Monday, May 26, 2014

Family History and Joseph Smith

Okay, so first of all, we didn't have Multi Zonas with Elder Cook.... Haha sorry. Turns out I read the email really fast last week and it said something about remembering a few things from when Elder Cook was here. That makes sense, because I was like, wait a minute...wasn't he just here? Yes, he was. So we just had Multi Zonas with Presidente Borg, Hermana Borg, and the assistants. But it was really good! We talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and Family History. And now we missionaries are getting to do something new! I don't remember exactly when, but we're gonna have time to do our own family history account while we're here. It's so that we can take our family trees to our lessons and teach about family history and how to do it. And teach about how it fits into the plan of salvation and temple work and such. So, could you please send me all the information you have on our family history and our ancestors and stuff so that I can work on it here? Thanks!

As I said, we also talked a lot about the Book of Mormon. We read and heard from different people about why the Book of Mormon is so important to them. That's another thing. Every Multi Zona, we have to prepare a short little talk on a certain subject, and this time, we had to bring with us an experience from the Book of Mormon. And then Presidente Borg just picks us at random to share with everyone. My first couple times, I wrote down everything I would say and everything, because I was so nervous I would get called on and have to speak and I wasn't too confident in my Spanish. But this time, well, I still didn't want to get called on, and I kind of thought of what to share, but I didn't write down everything this time haha. I knew I could get up and just start talking in front of everyone just fine in Spanish. To me, that was a little bit like, wow, the gift of tongues is real. But yeah, I didn't end up getting picked. Phew. Actually, I've never been picked on yet. Countin my lucky stars over here.

The last lesson/talk was by Presidente Borg all about Jesus Christ and how the BoM testifies of Christ and basically just our message about him. We watched a good video that I really liked called "Gracias a El". I don't know if you've seen it, but I found it in English. Here ya go:

Yesterday at Church, they were passing out Liahonas from this month, aka, the General Conference Liahona! I've been waiting for this one! Seriously, getting Liahonas here (especially if they're a Conference one) is like Christmas for us. So we snatched a couple. And then we got home, I ripped it open and quickly read the Joseph Smith talk by Lawrence E. Corbridge again. I remembered how much I liked that talk, how I felt during that talk, and how much I wanted to share it with our investigators. So, I'll be printing a copy today for one of our investigators, E. We taught him last night and talked a bit about Joseph Smith. And the whole time, I was just thinking about that talk. So our plan is that we're gonna study it with him the next time we pass by. Before we ended the lesson, we invited him to be baptized June 14th. He said he will if he gets an answer. So there's hope. But he struggles when it comes to his commitments. So we're working on that. I wrote Hermana L today and asked how everthing's going in Magdalena, including I. She said they might drop him for a while. They have a lesson with him tonight and they'll see how that goes. He's still not coming to church and his baptismal date fell through. She said they're gonna try being even firmer with him. But, she said they're still working a lot with less actives over there. And they're trying to work more with P, when she has time. Time is the problem. I have to say, sometimes I hate people's jobs. Only because they take people away from everything.

We went to visit M again last night. She said she didn't have time for us to share something with her, but I think she wants us to be her personal maids. We always offer service to people, and she said she was wondering if we could watch her grandchildren sometimes. Well...that's almost like the only thing we're not allowed to do, but we can cook, clean, paint, etc. We explained that to her. And she said ok and that she'll call us. We won't just wait for a call though. We'll be passing by again. Even if it is just through service, I'm praying that we can get in the house and teach again.

This week we took a member with us (it was her first time coming with the missionaries) to visit an investigator, M, and M was NOT happy that we brought someone, and she let it show. We felt so bad for this sweet little member lady that came with us the first time. We'll see that happens with M.

It's still crazy that Grace is driving now. She told me that you said, "Good, now let's try to get up to 10 mph." Hahaha I thought that was kinda funny. I also thought it was really funny when you said you had to be creative and find ways for her to take her pills. And I cannot believe Brian's almost done with high school! Send me a pic of him all dazzled up for prom!

I'm trying to think of things I'd like in my package. Can you send me a copy of Jesus the Christ in English? I have it in Spanish, but it'll be a ton easier to understand in English. If you can find my little hymn book in english, could you send that? My companion also wants to know how much an english hymn book costs. She said if it's possible to get one, and it's not too expensive, she wants to send money and pay for one. If you can find my CD holder (little, purple-ish, with little flowers), could you send it? And could you hold off sending this package til a little later in case I think of more things by next week.

I'm out of time again, ugh! But I love you and I'll talk to you next week!


Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Getting Used to a New Area

Yeah, I'm getting a little more comfortable with my sector. I'm starting to get to know it a little more. I'm trying to think of things we've been doing this week. We need to do some things. We need to visit some ward members and establish some confianza there. My companion doesn't know many people, and she didn't even know we had a ward directory. I want to get started visiting the members so that they can help us out. We'll see what happens. While we had some really golden members in Magdalena, we also had a good number of members that never followed through or just didn't want much of a responsibility. My companion said it's kinda the same with some members here. We'll see. Maybe. Or maybe that's because she doeesn't know many of them all that well.

We fasted yesterday for one of our investigators, J L, so that he could get up the courage to come with us to church. He decided that he would, but then called us while we were fasting and told us that he couldn't because he had to pick someone up from the airport. Nooo! But I was still praying for some sort of miracle. I don't know if this is a miracle or not, but we found a less active lady, M, who was baptized when she was 18, but never went back because she felt like the Elder who baptized her forced her to be baptized. She was very hard-hearted when we talked to her and wanted to know how we got her address and how the Church knows where she lives. She also said she cannot accept another book that is not the Bible (The Book of Mormon). We explained a little bit and said we respected her decisions, but asked if we could share something small with her. She let us in and we started talking. It was a little rough. My companion wasn't saying too much and I had to continue to try to get to know this lady. And she looked angry. She told us how she's worried about her family. And so we shared a couple scriptures, in the Bible and The Book of Mormon, of comfort and bore our testimonies. Then we talked for a little bit, and when it came time to leave, she gave us a whole bag of crackers and walked us out completely different. She was smiling and laughing with us. She didn't want to set up another appointment yet, but said we can visit if we pass by and find her in her house and if she's not busy. Since she's still kinda new to this, we didn't want to push another appointment and make her mad. So now we're praying we can come back to visit her again and maybe start to teach her family members who aren't members of the Church. We'll see what happens, but I'm praying for her.

I really don't want to sound boastful, and I don't mean to, but I can see some of my personality and skills come into play here. My companion told me yesterday and this morning that she likes contacting with me because she said not only do I teach, but I do it in a way that's comfortable and I can establish trust and a relationship with the person. She likes how I'm comfortable and show interest in them. Well, the truth is is that that's important. No one will have any interest in you if you don't show interest in them. Like the stake conference you told me about at home. Make connections, not just contacts.

Hey guess what! I have Multi Zonas on the 23rd, and you know who's coming to speak to us? Elder Quentin L. Cook. That'll be good. I'm excited.

I'm running out of time, but I'm trying to think of things for your class. But I really don't have time to respond. Sorry! I'll try to think of things for your other classes. I really had so much I wanted to write you this week, just not very much time. Until next week!

Love you!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

Monday, May 12, 2014

New Area, New Ward, and a New Companion

Wow, that's crazy about Ukraine and Russia in a civil war. Now that I think of it, I had a friend from one of my classes at BYUI who got sent to Ukraine for her mission. Hmm...interesting. Thanks for the prayers for my safety and health. I'll be praying for that too. Congrats to Emilee!!!

It was so so great to talk to you all last night! I don't have much to say since I said a bunch of stuff I wanted to say last night. My companion is Hermana B from Argentina. She's 21 and has 3 months in the mission. She's pretty nice. The only thing is is that she talks really quietly and it's really hard to understand her. Especially when we're in the street. She also sings all the time...but it's not all that great. It's like her voice is a mix beween Britney Spears and a baby... Yay...haha. I'll talk about this week, but you all heard a bit of it last night. So for everyone else who reads my blog...

I got transferred this week. I am now serving in a place called M. It's a bit more humble than Magdalena. And there seems to be more poor people and more drunk people, and more, just, weird-er people haha. But it's good. The people seem to be a little more receptive. And our numbers are a ton higher than they were in Magdalena. In Magdalena, we were lucky if we got 4 new investigators in a week. This week in Maranga, we ended up with 13 new investigators. All of our numbers just seem to be a little higher. I'm not saying numbers are the important part of a mission, but it shows that we've been able to meet and teach more people. Last night when I talked in Spanish, I talked a little bit about how I left Magdalena and didn't feel like I really left my mark there. Only because I was a little worried about the people we baptized (especially P), and the less actives Hermana N and I reactivated fell into inactivity again. I got really discouraged about that, but my ward mission leader in Magdalena told me and my companion, Hermana L, that we've been doing our part, but the ward members are a little cold in our ward, and sometimes it seems like as much as we try, sometimes nothing really gets done, or some of them just don't care about trying to retain the new members and less actives. But I was thinkng about my purpose in Magdalena, and I've decided I'm not quite sure what it was yet. Maybe I planted a few seeds for future missionaries. Maybe I was only there to find J that one day. Don't know if you remember that. She loved the day we found her and said she never felt an answer to her prayers so strong like the day we found her. Maybe my purpose was to have that thought to go visit her in that moment, because now, the ward knows where she is. She's had an interview with the bishop and met some people in the ward. She still needs a lot of help, but she's on her way, and I don't know, maybe I was only there to find her. Who knows.

I've told you I feel like the zone leaders here are a little stricter than the zone leaders in other parts. They just seem to really focus on numbers more than other zones, which can be kind of a pain. They also have some kind of weird, strict rules... But it's fine. I still think I'm gonna like it here. I was gonna send pictures from this week, but for some reason my camera's not working with this computer. It's not my camera. It's the computer. I'll see if I can send some next week. I like it here so far. I just sometimes get worried about the more dangerous parts we live in. Prayers from y'all wouldn't hurt!

I'm trying to think of what else happened this week. Hermana N became an Hermana Capacitadora and is an HC with Hermana A in Miraflores. I've met a bunch of people from the ward here, and they seem pretty cool. I like the ward and I'm excited to work with them. I met a bunch of them at a ward talent show we had on Friday for Mother's Day. My ward is huge! We have 6 missionaries in the ward too. 2 sets of Hermanas and a pair of Elders. And welp, that's my district right there.

I'm trying to think of what else to write, but I'm out of time. I love you all! Thanks for all the support and love!
And Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I love you!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Speak to You Soon!

WHOOOOAAAAAAA!!!!!! JACK'S GOING TO JAPAN! THAT'S CRAZY! THAT'S SO COOL! Felicitaciones, Jack! Sometimes I wish you all could see my face when I read some of these things. So...when he enters the MTC, I'll have a little over 10 months in the mission. I can't believe I'm almost at 7 months (this Friday)! And then 2 months after that, I'm on my downhill slope. It goes by so fast.
Haha thanks for praying for my friends here! I have to say, it is kind of cool to have some international friends. I mean, it's normal, but it's just cool thinking about how I can talk, and joke, and tell stories (my favorite) and do all that normal stuff, just in a different language. I hope I can retain friendships with them after the mission as well, including Hermana R, of course! She's heard about BYU from a lot of missionaries here that go to BYU, and she said the first time she heard about it, she was like, "It just sounded like a bigger CCM. And the CCM was the BEST!" So, now she's looking at going to BYU. There are so many of us here that hope she ends up going. Everyone loves her haha.

Wow! Holy rain! That sounds awesome right now! Lima never gets rain! I've experienced rain twice here, but it wasn't long at all and it was very light rain. And THAT was really surprising for Lima. I miss rain. And rainstorms. I cannot wait for the first rainstorm I experience after the mission. The houses here aren't built for rain. I think a hard rainstorm like what we get on the east coast would tear a bunch of homes apart. We say that the day it rains really hard in Lima is a sign that the world will end very soon. Speaking of the end of the world, it seems like so many things are happening around the world that are, well, signs of the segundo venida. It kinda freaks me out. Hey, I never told you all that sometimes we get small earthquakes here. Nothing like what Chile got, but every now and then, we get small ones. I've never been able to feel any of them until about 2 weeks ago when I was lying in bed at like 11 pm and felt a little rumble for a few seconds.

So...cambios are tomorrow! I'll find out tonight if I stay or if I go. I don't want to say much about it because I really don't know what'll happen. It's more probable that I'll be transferred, but it's still possible that I could stay here. The only bad thing about getting transferred, is that I'd have to pack all my stuff tonight and tomorrow.
Also, if I get transferred, my heart will be pounding throughout cambios. Where will I go? Who will be my companion? Will she miss her old companion too much? Or will she be cool? Scary stuff! We'll see.

Some people here have been preparing for me to leave. There are a couple member families that are really awesome, and frankly, I'm gonna really miss them when I have to leave. We have dinner with one of the families tonight, Familia C. And last night, EB and I (my companion was sick, and Hermana M went with another ward missionary to visit people in her sector) dropped off laundry at the house of the Familia A. And we were talking for a bit about some things. Man, that family is the best. Before I left, Hermano A asked if he could share something with me. He talked about how their family has seen me progress in the mission, especially with the language, and he read from 1 Nefi 32 and talked about how they've felt me teach with the Spirit, even at the beginning, when I struggled with the language, they still understood because of the Spirit. It was really nice.

We just went to eat lunch at this Italian food place and my meal had a lot of cheese. Hermana M commented on that and said that it was a lot of cheese, and I almost said, "That's not that much cheese!" But then I realized that they wouldn't have understood. Dang it.

I cannot wait to speak to you all on Mother's Day! Yes, I'll have to see if I can somehow communicate with you once I figure things out. I'm gonna be freaking about this whole week trying to think of things I can tell you all. Man, it's way too short though. Definitely not enough time to talk with you all.

I love you! Until I see you on Sunday!!! :)

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

1. I ran into one of my teachers from the CCM when we went to the temple!
2. Another temple friend! Hermano G!
3. Goofing off with the hermanas at a huaca. With Hermana R.
4. Nephites vs. the Lamanites? Haha we hear these kinds of jokes all
the time in the mission.
5-6. In a trio with Hermana L and Hermana M
 7. Goofing off at the huaca again with (almost) all the hermanas in the zone.