Monday, June 2, 2014

Grateful to be a Missionary

I'm listening to the One Direction song right now as I write this. I like it. And wanna know something? I DO know the original song. Turns out a bunch of people in the mission have been pretty confused about the music rules here, so a few people asked Presidente Borg directly what the rules were. And I was a little skeptical, but I asked different people, and they said that Presidente told them that they changed the rule in January, and now we are allowed to listen to whatever we want as long as it doesn't have bad lyrics, doesn't have a heavy beat, and it doesn't make us trunky and loose focus of the work. So my companion has some american music she got from another Hermana. I was introduced to some song by Taylor Swift called "Superman" or something. And then I heard the One Direction song. And I remember I heard it in a store when I was about 2 months into the mission. But I like the song too! Pretty good. Haha that's funny that you and Dad like it too.

I heard all about Brian's prom. Sounds like it was fun! That does stink that Grace has 2 more weeks of school, but así es la vida. The computer's being a little annoying, so I didn't get a chance to check out the Mother's Day thing or my Family History site (although I think we'll get time set apart for that) yet. Yay!!!! No more annoying birds by the windows! Hey, how did Sis Bendixen react to her corsage? Hahaha.

So, we've tried going back to teach M, but we couldn't find her this week. But we did get in and had a mini lesson with her non-member daughter and her daughter's boyfriend (who she's not married to yet, which is a big problem here). The boyfriend, J F (that's how they spell John here), doesn't believe in the Bible or prophets or anything, but we just talked for a bit and bore our testimonies, and he seemed a little interested. We're going back next week to teach them again. He said he's seen us walk all over and he asked us what our motivation was to keep going even when people tell us to go away. What a great opportunity to share exactly why we do that! I was actually thinking about that this week. I am so lucky to be doing this. I've said this before, but I honestly don't know what I did in the pre-mortal life to be able to do this right now. And I know that all these things are true. Like I said in my farewell, there is absolutely no way I would be doing this if I didn't know for sure that all these things are true and that they bring hope. And I cannot tell you how awesome it is to feel the Spirit in a lesson, and feel it when the smallest things are testified of. Even if you say them or hear them in a million lessons but they just feel a little stronger in that one lesson, thanks to the Spirit. And it's even cooler when you can tell that they feel it too.

As for my package, I'm trying to think. I can't really think of much else! I am doing my best to stay warm. It hasn't gotten too cold yet. There's nothing I need for winter yet that I don't already have here. And we've heard from a few people that this winter won't be too cold. It really hasn't been. At least not yet. So I'm not gonna really ask for more winter things, at least not yet. Ahh! As for food, or things I cannot find here. Well, any kind of American candy is appreciated. Also, peanut butter and nutella are both really expensive here. I'm not dying for those, but I'm not saying I wouln't appreciate it either haha.
My companion's really excited for her English hymn book now! And she would like it to say "Sister (name)". Just like that. In English and everything. We're starting to do something so that she can practice her English. We speak English at night when we're in the house. She speaks really well! And understands almost everything!

Guess what! In the upcoming cambios on the 17th, we're getting 7 missionaries from the Provo MTC that were supposed to be going to the Ukraine, but now they're coming to the smallest mission in the world! That's right, they're coming here.

Trying to think of what else to say. Congrats to Brian as he graduates!!!

Love you all and proud to part of our family!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

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