Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Happiness over an Argentina-bound missionary!

I hit 8 months yesterday! In one more month, I'll be halfway through my mission! And I'll be 20 in less than a month! It gets crazier and crazier every month.
Hey! Maddie Small will be serving in the home mission of my companion and Hermana L! I told my companion that yesterday and she got excited! It's not very likely, but she's hoping to meet her haha. Hermana B's dad is inactive and Hermana L's sister is inactive, and her brother-in-law and niece are not members. Who knows? Maybe Hermana Small can baptize and reactivate these people! Yes, I think you did tell me about Ashley.
That's crazy that Brian graduated! Hahaha why does every graduation speaker have to talk about a "journey"?! Hershey Park! That sounds so fun!
That's cool that David picked a major. What exactly does an International Relations major do? Or what does David want to do? Hmm that's intersting about the TESOL major. I've taught some English a little bit here and sometimes I like it and all, but it seems like I only like it to a certain point. I don't know if I could see myself doing it as a career. I don't know. I'm still clueless as to what I want to major in. I feel like I should know, but I just don't yet.
We have an awesome investigator! Her name's M and she's really interested. Her member boyfriend presented her to us last week at church, but they attended the other ward. He's not from here. He lives in Huanuco. But she came to church with us this week and told me she felt really good there, which was great. She's met a few people from the ward, and hopefully we can get more people to befriend her. She (and our investigator E) came to see a baptism that the other ward had. They liked it. Our lessons have been going well and we've invited her to be baptized, but she hasn't accepted a date yet. She's using this month as an experimental month. She said she wants to know like she hears everyone at church say they know things when they give their testimonies. But she's on her way, and she's very receptive. I have a feeling she'll get baptized soon, but it might be in July.

Last Wednesday we went to the temple, which was fun. Yesterday, we went to some place called the Puente de los Suspiros (Bridge of Sighs) because someone wanted to go and we heard it was really pretty. So we waited forever to find a bus, rode in the bus for about an hour, and then we got there and we were like "This is it?" Haha it was kinda a nice little quaint town, but it was really small and there was nothing to do. So we went to go eat, which took forever for everyone to order, receive, and eat their food. Then after lunch, it was time to go back home. So we got a bus, but it couldn't take us all the way back, so we walked through Miraflores when it was getting dark (which I liked because of the lights and stuff), and then we ended up taking taxis the rest of the way home. And then we had to finish proselyting for the day. So that's why I didn't finish writing you yesterday.
Yes, I'm pretty sure all that music is okay, but just to double check, I asked President, so we'll see how he responds. When I hear directly from him what he says, I'll let you know and if you want, you can probably email me music files and I can put them on a flash drive or something (our DVD player reads flash drives)! That would be cool.
Hey that's really nice about what Sister Engle said! Thanks!

Have a great week! Later!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

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