Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Loved the pics! Thanks! Haha send the pic of Allison with her wand! Congrats to Allison! That's cool that the Bateman's have friends going to Lima Central. I'll see them at cambios someday! Let me know where Jack gets called! One week until cambios. I still have a feeling I'm being transferred. So that's exciting and also a little bit sad. I'm just gonna miss some of the people here, and I'm nervous about some of the work I'd be leaving. But it's all good. And if I have a cambio, I'm nervous about where I'll go and who I'll be with... We'll see. Hermana A from Chile went home this morning for health problems. We'll miss her. Hermana M joined us, and looks like we have a trio this week. Haha we'll see how that goes too. Oh and congrats to Ashley with her mission call! Yeah Spanish speaking! No...I don't think I remember when we went to Nauvoo and Winters Quarters.
I cannot believe that Grace is 16 now. That's cray cray. I remember the day she was born! Hope it was awesome. Today for P-day, all the Hermanas got together to go visit a huaca (pronounced "waka"), which is a Incan ruin-ish thing. I've been to one before for my very first p-day here. I have pictures of that too, but I still have to send them all. And then after that, we all went to a house where Hermana R taught us how to make Mexican tacos, which were really good. So we ate those, and cake to celebrate the birthdays of Hermana R (yesterday), and Hermana A (this Saturday).

Speaking of Incan stuff, have you heard of the Quechuan language? It's the language of the Incans, and some people still speak it. Most of the people who speak it live in other parts of Peru though. Not in Lima. More like around Cuzco. It's a really weird language that's a bit difficult to learn I think. Being in the mission, I've learned a few things in Quechua. Haha and by that I basically mean that all I know is the word for "brother" and how to sing "Happy Birthday" in Quechua. Yesterday, we ate lunch with a family where the mother can speak Quechua. I heard it, and I was like "Whoa!" You would think it's connected to Spanish, but...nope. I didn't understand anything.

Good news! We're progressing with some less actives! We had 10 of them come to church yesterday! Which is a lot for us! And we've been working with finding friends for J. We presented the awesome Hermana A from the ward to her this week, and she took her a Relief Society celebration at church and introduced her to other people. Man, the A family is the best. And yesterday we presented her to the Bishop for an interview. I believe it went well, and now we have a Family Home Evening with her in about an hour. I'm hoping things get better with her. And all our less actives, but yeah. Especially with her. She's been looking for a change in her life. Bad news. I didn't come to church yesterday and now we have to push back his baptismal date. All because his stinkin trabajo (job). We need to speak to him about that again and re-teach dia de reposo (Sabbath day) to him. There's still hope! Work is a huge problem here with getting people to church.

Oh, and turns out we didn't end up going to Parque De Las Aguas last week. I don't know what happened. Hope I get to go sometime soon!

There was an error with sending my pics, so I'll have to see if I can send them next week. Hey, do you all think you could write me a little sooner in the day or write me on Sunday if possible in case I don't have time to write in the evening? Thanks!

I love you all! Always in my prayers!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas


Monday, April 21, 2014

Welcome, Spring!

Yes! Accept the friend request from EB! She's in my ward, she's a ward missionary, and she's super awesome. Easter was almost nothing... Everyone spent time with their families, or no one was home, so it was a bit slow. I think these are some of the lowest numbers we've ever had. Oh! And this week was the first time in my mission that we contacted people in the street and when we asked if they believe in Christ, they said "no"! Wow. Usually everyone says yes. One was Jewish and one was atheist. Haha I know that sounds a little spoiled compared to other missions, where it's a little more common for the people to not believe in Christ. But seriously, I was like, "Uh...whoa...really?!"
It's starting to get a little cooler here. It gets cold at night, but during the day, it can still be pretty hot.

And now for the weekly felicitaciones... Congrats to Mark and Berlynn for their mission calls! Berlynn and I will be able to speak Spanish together! Although she'll have a different accent. The Spanish from Uruguay is basically the same as the Spanish from Argentina. A lot of "shhh"s. But...we don't talk about the similarities between Uruguay and Argentina here... Let's just say the Uruguayan missionaries are very proud of their country. And offended whenever they're compared to Argentina haha. Holy moly Jack's getting his mission call soon?!?! Wow. That's awesome.  And congrats to Sarah with her upcoming wedding! And congrats to Allisoncita with her upcoming graduation!

