Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Setting a Baptism Date

Congrats to Brian with getting his Eagle, being ordained as an Elder and successfully surviving the deadly race to the cornucopia to pick classes! Hey, I never got a letter from Megan! Either it's taken an extrememly long time to get here, or something sketchy went down. We get mail tomorrow, so there's a chance it could come, but if it hasn't come by now...

Our district leader just called us to tell us about cambios (tomorrow). I'm staying here and my companion's leaving. And training. Or at least finishing training. That's more likely. She so does not want to leave though. She had a meeting this morning with everyone else who's training, while I was on splits with another Hermana in her sector (while her companion was at the meeting as well). Hahaha my companion said that Hermana Borg started talking about some of the missionaries we'll be receiving that were supposed to go to the Ukraine. She was like, "They're flying in at 1 am tomorrow, to a mission that they did not expect. They're gonna be really tired and who knows? Some might be disappointed. So tomorrow, you're gonna have to show a lot of love!" Haha. I don't know if we're receiving all the Ukraine-bound missionaries tomorrow, or in future cambios as well, because the next 2 cambios are gonna be big. In the next two, we're getting like, 25 (more or less) missionaries. So...there's a chance I could train again. Who knows how long I'll be in Maranga. I'm so excited for tomorrow, but also so scared to see who my new companion will be! Please pray for my future companion! Haha is that stupid to ask for? I'll let you know what happens! I heard we're also supposed to be getting Hermana Capacitadoras here in Maranga (which we've never had before), so it'll be interesting to see who they are.

Hey! So we just found out that they're splitting the ward! So that means part of our ward will be joined with another ward and my sector will get even smaller! That's crazy. Hermana B said she doesn't know if she'll run into Maddie, but it's a lot more likely that she'll run into some of her friends. She (and Hermana L) go home either end of next June, or something August 12, 2015.

Have fun doing Trek as a Ma and Pa! When is that? Guess what. M continues to be an awesome investigator! She came to church again this week, this time with her boyfriend, and we had a couple great lessons with her in members' houses. And this was kinda interesting. Near the end of the lesson, she saw a picture of the member's wedding picture in the room and asked about it. She asked why the groom was dressed in a white tux and if that's what they have to wear at the temple. We explained that no, they can wear whatever color tux outside of the temple, but inside, we all wear white. It looks like she kinda took that to be some sort of answer to a dream she had when she was 15. She had a dream she got married, an although she couldn't see his face, she saw that he was dressed in all white, and she remembers thinking how strange that was for her. But I think she expressed the whole temple marriage thing to be some sort of answer (and she is dating a member, so....!!!) And then we kept trying to set a baptismal date with her, but she kept being like"....Uh...I don't know exactly yet" And then she'd go off on something else. Then the next day we met up with her to go to a member's house for our lesson, a drunk man stopped us in the street and started bashing on the Church for a long time. Then she spoke up and started defending the Church! And he was like, "You don't actually believe all that, do you?" And she was like "Yes, I do believe it." And my companion and I looked at each other all like "HALLELUJAH!" Then on our way to our lesson, she kinda shyly turned to me and said, "You know, Hermana, I was thinking....about the baptism thing... Would it be possible to do it July 12th, or 19th?" And we were like "Yes!" So now she has a baptismal date for July 12th! And the best part is is that she set the date herself!

We also have a pretty great investigator that we've only had one lesson with so far, but she looks pretty promising. She's looking for the truth and she knows how the Spirit feels to her. She told us a story about when she said a prayer and was comforted, and while she told us, she started crying. But it wasn't like an awkward moment haha (because sometimes they can be), but you could really feel the Spirit there.

Every television here has el mundial on. Soccer. all. day. And you hear "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL" all the time. How's the world cup going? USA! USA!

So fun that Devin and Jill are passing by!

Gotta go, but love you and talk to you next week!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas
Picture:  At the temple

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