Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Speak to You Soon!

WHOOOOAAAAAAA!!!!!! JACK'S GOING TO JAPAN! THAT'S CRAZY! THAT'S SO COOL! Felicitaciones, Jack! Sometimes I wish you all could see my face when I read some of these things. So...when he enters the MTC, I'll have a little over 10 months in the mission. I can't believe I'm almost at 7 months (this Friday)! And then 2 months after that, I'm on my downhill slope. It goes by so fast.
Haha thanks for praying for my friends here! I have to say, it is kind of cool to have some international friends. I mean, it's normal, but it's just cool thinking about how I can talk, and joke, and tell stories (my favorite) and do all that normal stuff, just in a different language. I hope I can retain friendships with them after the mission as well, including Hermana R, of course! She's heard about BYU from a lot of missionaries here that go to BYU, and she said the first time she heard about it, she was like, "It just sounded like a bigger CCM. And the CCM was the BEST!" So, now she's looking at going to BYU. There are so many of us here that hope she ends up going. Everyone loves her haha.

Wow! Holy rain! That sounds awesome right now! Lima never gets rain! I've experienced rain twice here, but it wasn't long at all and it was very light rain. And THAT was really surprising for Lima. I miss rain. And rainstorms. I cannot wait for the first rainstorm I experience after the mission. The houses here aren't built for rain. I think a hard rainstorm like what we get on the east coast would tear a bunch of homes apart. We say that the day it rains really hard in Lima is a sign that the world will end very soon. Speaking of the end of the world, it seems like so many things are happening around the world that are, well, signs of the segundo venida. It kinda freaks me out. Hey, I never told you all that sometimes we get small earthquakes here. Nothing like what Chile got, but every now and then, we get small ones. I've never been able to feel any of them until about 2 weeks ago when I was lying in bed at like 11 pm and felt a little rumble for a few seconds.

So...cambios are tomorrow! I'll find out tonight if I stay or if I go. I don't want to say much about it because I really don't know what'll happen. It's more probable that I'll be transferred, but it's still possible that I could stay here. The only bad thing about getting transferred, is that I'd have to pack all my stuff tonight and tomorrow.
Also, if I get transferred, my heart will be pounding throughout cambios. Where will I go? Who will be my companion? Will she miss her old companion too much? Or will she be cool? Scary stuff! We'll see.

Some people here have been preparing for me to leave. There are a couple member families that are really awesome, and frankly, I'm gonna really miss them when I have to leave. We have dinner with one of the families tonight, Familia C. And last night, EB and I (my companion was sick, and Hermana M went with another ward missionary to visit people in her sector) dropped off laundry at the house of the Familia A. And we were talking for a bit about some things. Man, that family is the best. Before I left, Hermano A asked if he could share something with me. He talked about how their family has seen me progress in the mission, especially with the language, and he read from 1 Nefi 32 and talked about how they've felt me teach with the Spirit, even at the beginning, when I struggled with the language, they still understood because of the Spirit. It was really nice.

We just went to eat lunch at this Italian food place and my meal had a lot of cheese. Hermana M commented on that and said that it was a lot of cheese, and I almost said, "That's not that much cheese!" But then I realized that they wouldn't have understood. Dang it.

I cannot wait to speak to you all on Mother's Day! Yes, I'll have to see if I can somehow communicate with you once I figure things out. I'm gonna be freaking about this whole week trying to think of things I can tell you all. Man, it's way too short though. Definitely not enough time to talk with you all.

I love you! Until I see you on Sunday!!! :)

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

1. I ran into one of my teachers from the CCM when we went to the temple!
2. Another temple friend! Hermano G!
3. Goofing off with the hermanas at a huaca. With Hermana R.
4. Nephites vs. the Lamanites? Haha we hear these kinds of jokes all
the time in the mission.
5-6. In a trio with Hermana L and Hermana M
 7. Goofing off at the huaca again with (almost) all the hermanas in the zone.

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