Monday, June 30, 2014

Trying Cow Stomach (And Not Liking It)

Michelle sent you a friend request too? I thought you meant she sent it to me! Haha well, you should send her one from me then, especially because she leaves on her mission to Huancayo, Peru something like, tomorrow! She's a really good girl, and she was my companion for one day once (when Hermana N got her wisdom teeth out)! Lucero's also awesome! I can't wait to see where she goes on her mission!

This week was pretty good! We ended the week with 4 people with a baptismal date! Usually something happens and a lot of dates fall through, but we're trying to keep the faith here!

Sorry, but I feel like I need to brag about our investigator M again. She's really progressing, and actually, she's been my favorite investigator in my whole mission. We're bringing her to a big Family Home Evening tonight. And it's so interesting to see how everything that happens with her, happens for a reason. The other day we were going to share a video with her, but we literally had almost every video with us except for the one we wanted to share with her. So we picked a different one. And, it was an answer to her prayers! We shared "Tan Solo Un Cantero" ("Only a Stonecutter"), and she got a lot of messages out of it, one of which being perserverance, which she said was perfect because she was wondering and praying about if she should follow the path she's on right now and continue with us and with the church, or not. And she said the video touched her heart and gave her an answer! So cool how the Lord uses even our weaknesses to help those we teach.  Interesting, huh?

That must've been nice to have the Hymas' in town! Sounds like it's been interesting for them dealing with the humidity haha. I consider myself kinda lucky that it's also humid here. Just because it won't be a huge change when I come back home haha. The weather here is so strange. It will be really cold and gloomy one day, and then hot and really beautiful the next day. Everyone is saying that this is the most unusual winter they've ever seen because usually it's a lot colder. So like you guys, we're also having a strange winter, but in a different way. Today however, was pretty cold with a little bit of mist in the air all day. For p-day, we just went to the zoo and went to luch afterwards. We all saw the weirdest thing at the zoo. No, not an animal. An Elder. Well, an RM. He was in my zone 6 months ago and at the zoo today, we ran into him with his mom.....and his Peruvian girlfriend that he met in one of his wards here! Weird......

Oh I forgot to tell you that last week we almost saw a car blow up! We went to McDonalds to have pancakes and stuff for breakfast, and then all of a sudden we hear people calling for help outside, and wouldn't you know, there's a taxi with its engine on fire! Then it got bigger! And started spinning a little. But then an employee from McDonalds ran out, put it out with a fire extinguisher, and ruined the fun. I also forgot to tell you that right before cambios, I had another intercambio! But this time I went to Santa Cruz in Miraflores for a day with the new Hermana Capacitadora, Hermana N (her trainer)! It was fun! Miraflores is really big and touristy, so the work is a little harder, and the sector is a lot bigger, so we walked a ton! But it was fun to talk again. And it's interesting to see that not only have I improved in my teaching from the time she was training, but she's also become a better teacher! It's cool how we always improve. Throughout the whole mission!

I have officially eaten the grossest thing I can think of here. There are always a few dishes that no american missionary ever wants to be served. Luckily, I haven't been served many of them (at least not yet), or if I have, it hasn't been that bad (like guinea pig, cow heart, or cow intenstine). But last week, I got hit with a bad one. They call it mondonguito. It's cow stomach and it's awful. First of all, it just looks wrong. Also, it feels like your just chewing on animal fat. I asked what it was, and when they told me, I'm pretty sure my face just dropped haha. It was hard just to get one bite down, and I've gotten pretty used to eating everything that's put in front of me. It was also covered in this gross sauce that looked, smelled, and tasted like barf. That was nasty, but I could get it down. I motioned to Hermana Z to ask if she liked it. She said yes. And luckily, the lady who fed us kept leaving the room. My companion motioned to me and told me to give her my mondonguito if I didn't want it. Man, I've never taken advantage of such a situation so fast! Every time the lady left the room, I scooped more cow stomach onto my companion's plate. Phew.

So we had lunch with a nice young couple in the ward, and they found out that my birthday's coming up, so they're like "Let's do something! Let's have a family home evening here in our house that Monday! Then they asked me what my favorite dessert is. So, I told them that I have a favorite, but I haven't been able to find the ingredients here. For the famous Hymas pumpkin chocolate-chip cookies! Then I wrote down the ingredients, they looked them up on google images, and they're gonna try to find them in a big supermarket in Miraflores. And if they do, they said we'll make them, but I'll have to teach them, at our FHE! I'm hoping they can find the ingredients. I love that cookie haha.