We've been working today because we'll have p-day tomorrow. I'm so excited because this is the first time we'll have a p-day that lasts ALL DAY! Apart from studying in the morning of course. We have to do that every day. But after study, we're going to the temple! And then that night, we're going to Parque de las Aguas! I've never been, but apparently it's cool at night because there's a bunch of water and lights and the whole shebang. I celebrated David's birthday this week with a meeting with the assistants and interviews with Presidente Borg. That was fun though. And they're always uplifting. And I always love chatting with Hermana Borg. She's the sweetest. And she laughs really easily, so that's fun too haha. And I'll be celebrating Brian's birthday with CAMBIOS. That's right. Transfers are May 6th. It's possible that I could stay here, but since I have my whole mission here so far, it's more likely that I'll be transferred. We'll just have to wait and see what happens. I'm so excited to talk to you all on Mother's Day! Wherever I am, we should still be able to skype. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to. The only sad thing if I have a transfer is leaving behing the work I've been involved in here. Like...oh...I don't know...I'S BAPTISM!

Wooo! This is brand new news by the way. As in, since this morning. We had a lesson with I and taught the Plan of Salvation, since he was feeling really sad and confused after the death of his Grandpa this week. He also has plans (sort of) with his girlfriend, B, to get married some day. He also asked about that so we explained a little of eternal marriage and the temple. Now he wants to talk his girlfriend into listening to us and getting baptized as well so they can have an eternal marriage someday. Overall, the lesson went well and when we invited him to be baptized this time, he accepted! A date too! Right now, his plans are to be baptized May 17th. He told us that he feels like the lesson we had with him answered some important questions. YYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!! We're really excited for him, but really scared as well. Everytime someone has a baptismal date, Satan works really hard. We're gonna work on being by his side every step of the way. And using the members to be there with him and support him as well. If you could keep this young man in your prayers, that'd be great. If I get transferred, I'll be coming back for his baptism.

I had intercambios this week with Hermana R in her sector in a beautiful little town called Las Brisas. It was fun. And I taught her more things in English. Now she goes around saying "Drop it like it's hot" to people hahaha. It seems to be really fun for the gringas to teach her phrases in English. She now knows a variety of random stuff, like "Eat that, woman!" and "You go, Glenn Coco!" Hahaha when we went to Gamarra, we heard "We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together", but instead of "getting back together", Hermana R heard "getting fat together". Hahahaha I don't know if I'll be able to listen to that song the same way.

Once again, I'm trying to think of what else to say.... And once again, I'm sure I'm forgetting a million and one things.

I love you all and I pray for you all all the time! Hope this week's awesome!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

Pics from today:
1. With Hermana R (we all went to Larcomar again)
2. Chistoso con Hermana R
3. Intercambios with Hermana R


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Amost Easter

Guess what. I have tonsillitis. It hurt really bad this past week. I've been on medication and, I think, and I'm almost out of it. Actually my throat feels a lot better today so far. And, a mission is tiring, so there's a lot of yawning...which KILLED! That probably hurt the most, just because it felt like everything in my throat that already hurt really bad was being stretched, which felt like death. Also, I just didn't want to talk. All I wanted to do was stay silent and rest my voice, but unfortunately as a missionary, and especially as a trainer, I have to talk a lot. But as I said, the good thing is I'm getting over my tonsillitis.

We said goodbye to Hermana R this week. Wow, I've had basically my whole mission with her up until now. A Hermana in the mission had some weird illness with her joints. They've tested her for stuff, but no one knows what it is, so she had to be sent home. So now, Hermana R's with her companion, and we have a new one here in Magdalena. Her name's Hermana A, and she's from Chile. I don't know her very well yet, but she seems pretty cool. I remember seeing her too! She went home for an illness after like 2 months, and she literally just came back to the mission like, Friday.

Hey, so this is kinda a cool thing that I've never told you! We live in the house of our stake president, right? Do you remember that leadership broadcast in June? It was held at BYU, there was a choir of missionaries from the MTC, and a few General Authorities spoke in it. I think it was called something like, The Work of Salvation. I was at school at the time, but I watched it. I don't know if you did. But if you did, do you remember how a General Authority was talking to a few stakes from Skype? And how there was one in Peru? Welp, that's my stake. And the stake president he talked to is the stake president in whose house I live! Kinda cool. Especially because I didn't know that until recently!

Also, haha so this is kinda funny. I kept forgetting to tell you. So, there are different accents in Peru. For example, la selva (the jungle), has a different accent. It's pretty sing-songy. And here, they just speak spanish, like we speak english. Normal. I actually had a lesson with a young man from la selva once, and I thought he was drunk at first, and then he told us he was from la selva. Well, my trainer, Hermana N, is from la selva. She wasn't born there, but she moved there. I never noticed, but other missionaries told me later that she has a very slight sing-songy accent from the jungle. Very slight. Like, maybe only with a few words. And, well, I basically learned my Spanish from 3 months with her. So, yep! You guessed it! I've been told I sometimes have that sing-songy accent with a few words as well, like Hermana N. My companion right now never met Hermana N until cambios, and afterwards, she told me, "It's true! You talk like her!" And now I've been told that my Spanish will be like forever now, because that's the foundation of my Spanish. That's what I learned. Just thought that was kinda interesting!

