Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Amost Easter

Guess what. I have tonsillitis. It hurt really bad this past week. I've been on medication and, I think, and I'm almost out of it. Actually my throat feels a lot better today so far. And, a mission is tiring, so there's a lot of yawning...which KILLED! That probably hurt the most, just because it felt like everything in my throat that already hurt really bad was being stretched, which felt like death. Also, I just didn't want to talk. All I wanted to do was stay silent and rest my voice, but unfortunately as a missionary, and especially as a trainer, I have to talk a lot. But as I said, the good thing is I'm getting over my tonsillitis.

We said goodbye to Hermana R this week. Wow, I've had basically my whole mission with her up until now. A Hermana in the mission had some weird illness with her joints. They've tested her for stuff, but no one knows what it is, so she had to be sent home. So now, Hermana R's with her companion, and we have a new one here in Magdalena. Her name's Hermana A, and she's from Chile. I don't know her very well yet, but she seems pretty cool. I remember seeing her too! She went home for an illness after like 2 months, and she literally just came back to the mission like, Friday.

Hey, so this is kinda a cool thing that I've never told you! We live in the house of our stake president, right? Do you remember that leadership broadcast in June? It was held at BYU, there was a choir of missionaries from the MTC, and a few General Authorities spoke in it. I think it was called something like, The Work of Salvation. I was at school at the time, but I watched it. I don't know if you did. But if you did, do you remember how a General Authority was talking to a few stakes from Skype? And how there was one in Peru? Welp, that's my stake. And the stake president he talked to is the stake president in whose house I live! Kinda cool. Especially because I didn't know that until recently!

Also, haha so this is kinda funny. I kept forgetting to tell you. So, there are different accents in Peru. For example, la selva (the jungle), has a different accent. It's pretty sing-songy. And here, they just speak spanish, like we speak english. Normal. I actually had a lesson with a young man from la selva once, and I thought he was drunk at first, and then he told us he was from la selva. Well, my trainer, Hermana N, is from la selva. She wasn't born there, but she moved there. I never noticed, but other missionaries told me later that she has a very slight sing-songy accent from the jungle. Very slight. Like, maybe only with a few words. And, well, I basically learned my Spanish from 3 months with her. So, yep! You guessed it! I've been told I sometimes have that sing-songy accent with a few words as well, like Hermana N. My companion right now never met Hermana N until cambios, and afterwards, she told me, "It's true! You talk like her!" And now I've been told that my Spanish will be like forever now, because that's the foundation of my Spanish. That's what I learned. Just thought that was kinda interesting!

Mmm...this week was a little slow. We're always trying to look at what we can do better and how we can find more people. The only thing that's a little rough for me is that no one is ever home!!! We visit all the time, and they're either not home, or they're home, but don't want to meet with us. Same thing goes with calling them. Sometimes they answer, but many times they do not. Again, either they miss the call, or they don't want to talk to us. This week was a little colder. Not just the weather, but the people as well. It seemed like we came across a lot more people who just didn't want anything to do with us or our church and just kinda spit that in our face. It was a little more discouraging this week. BUT, that's exactly what Satan wants. And we're not gonna give that to him. So we're gonna continue working and just especially try to focus on doing everything we can possibly do to at least feel like the Lord is pleased with us, and then we'll see what He has in store for us.
Hahaha Grace told me about Captain America 2 and how it was loud and you said "Hey, I made these napkins into earplugs for when it gets loud. Do you want me to make some for you?" Hahaha that was really funny to me. And more suff from Cami! YES! You're right. Great aunt.

I'm not quite sure what else to write. I love you all and love hearing from you!


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