We're gonna have p-day on my birthday next Tuesday! I think we're going to some sort of museum that day. I don't know. What happened was when we planned our p-days as a zone, we planned on going to this one museum, but it's not opened on Mondays, so our zone leaders were like, "We have to move it to a Tuesday, which Tuesday do you want?" And I was like "The 8th! Because that's my birthday!" And everyone was like "Yeah, okay!" So, I'm excited to be with the zone to celebrate, instead of having a full day of proselyting. (Side note: I also found out that my pensionista's birthday is July 8th as well!)

How's Jack doing? I've been praying for him.

I love you all! Have a great week!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

Monday, June 23, 2014

A New Companion and Ward

WOW! Congrats to Britton! Going to Iquitos! I have a bunch of friends there right now! He's gonna have to eat big fat worms and giant ants! Glad you're enjoying learning all about Peru! I didn't even know about the whole hat thing in markets. Do you know what part of Peru does that? Go ahead and accept the friend requests from Marilyn and Michelle. They're cool cats. I think they understand that you don't speak Spanish haha. I've told some of them before. Hahaha Lucero told me that she accidentally friended you thinking it was me.

My new companion's pretty cool. There are some things that are a little weird, but we've been pretty good. Her name's Hermana Z, she just turned 20 in April and she's from Ecuador. She has 6 months in the mission. Hey, can you believe I'm almost halfway done?!

That's scary about Jack. I will keep him in my prayers. I hope he gets better really soon.

Cambios were really good. Our ward officially split yesterday and now there are 2 new missionaries that took some of my sector and some of the Elders in my ward's sector. And they're the new Hermana Capacitadoras for Maranga. Hermana A and Hermana B. Both from Utah. They're cool. Next cambios are gonna be so sad! So many awesome people are almost leaving (will be giving their testimonies, and leaving the cambio after the next)! Hermana A, Hermana N, Hermana R, and much more! Don't know yet, but I would not be surprised if I cry the next cambio meeting.

M continues to be awesome! Her baptismal date is now July 19th because she said she has some training for work on the 12th, but it's cool. She's still ready to get baptized! And, it's probable that her boyfriend will be the one baptizing her! This week, we taught her the law of chastity, the word of wisdom, and the law of tithing. I was a little nervous to teach about tithing because that seems to always be the thing to get people. But she accepted everything! The only thing that was a little bit hard was the whole no coffee and tea thing, but she's working on it, willing to accept it and change, and she's been doing well! In our tithing lesson, she mentioned that she really doesn't know why (because she said she can be a little rebellious/not willing to accept some things sometimes), but she really doesn't have a problem accepting the things we teach her! Haha it was kinda funny, she was like, "I really don't know why, but I accept all of this!" After that lesson, we presented her to the bishop, and he congratulated her on her baptismal date and gave her a few motivational words. And she kept telling us that night about how she wants to start fresh and create a good life/environment for her future family. And, she's been coming to church on her own! What a champ. I keep praying for her.

Hey, I forgot to tell you about 2 weeks ago, but, you know how I've said I think in Spanish a lot now? Well, I've finally hit the point where I DREAM in Spanish! Wahoo!

Okay, I have to get off now. Love you all, and talk to you next week! Can't wait to get my package!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Setting a Baptism Date

Congrats to Brian with getting his Eagle, being ordained as an Elder and successfully surviving the deadly race to the cornucopia to pick classes! Hey, I never got a letter from Megan! Either it's taken an extrememly long time to get here, or something sketchy went down. We get mail tomorrow, so there's a chance it could come, but if it hasn't come by now...

Our district leader just called us to tell us about cambios (tomorrow). I'm staying here and my companion's leaving. And training. Or at least finishing training. That's more likely. She so does not want to leave though. She had a meeting this morning with everyone else who's training, while I was on splits with another Hermana in her sector (while her companion was at the meeting as well). Hahaha my companion said that Hermana Borg started talking about some of the missionaries we'll be receiving that were supposed to go to the Ukraine. She was like, "They're flying in at 1 am tomorrow, to a mission that they did not expect. They're gonna be really tired and who knows? Some might be disappointed. So tomorrow, you're gonna have to show a lot of love!" Haha. I don't know if we're receiving all the Ukraine-bound missionaries tomorrow, or in future cambios as well, because the next 2 cambios are gonna be big. In the next two, we're getting like, 25 (more or less) missionaries. So...there's a chance I could train again. Who knows how long I'll be in Maranga. I'm so excited for tomorrow, but also so scared to see who my new companion will be! Please pray for my future companion! Haha is that stupid to ask for? I'll let you know what happens! I heard we're also supposed to be getting Hermana Capacitadoras here in Maranga (which we've never had before), so it'll be interesting to see who they are.

