Monday, May 12, 2014

New Area, New Ward, and a New Companion

Wow, that's crazy about Ukraine and Russia in a civil war. Now that I think of it, I had a friend from one of my classes at BYUI who got sent to Ukraine for her mission. Hmm...interesting. Thanks for the prayers for my safety and health. I'll be praying for that too. Congrats to Emilee!!!

It was so so great to talk to you all last night! I don't have much to say since I said a bunch of stuff I wanted to say last night. My companion is Hermana B from Argentina. She's 21 and has 3 months in the mission. She's pretty nice. The only thing is is that she talks really quietly and it's really hard to understand her. Especially when we're in the street. She also sings all the time...but it's not all that great. It's like her voice is a mix beween Britney Spears and a baby... Yay...haha. I'll talk about this week, but you all heard a bit of it last night. So for everyone else who reads my blog...

I got transferred this week. I am now serving in a place called M. It's a bit more humble than Magdalena. And there seems to be more poor people and more drunk people, and more, just, weird-er people haha. But it's good. The people seem to be a little more receptive. And our numbers are a ton higher than they were in Magdalena. In Magdalena, we were lucky if we got 4 new investigators in a week. This week in Maranga, we ended up with 13 new investigators. All of our numbers just seem to be a little higher. I'm not saying numbers are the important part of a mission, but it shows that we've been able to meet and teach more people. Last night when I talked in Spanish, I talked a little bit about how I left Magdalena and didn't feel like I really left my mark there. Only because I was a little worried about the people we baptized (especially P), and the less actives Hermana N and I reactivated fell into inactivity again. I got really discouraged about that, but my ward mission leader in Magdalena told me and my companion, Hermana L, that we've been doing our part, but the ward members are a little cold in our ward, and sometimes it seems like as much as we try, sometimes nothing really gets done, or some of them just don't care about trying to retain the new members and less actives. But I was thinkng about my purpose in Magdalena, and I've decided I'm not quite sure what it was yet. Maybe I planted a few seeds for future missionaries. Maybe I was only there to find J that one day. Don't know if you remember that. She loved the day we found her and said she never felt an answer to her prayers so strong like the day we found her. Maybe my purpose was to have that thought to go visit her in that moment, because now, the ward knows where she is. She's had an interview with the bishop and met some people in the ward. She still needs a lot of help, but she's on her way, and I don't know, maybe I was only there to find her. Who knows.

I've told you I feel like the zone leaders here are a little stricter than the zone leaders in other parts. They just seem to really focus on numbers more than other zones, which can be kind of a pain. They also have some kind of weird, strict rules... But it's fine. I still think I'm gonna like it here. I was gonna send pictures from this week, but for some reason my camera's not working with this computer. It's not my camera. It's the computer. I'll see if I can send some next week. I like it here so far. I just sometimes get worried about the more dangerous parts we live in. Prayers from y'all wouldn't hurt!

I'm trying to think of what else happened this week. Hermana N became an Hermana Capacitadora and is an HC with Hermana A in Miraflores. I've met a bunch of people from the ward here, and they seem pretty cool. I like the ward and I'm excited to work with them. I met a bunch of them at a ward talent show we had on Friday for Mother's Day. My ward is huge! We have 6 missionaries in the ward too. 2 sets of Hermanas and a pair of Elders. And welp, that's my district right there.

I'm trying to think of what else to write, but I'm out of time. I love you all! Thanks for all the support and love!
And Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I love you!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

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