Mmm...this week was a little slow. We're always trying to look at what we can do better and how we can find more people. The only thing that's a little rough for me is that no one is ever home!!! We visit all the time, and they're either not home, or they're home, but don't want to meet with us. Same thing goes with calling them. Sometimes they answer, but many times they do not. Again, either they miss the call, or they don't want to talk to us. This week was a little colder. Not just the weather, but the people as well. It seemed like we came across a lot more people who just didn't want anything to do with us or our church and just kinda spit that in our face. It was a little more discouraging this week. BUT, that's exactly what Satan wants. And we're not gonna give that to him. So we're gonna continue working and just especially try to focus on doing everything we can possibly do to at least feel like the Lord is pleased with us, and then we'll see what He has in store for us.
Hahaha Grace told me about Captain America 2 and how it was loud and you said "Hey, I made these napkins into earplugs for when it gets loud. Do you want me to make some for you?" Hahaha that was really funny to me. And more suff from Cami! YES! You're right. Great aunt.

I'm not quite sure what else to write. I love you all and love hearing from you!


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Conference Weekend

I LOVED THE CONFERENCE!!! Yes, I watched it in English. I was in a room in our church building with a few other American missionaries from my stake. Oh my goodness, I was so thrilled to see David! When they announced the choir, I was like "Oh, my brother's singing in this choir!" A couple other Hermanas were like "Really? That's cool! Okay, tell us if you see him!" Then literally 2 seconds later I let out a loud "THAT'S HIM!" The other missionaries laughed and cheered and said things like "Well, that was fast." I kept seeing him too! After the first song, an Hermana here said "I saw your brother like 15 times." Hahahahaha that's super funny about the twitter pic! Bet David enjoys it. Watch out, Dave. Don't go getting a big head haha. Hahaha that's also cool/funny about being able to read the teleprompter!

I loved all the talks! I think the one that struck me the most though was Elder Holland's talk. Wow. Super good. I felt that too. Being a missionary is not easy. Haha we haven't quite had food spit at us or anything like that, but we've definitely had a few things shouted at us that irritate me and make me want to turn around and give them a peice of my mind. But, you just keep walking. And man, his talking about defending your faith. That stirred a bit of a fire within me. But a good one. It made me really proud to be a missionary. Proud to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Hmm...what else did I like. I really liked everything! But I really liked the talks by Elder Nelson, Elder Anderson, and Elder Bednar. I don't know why because it wasn't anything new to me but I really, really liked the talk by Lawrence E. Corbridge about Joseph Smith. Wow. I don't exactly know what it was, but it was super powerful to me. Ahhh Conference was so good and I was actually really sad when it ended. I wanted to keep listening.

We're a little stuck with some of our investigators this week (one of them came to the last session of Conference (which was a miracle), but kept dosing off). We'll see when we meet with her again and talk about the Conference. We've invited her to baptism, with a date too, but she won't accept a date yet. This week was all about the menos activos. Saturday morning we met a less active woman in the Church who ended up attending all 4 sessions of Conference. She hasn't been to church in a really long time, and then her visiting teachers visited her, and she was ready. She was praying, and felt the need to come back. Another miracle, considering that she's been really hard-hearted toward the Church for the longest time. And she brought a mon who lives in her building to the Conference too! So thanks to her, we have another new investigator! But the following is the most interesting experience to me. We have a list of people who have moved here, but don't come to church. A ton of them do not live in our sector or we cannot find them. There's one house we've tried, but we couldn't get in. So on Thursday, we left our house, and it wasn't part of our plans that day, but their house popped into my mind. It wasn't anything big, it was just a thought. So suggested to Hermana L that we go stop by the house again. We went, (turns out we've been ringing a broken intercom system), but luckily there was a man entering in and asked us if we'd like to enter as well. So we did, met with the mother, J, shared a little message, invited her to Conference, and left. She seemed really receptive, which was good. We also passed by to pick her up before Conference, but she wasn't home. So last night we passed by with our ward mission leader, JCs. We shared a message, and she broke down. Bawling. She asked us to sing "Soy Un Hijo De Dios" (I Am A Child of God) before leaving, so we did, and she started bawling even more. She looked at her 1 year old son and started crying even more. We all could tell it's because she knows what kind of person she needs to be as a member of the Church and an example for her kids. She thanked us for the visit and said she needed it. She's been going through some rough stuff in her life. She told us a little, and yeah, it's a bit of a sticky situation. And we didn't know this before, but she told us that she was praying for someone to come and visit her, and then we showed up at her door. Interesting how the Spirit worked through us, huh?