Hey! So we just found out that they're splitting the ward! So that means part of our ward will be joined with another ward and my sector will get even smaller! That's crazy. Hermana B said she doesn't know if she'll run into Maddie, but it's a lot more likely that she'll run into some of her friends. She (and Hermana L) go home either end of next June, or something August 12, 2015.

Have fun doing Trek as a Ma and Pa! When is that? Guess what. M continues to be an awesome investigator! She came to church again this week, this time with her boyfriend, and we had a couple great lessons with her in members' houses. And this was kinda interesting. Near the end of the lesson, she saw a picture of the member's wedding picture in the room and asked about it. She asked why the groom was dressed in a white tux and if that's what they have to wear at the temple. We explained that no, they can wear whatever color tux outside of the temple, but inside, we all wear white. It looks like she kinda took that to be some sort of answer to a dream she had when she was 15. She had a dream she got married, an although she couldn't see his face, she saw that he was dressed in all white, and she remembers thinking how strange that was for her. But I think she expressed the whole temple marriage thing to be some sort of answer (and she is dating a member, so....!!!) And then we kept trying to set a baptismal date with her, but she kept being like"....Uh...I don't know exactly yet" And then she'd go off on something else. Then the next day we met up with her to go to a member's house for our lesson, a drunk man stopped us in the street and started bashing on the Church for a long time. Then she spoke up and started defending the Church! And he was like, "You don't actually believe all that, do you?" And she was like "Yes, I do believe it." And my companion and I looked at each other all like "HALLELUJAH!" Then on our way to our lesson, she kinda shyly turned to me and said, "You know, Hermana, I was thinking....about the baptism thing... Would it be possible to do it July 12th, or 19th?" And we were like "Yes!" So now she has a baptismal date for July 12th! And the best part is is that she set the date herself!

We also have a pretty great investigator that we've only had one lesson with so far, but she looks pretty promising. She's looking for the truth and she knows how the Spirit feels to her. She told us a story about when she said a prayer and was comforted, and while she told us, she started crying. But it wasn't like an awkward moment haha (because sometimes they can be), but you could really feel the Spirit there.

Every television here has el mundial on. Soccer. all. day. And you hear "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL" all the time. How's the world cup going? USA! USA!

So fun that Devin and Jill are passing by!

Gotta go, but love you and talk to you next week!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas
Picture:  At the temple

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Happiness over an Argentina-bound missionary!

I hit 8 months yesterday! In one more month, I'll be halfway through my mission! And I'll be 20 in less than a month! It gets crazier and crazier every month.
Hey! Maddie Small will be serving in the home mission of my companion and Hermana L! I told my companion that yesterday and she got excited! It's not very likely, but she's hoping to meet her haha. Hermana B's dad is inactive and Hermana L's sister is inactive, and her brother-in-law and niece are not members. Who knows? Maybe Hermana Small can baptize and reactivate these people! Yes, I think you did tell me about Ashley.
That's crazy that Brian graduated! Hahaha why does every graduation speaker have to talk about a "journey"?! Hershey Park! That sounds so fun!
That's cool that David picked a major. What exactly does an International Relations major do? Or what does David want to do? Hmm that's intersting about the TESOL major. I've taught some English a little bit here and sometimes I like it and all, but it seems like I only like it to a certain point. I don't know if I could see myself doing it as a career. I don't know. I'm still clueless as to what I want to major in. I feel like I should know, but I just don't yet.
We have an awesome investigator! Her name's M and she's really interested. Her member boyfriend presented her to us last week at church, but they attended the other ward. He's not from here. He lives in Huanuco. But she came to church with us this week and told me she felt really good there, which was great. She's met a few people from the ward, and hopefully we can get more people to befriend her. She (and our investigator E) came to see a baptism that the other ward had. They liked it. Our lessons have been going well and we've invited her to be baptized, but she hasn't accepted a date yet. She's using this month as an experimental month. She said she wants to know like she hears everyone at church say they know things when they give their testimonies. But she's on her way, and she's very receptive. I have a feeling she'll get baptized soon, but it might be in July.

