Monday, June 30, 2014

Trying Cow Stomach (And Not Liking It)

Michelle sent you a friend request too? I thought you meant she sent it to me! Haha well, you should send her one from me then, especially because she leaves on her mission to Huancayo, Peru something like, tomorrow! She's a really good girl, and she was my companion for one day once (when Hermana N got her wisdom teeth out)! Lucero's also awesome! I can't wait to see where she goes on her mission!

This week was pretty good! We ended the week with 4 people with a baptismal date! Usually something happens and a lot of dates fall through, but we're trying to keep the faith here!

Sorry, but I feel like I need to brag about our investigator M again. She's really progressing, and actually, she's been my favorite investigator in my whole mission. We're bringing her to a big Family Home Evening tonight. And it's so interesting to see how everything that happens with her, happens for a reason. The other day we were going to share a video with her, but we literally had almost every video with us except for the one we wanted to share with her. So we picked a different one. And, it was an answer to her prayers! We shared "Tan Solo Un Cantero" ("Only a Stonecutter"), and she got a lot of messages out of it, one of which being perserverance, which she said was perfect because she was wondering and praying about if she should follow the path she's on right now and continue with us and with the church, or not. And she said the video touched her heart and gave her an answer! So cool how the Lord uses even our weaknesses to help those we teach.  Interesting, huh?

That must've been nice to have the Hymas' in town! Sounds like it's been interesting for them dealing with the humidity haha. I consider myself kinda lucky that it's also humid here. Just because it won't be a huge change when I come back home haha. The weather here is so strange. It will be really cold and gloomy one day, and then hot and really beautiful the next day. Everyone is saying that this is the most unusual winter they've ever seen because usually it's a lot colder. So like you guys, we're also having a strange winter, but in a different way. Today however, was pretty cold with a little bit of mist in the air all day. For p-day, we just went to the zoo and went to luch afterwards. We all saw the weirdest thing at the zoo. No, not an animal. An Elder. Well, an RM. He was in my zone 6 months ago and at the zoo today, we ran into him with his mom.....and his Peruvian girlfriend that he met in one of his wards here! Weird......

Oh I forgot to tell you that last week we almost saw a car blow up! We went to McDonalds to have pancakes and stuff for breakfast, and then all of a sudden we hear people calling for help outside, and wouldn't you know, there's a taxi with its engine on fire! Then it got bigger! And started spinning a little. But then an employee from McDonalds ran out, put it out with a fire extinguisher, and ruined the fun. I also forgot to tell you that right before cambios, I had another intercambio! But this time I went to Santa Cruz in Miraflores for a day with the new Hermana Capacitadora, Hermana N (her trainer)! It was fun! Miraflores is really big and touristy, so the work is a little harder, and the sector is a lot bigger, so we walked a ton! But it was fun to talk again. And it's interesting to see that not only have I improved in my teaching from the time she was training, but she's also become a better teacher! It's cool how we always improve. Throughout the whole mission!

I have officially eaten the grossest thing I can think of here. There are always a few dishes that no american missionary ever wants to be served. Luckily, I haven't been served many of them (at least not yet), or if I have, it hasn't been that bad (like guinea pig, cow heart, or cow intenstine). But last week, I got hit with a bad one. They call it mondonguito. It's cow stomach and it's awful. First of all, it just looks wrong. Also, it feels like your just chewing on animal fat. I asked what it was, and when they told me, I'm pretty sure my face just dropped haha. It was hard just to get one bite down, and I've gotten pretty used to eating everything that's put in front of me. It was also covered in this gross sauce that looked, smelled, and tasted like barf. That was nasty, but I could get it down. I motioned to Hermana Z to ask if she liked it. She said yes. And luckily, the lady who fed us kept leaving the room. My companion motioned to me and told me to give her my mondonguito if I didn't want it. Man, I've never taken advantage of such a situation so fast! Every time the lady left the room, I scooped more cow stomach onto my companion's plate. Phew.

So we had lunch with a nice young couple in the ward, and they found out that my birthday's coming up, so they're like "Let's do something! Let's have a family home evening here in our house that Monday! Then they asked me what my favorite dessert is. So, I told them that I have a favorite, but I haven't been able to find the ingredients here. For the famous Hymas pumpkin chocolate-chip cookies! Then I wrote down the ingredients, they looked them up on google images, and they're gonna try to find them in a big supermarket in Miraflores. And if they do, they said we'll make them, but I'll have to teach them, at our FHE! I'm hoping they can find the ingredients. I love that cookie haha.

We're gonna have p-day on my birthday next Tuesday! I think we're going to some sort of museum that day. I don't know. What happened was when we planned our p-days as a zone, we planned on going to this one museum, but it's not opened on Mondays, so our zone leaders were like, "We have to move it to a Tuesday, which Tuesday do you want?" And I was like "The 8th! Because that's my birthday!" And everyone was like "Yeah, okay!" So, I'm excited to be with the zone to celebrate, instead of having a full day of proselyting. (Side note: I also found out that my pensionista's birthday is July 8th as well!)

How's Jack doing? I've been praying for him.

I love you all! Have a great week!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

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