This made me think about the talk by Elder Bednar that I heard in the CCM about the Spirit and how it's not always going to be a huge spiritual experience. Many times, a spiritual prompting will just simply be a thought that comes to our heads. Well, that's exactly what happened to me with Jackie. I didn't have a huge spiritual prompting, I just had a simple thought to go, pass by her house, and try again.

Sounds like you've all had a good week! Brian's meeting his roommates....which is still cray cray. And you all went to see the West Chester kids in Bye Bye Birdie! That sounds funny! I bet it rocked. Marisa's got a great voice, and I haven't really heard the others sing, but oh man, I can just imagine Sami as the mom. I bet she was funny. Haha she's a funny girl. Man, I miss musicals.

This p-day we just went to a huge, dirty, crowed, shopping area called Gamarra. I bought a fleece jacket and a new watch. This is my 3rd watch in the mission... My first busted my first week in the mission field, and my second one just broke Saturday night. I swear if this one breaks...

I'm out of time and can't think of much else to say right now. Oh yeah, I LOVED how you sent me Girl Scout Cookies! Thin Mints!!!!

Hope you all have a great week! I hit 6 months on Wednesday! Super crazy. Feels like 3.
Love you.
Hermana Chrisanne Hymas
1. We had dinner with a family and their 5 year old daughter drew pictures of my and my companion. Hermana Hymas? ...Or Hermana "Why so serious?"?
2. Pictures from cambios! With Hermana N and her brand new companion that she's training.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"Accomplish Something!"

Wow! Felicitaciones, Wawrzyniak family! That's super great! And wow! I was not expecting another child! But that's so great! Tell them I say congrats! They're really cute.

Yes, I DID watch the Women's Conference on Saturday! And yes, I did watch it at the same time! A few of us American missionaries actually gathered in a small secretary's office around the computer and watched it in English. We'll be able to watch Conference in English too! I'm super excited! How I love Conferemce! Even more in the mission. And I'm excited to see David! He's still singing in it, right? But, yeah I agree, it's a great time to be a woman in the Church. And hey! Did you notice the shout outs to Philly and LIMA, PERU?! We cheered a tiny bit when we heard that.

There's not too much news from this week. Really slow. All our appointments except for 2 cancelled on us. And no one's progressing so far. We fasted and we're praying that I and B can attend Conference.
Cambios were really good! Totally felt the Spirit. Super strong actually. In that moment, I couldn't help but think to myself that I didn't want to go home. That I wanted to stay here and keep doing this wonderful work. It's hard to explain, but it felt really good. Strengthened my testimony bunches.
We have a couple new missionaries in our zone and one is from Texas and is struggling with Spanish. Man, I remember when I was there. Now, it's super crazy to think that I'm almost at 6 months. Tan rĂ¡pido!

I got your package! Thank you so much! Oh, and Hermana L says thanks as well! She looooves American chocolate now haha. And thanks for the scarves from Disney! And I'm loving the music. It's more than I thought it would be. Thanks so much. Haha I wrote Grace a little more about that. With a few songs, I would pause every now and again and translate them for Hermana L. It wasn't perfect, but I was pretty surprised with myself and what I was able to do. I was successfully able to translate almost everything exactly in a bunch of songs.

I'm trying to think of what else to write. We'll be having intercambios again soon, so I'm pretty excited for that. I hope I leave my sector this time. I think I will because I've been here for the last two intercambios. I think I'll be joining either one of the Hermana Capacitadoras in Las Brisas. Should be fun. And I always learn a lot in intercambios.

P-day wasn't very eventful today. We just joined with another zone to play sports. I played a little volleyball. But...I also got smacked in the face haha. That hurt. HAHAHA also, Hermana R knows more English than one would think. It's because everytime she hears something new in English she writes it down and tries to memorize it. So I was up to serve, and then out of nowhere I hear Hermana R say "Accomplish something!" at me. Haha it was funny. She was also telling us other things she learned in English, like "You are an old man and a fool."

That's crazy about Brian already getting ready for housing for BYU! And about Grace being a YCL too! And oh how I miss movie nights! Gotta say I cannot wait for those when I come home. Oh and I'm working on writing a few friends, including Jeannie, so dontch worry about that. We've coordinated through email and I have her address. Hmm...what else...I know when I leave I'll remember something that I wanted to say. I'm thinking really hard., but I don't know what else to say...

So...later! I love this work, I love the Lord, and I know the Gospel is perfect. And I love you all! 

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

1. Hermana A! Disregard the faces and my creeping comp in the background...haha
2. Elder P! I promise, he usually is very happy.
3. Hermana S! ...And Elder W's photobomb