Last Wednesday we went to the temple, which was fun. Yesterday, we went to some place called the Puente de los Suspiros (Bridge of Sighs) because someone wanted to go and we heard it was really pretty. So we waited forever to find a bus, rode in the bus for about an hour, and then we got there and we were like "This is it?" Haha it was kinda a nice little quaint town, but it was really small and there was nothing to do. So we went to go eat, which took forever for everyone to order, receive, and eat their food. Then after lunch, it was time to go back home. So we got a bus, but it couldn't take us all the way back, so we walked through Miraflores when it was getting dark (which I liked because of the lights and stuff), and then we ended up taking taxis the rest of the way home. And then we had to finish proselyting for the day. So that's why I didn't finish writing you yesterday.
Yes, I'm pretty sure all that music is okay, but just to double check, I asked President, so we'll see how he responds. When I hear directly from him what he says, I'll let you know and if you want, you can probably email me music files and I can put them on a flash drive or something (our DVD player reads flash drives)! That would be cool.
Hey that's really nice about what Sister Engle said! Thanks!

Have a great week! Later!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

Monday, June 2, 2014

Grateful to be a Missionary

I'm listening to the One Direction song right now as I write this. I like it. And wanna know something? I DO know the original song. Turns out a bunch of people in the mission have been pretty confused about the music rules here, so a few people asked Presidente Borg directly what the rules were. And I was a little skeptical, but I asked different people, and they said that Presidente told them that they changed the rule in January, and now we are allowed to listen to whatever we want as long as it doesn't have bad lyrics, doesn't have a heavy beat, and it doesn't make us trunky and loose focus of the work. So my companion has some american music she got from another Hermana. I was introduced to some song by Taylor Swift called "Superman" or something. And then I heard the One Direction song. And I remember I heard it in a store when I was about 2 months into the mission. But I like the song too! Pretty good. Haha that's funny that you and Dad like it too.

I heard all about Brian's prom. Sounds like it was fun! That does stink that Grace has 2 more weeks of school, but así es la vida. The computer's being a little annoying, so I didn't get a chance to check out the Mother's Day thing or my Family History site (although I think we'll get time set apart for that) yet. Yay!!!! No more annoying birds by the windows! Hey, how did Sis Bendixen react to her corsage? Hahaha.

So, we've tried going back to teach M, but we couldn't find her this week. But we did get in and had a mini lesson with her non-member daughter and her daughter's boyfriend (who she's not married to yet, which is a big problem here). The boyfriend, J F (that's how they spell John here), doesn't believe in the Bible or prophets or anything, but we just talked for a bit and bore our testimonies, and he seemed a little interested. We're going back next week to teach them again. He said he's seen us walk all over and he asked us what our motivation was to keep going even when people tell us to go away. What a great opportunity to share exactly why we do that! I was actually thinking about that this week. I am so lucky to be doing this. I've said this before, but I honestly don't know what I did in the pre-mortal life to be able to do this right now. And I know that all these things are true. Like I said in my farewell, there is absolutely no way I would be doing this if I didn't know for sure that all these things are true and that they bring hope. And I cannot tell you how awesome it is to feel the Spirit in a lesson, and feel it when the smallest things are testified of. Even if you say them or hear them in a million lessons but they just feel a little stronger in that one lesson, thanks to the Spirit. And it's even cooler when you can tell that they feel it too.

As for my package, I'm trying to think. I can't really think of much else! I am doing my best to stay warm. It hasn't gotten too cold yet. There's nothing I need for winter yet that I don't already have here. And we've heard from a few people that this winter won't be too cold. It really hasn't been. At least not yet. So I'm not gonna really ask for more winter things, at least not yet. Ahh! As for food, or things I cannot find here. Well, any kind of American candy is appreciated. Also, peanut butter and nutella are both really expensive here. I'm not dying for those, but I'm not saying I wouln't appreciate it either haha.
My companion's really excited for her English hymn book now! And she would like it to say "Sister (name)". Just like that. In English and everything. We're starting to do something so that she can practice her English. We speak English at night when we're in the house. She speaks really well! And understands almost everything!

Guess what! In the upcoming cambios on the 17th, we're getting 7 missionaries from the Provo MTC that were supposed to be going to the Ukraine, but now they're coming to the smallest mission in the world! That's right, they're coming here.

Trying to think of what else to say. Congrats to Brian as he graduates!!!

Love you all and proud to part of our family!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas