Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Loved the pics! Thanks! Haha send the pic of Allison with her wand! Congrats to Allison! That's cool that the Bateman's have friends going to Lima Central. I'll see them at cambios someday! Let me know where Jack gets called! One week until cambios. I still have a feeling I'm being transferred. So that's exciting and also a little bit sad. I'm just gonna miss some of the people here, and I'm nervous about some of the work I'd be leaving. But it's all good. And if I have a cambio, I'm nervous about where I'll go and who I'll be with... We'll see. Hermana A from Chile went home this morning for health problems. We'll miss her. Hermana M joined us, and looks like we have a trio this week. Haha we'll see how that goes too. Oh and congrats to Ashley with her mission call! Yeah Spanish speaking! No...I don't think I remember when we went to Nauvoo and Winters Quarters.
I cannot believe that Grace is 16 now. That's cray cray. I remember the day she was born! Hope it was awesome. Today for P-day, all the Hermanas got together to go visit a huaca (pronounced "waka"), which is a Incan ruin-ish thing. I've been to one before for my very first p-day here. I have pictures of that too, but I still have to send them all. And then after that, we all went to a house where Hermana R taught us how to make Mexican tacos, which were really good. So we ate those, and cake to celebrate the birthdays of Hermana R (yesterday), and Hermana A (this Saturday).

Speaking of Incan stuff, have you heard of the Quechuan language? It's the language of the Incans, and some people still speak it. Most of the people who speak it live in other parts of Peru though. Not in Lima. More like around Cuzco. It's a really weird language that's a bit difficult to learn I think. Being in the mission, I've learned a few things in Quechua. Haha and by that I basically mean that all I know is the word for "brother" and how to sing "Happy Birthday" in Quechua. Yesterday, we ate lunch with a family where the mother can speak Quechua. I heard it, and I was like "Whoa!" You would think it's connected to Spanish, but...nope. I didn't understand anything.

Good news! We're progressing with some less actives! We had 10 of them come to church yesterday! Which is a lot for us! And we've been working with finding friends for J. We presented the awesome Hermana A from the ward to her this week, and she took her a Relief Society celebration at church and introduced her to other people. Man, the A family is the best. And yesterday we presented her to the Bishop for an interview. I believe it went well, and now we have a Family Home Evening with her in about an hour. I'm hoping things get better with her. And all our less actives, but yeah. Especially with her. She's been looking for a change in her life. Bad news. I didn't come to church yesterday and now we have to push back his baptismal date. All because his stinkin trabajo (job). We need to speak to him about that again and re-teach dia de reposo (Sabbath day) to him. There's still hope! Work is a huge problem here with getting people to church.

Oh, and turns out we didn't end up going to Parque De Las Aguas last week. I don't know what happened. Hope I get to go sometime soon!

There was an error with sending my pics, so I'll have to see if I can send them next week. Hey, do you all think you could write me a little sooner in the day or write me on Sunday if possible in case I don't have time to write in the evening? Thanks!

I love you all! Always in my prayers!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas


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