Monday, May 26, 2014

Family History and Joseph Smith

Okay, so first of all, we didn't have Multi Zonas with Elder Cook.... Haha sorry. Turns out I read the email really fast last week and it said something about remembering a few things from when Elder Cook was here. That makes sense, because I was like, wait a minute...wasn't he just here? Yes, he was. So we just had Multi Zonas with Presidente Borg, Hermana Borg, and the assistants. But it was really good! We talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and Family History. And now we missionaries are getting to do something new! I don't remember exactly when, but we're gonna have time to do our own family history account while we're here. It's so that we can take our family trees to our lessons and teach about family history and how to do it. And teach about how it fits into the plan of salvation and temple work and such. So, could you please send me all the information you have on our family history and our ancestors and stuff so that I can work on it here? Thanks!

As I said, we also talked a lot about the Book of Mormon. We read and heard from different people about why the Book of Mormon is so important to them. That's another thing. Every Multi Zona, we have to prepare a short little talk on a certain subject, and this time, we had to bring with us an experience from the Book of Mormon. And then Presidente Borg just picks us at random to share with everyone. My first couple times, I wrote down everything I would say and everything, because I was so nervous I would get called on and have to speak and I wasn't too confident in my Spanish. But this time, well, I still didn't want to get called on, and I kind of thought of what to share, but I didn't write down everything this time haha. I knew I could get up and just start talking in front of everyone just fine in Spanish. To me, that was a little bit like, wow, the gift of tongues is real. But yeah, I didn't end up getting picked. Phew. Actually, I've never been picked on yet. Countin my lucky stars over here.

The last lesson/talk was by Presidente Borg all about Jesus Christ and how the BoM testifies of Christ and basically just our message about him. We watched a good video that I really liked called "Gracias a El". I don't know if you've seen it, but I found it in English. Here ya go:

Yesterday at Church, they were passing out Liahonas from this month, aka, the General Conference Liahona! I've been waiting for this one! Seriously, getting Liahonas here (especially if they're a Conference one) is like Christmas for us. So we snatched a couple. And then we got home, I ripped it open and quickly read the Joseph Smith talk by Lawrence E. Corbridge again. I remembered how much I liked that talk, how I felt during that talk, and how much I wanted to share it with our investigators. So, I'll be printing a copy today for one of our investigators, E. We taught him last night and talked a bit about Joseph Smith. And the whole time, I was just thinking about that talk. So our plan is that we're gonna study it with him the next time we pass by. Before we ended the lesson, we invited him to be baptized June 14th. He said he will if he gets an answer. So there's hope. But he struggles when it comes to his commitments. So we're working on that. I wrote Hermana L today and asked how everthing's going in Magdalena, including I. She said they might drop him for a while. They have a lesson with him tonight and they'll see how that goes. He's still not coming to church and his baptismal date fell through. She said they're gonna try being even firmer with him. But, she said they're still working a lot with less actives over there. And they're trying to work more with P, when she has time. Time is the problem. I have to say, sometimes I hate people's jobs. Only because they take people away from everything.

We went to visit M again last night. She said she didn't have time for us to share something with her, but I think she wants us to be her personal maids. We always offer service to people, and she said she was wondering if we could watch her grandchildren sometimes. Well...that's almost like the only thing we're not allowed to do, but we can cook, clean, paint, etc. We explained that to her. And she said ok and that she'll call us. We won't just wait for a call though. We'll be passing by again. Even if it is just through service, I'm praying that we can get in the house and teach again.

This week we took a member with us (it was her first time coming with the missionaries) to visit an investigator, M, and M was NOT happy that we brought someone, and she let it show. We felt so bad for this sweet little member lady that came with us the first time. We'll see that happens with M.

It's still crazy that Grace is driving now. She told me that you said, "Good, now let's try to get up to 10 mph." Hahaha I thought that was kinda funny. I also thought it was really funny when you said you had to be creative and find ways for her to take her pills. And I cannot believe Brian's almost done with high school! Send me a pic of him all dazzled up for prom!

I'm trying to think of things I'd like in my package. Can you send me a copy of Jesus the Christ in English? I have it in Spanish, but it'll be a ton easier to understand in English. If you can find my little hymn book in english, could you send that? My companion also wants to know how much an english hymn book costs. She said if it's possible to get one, and it's not too expensive, she wants to send money and pay for one. If you can find my CD holder (little, purple-ish, with little flowers), could you send it? And could you hold off sending this package til a little later in case I think of more things by next week.

I'm out of time again, ugh! But I love you and I'll talk to you next week!


Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

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