funny. But messy. Everyone in McDonalds was staring at me as I walked to the bathroom to rinse off my face. The rest of the day Not the best p-day. We were gonna do something as a district and go to a museum or do something else. Just us 6. But our zone leaders called our district leader and said that we didn't have a choice. We had to join the others in a museum in central Lima. It was alright. The museum was really small and we were the only ones there. Then we just went to a park to talk. And to snack on chips or something. And it was cold! But then everyone sang happy birthday to me again. Then my district left a little early so that we could all go out to dinner at Chili's. And wouldn't you know, they told the people that it was my birthday, so I got sung to again. Then the other hermanas from my district got robbed that night by a little drugged-up man with a huge knife, by the church! But that's another story.

Our district meeting was fun the next day because I got like 3 packages! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I LOVE YOU! I got a package from you, Allison, and Cami (and a little card from the mission offices with some chocolate). You all gave me some awesome stuff! Thanks! I was very happy with everything. And I love the skirt and the pajama pants. They're cute. And the skirt's got anchors! My, like, theme of life haha! On Thursday I had intercambios. I stayed here and Hermana Anderson came here to be my companion for 24 hours. It was really fun! And it was fun to talk and joke around in English all day. Although I can joke around in Spanish, it's just a little different in your native language. It surprised me a little that she let me speak English. When I had my first intercambio with her, we spoke Spanish until we got home that night. Probably because I was still new and I still needed a lot of practice. Haha she was also excited this time because she got to help me eat my American candy and birthday cake oreos. We also visited a less active who gave us little tiny apple pies that he and his wife make. We ate some, but also gave some away to other peple we visited. Oh, and it's gotten really cold here, so we have to bundle up, especially at night. And we get it the worst here because we're by the beach and get all the ocean breezes and such. So what have I been wearing to bed at night? That's right. The hobbit-feet slippers Allison made me! They're actually really comfortable. Hermana Anderson got a kick out of them. And the birthday card you sent me (the one with the little boy and his helmet and tiny shopping cart)! I got the biggest kick out of it too! That's the funniest birthday card ever! Hermana Anderson actually took a picture of it because she thought it as so funny.

I've been really trying to teach Hermana Zumba some English. She has to memorize some things and know some English before interviews on Friday. The mission has been really pushing this learn English thing. Sometimes, when I remember to do it, I'm like, "Okay, we're gonna pretend that we're on a mission in the United States and no one understands you when you speak Spanish." And then I speak to her in pure English and make her respond in English. But that's really tough for her, so it's not like I don't help her. There are a lot of words she doesn't know. So I help with that. But I make her explain and ask for help in English. The hardest part is that sometimes I forget to act like I can't understand her Spanish, especially when we leave a lesson and I forget to switch back into English when we're in the street. It's hard for her, but she's getting better! And she's really trying! She understands more and can speak a little more. She understands more than she can speak, but then again, that's how us Americans were as well when we got here.

A couple weeks ago, I taught my district the game "Sheep Pong". David, Brian, and Grace at least know what it is and can explain it to you. But I taught it to them, and now it's a hit! They laugh soooooo hard when we play it! Especially Hermana Bennett.  And her laugh is really contagious, so it made me laugh really hard as well.  We played it at a Family Home Evening a couple weeks ago and it was the craziest Family Home Evening I think I've ever been to. Everyone laughed so hard. And our cheeks hurt for days afterwards. We had another fun Family Home Evening last Monday night. The elders in our ward taught the lesson. And once again, we were put in charge of the game. So we played this game called "Abogado" or "Lawyer". I'll have to tach it when I come home. It was fun. But whoever lost had to dance "El Pollo" ("The Chicken"). I'll have to teach that one when I come home as well haha. But at the end they all made me dance "El Pollo", just because my birthday was the next day.

Sounds like Trek was fun! But hard! Glad you all could have that experience again. Haha that's funny about the Spanish names President Duckworth put for different parts of the trail. I appreciate that haha.

Oh my gosh! My mouth dropped when I read that thing about the The Mormon Tabernacle Choir summer concert! And that Santino Fontana's gonna be part of it! Okay, officially jealouos of Allison, Scott, and David. Have fun for me! That's awesome.

ALEMANIA GANO!!!! Germany won!!! I was rooting for them! I know David was too! It was kinda funny. We were at a house with the elders in our sector because we have someone that needed a blessing and needed a blessing on their house. So near the end of the blessing, we all just hear "GOOOOL!!!!" coming from another room. And then as soon as the blessing ended, the guy was like, "So...who was it, huh?" as kind of a joke. And then as we were leaving, he turned on the TV and it kinda looked like Germany won, but we weren't sure, so we asked a man in the street, and she told us that Germany won. I was happy, but one of the elders was all depressed because he was rooting for Argentina. Everyone was watching the game yesterday and drinking and partying and stuff, so it was hard to find people yesterday. Oh, and we got stopped and the street by 2 drunk, homeless people last night! It's always a little scary, but you just kinda have to do your best to avoid them and walk away the best you can. Sometimes run, when it's necessary. But it was a little funny because the first guy said a number of things and then he started talking to me about how my companion (who's native language is Spanish) couldn't understand him, but how I could haha! And then the drunk lady in the street was nice haha. She asked us for money and when we told her we didn't have anything, she was like, "Okay. Next time." Haha okay. Thank you?

P-day today is La Punta. We're apparently going to this place in Callao by the beach. I've never been. So we'll see how it is.

Anyway, I gotta go now. Hope you all have a great week!
Stay cool! Literally and figuratively, my friends.

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

20th Birthday!

I can't believe I'm 20 either! So this was my day. We woke up and had to go to the other Hermanas' house (Hermana B and Hermana S) to use their shower because yesterday morning, our electricity went out. So we had no light and no hot water. The member that lives in the same building brought us a lamp  and hooked it up to extention cords from her house to give us light. So this morning we went to the Hermanas' house to use their shower and then we went to McDonalds for a pancake breakfast like we've been doing for the past 3 p-days. We ordered our food, go to the top floor to sit down, we start eating, and then some of the hermanas say they want to change where they sit and they want to sit in the little room where they have birthday partys for little kids. I was like, "What? Why? I mean, look at those chairs and tables. Half of them are way too small!" But we went in and as soon as we started eating, the elders from our ward/district (Elder C and Elder B) pop out of the children's play room (like the ball pit room) with a cake lit with candles that says "Feliz CumpleaƱos Hermana Hymas" and they sang to me and then smashed my face into the cake! There's a video of it that I'll try to send somehow. I have to leave now! :( I know this is like the shortest letter ever and I am sorry! Thanks for all the happy birthdays! Hope you all have a great week! I will update you all on so much more next week! Again, so sorry! And guess what! It's cold here now! I'm starting to use my coat and gloves!

Thanks for EVERYTHING and I love you all so much! Looking forward to the packages that I should be getting at my district meeting tomorrow!


Hermana Chrisanne Hymas