Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Importance of Ward Members

Aw man! Joseph's head broke off?! Well, that's good that it's an easy fix. Yes, you can accept the friend request from C. I was actually in a lesson with them while she sent it. She and her mom are less active. She's the one where I shared Ether 12:4, and now she wants to serve a mission. But she seems to more and more on the fence about it. I think she should stick with the feeling she felt the first time and the desire she had. I'm at 5 months now! One more month till I hit 1/3 of my mission.

Glad Disney World was cool! Ah. Haha. Ha. Get it? But really. That sounded like fun.

Hmm...I'm trying to think about the music. Did you include Piano Guys, Vocal Point and Noteworthy as well? I'm trying to think of what else, but I don't know. It seems like I always think of something during the week after I write you all. Hmm...I'm trying to think about the white shirts. It just seems like white shirts are nice to have and go with basically everything. However, undershirt would be really nice. Also, you think you could throw in some more of those Flintstones vitamins? Haha sounds silly but I'm serious.

I cannot believe I forgot to throw out a congrats to Grace last week. I hit everyone but her. Grace is just awesome. I love hanging out with her and talking and watching movies with her. I love hanging out with her and I can be a sister she can look up to. And Grace can be secretly funny haha. Just like, out of nowhere. And it's awesome. And she's the best to quote movies with. Ferreal, once we quoted Tangled in one sitting. The whole thing. Expressions, songs, everything. So Grace, congrats for continuing to be an awesome sister and an example to me.

Another thing I forgot to write about is the intercambio I had with Hermana R, from Mexico. She's an Hermana Capacitadora and she is awesome! We had a great day! We didn't have very good numbers because we couldn't find anyone, but we talked and laughed the whole day. And she never said one word about our low numbers. She was super positive the whole time. What an example. She, like me, likes to talk as well. So that night we ended up talking til 12:30 am. Whoops! Haha but no regrets. It was fun. She's also a middle child. Maybe that has something to do with it...? It sounds like she enjoyed our day too. Later she told me she hopes we're companions someday. And her comp told me "She keeps talking about how funny you are." Welp, that's always nice to hear. She's cool (or here, she's "chevere"). I wouldn't mind being her comp. Haha I just realized, if she was my comp, that would mean another comp who's name ends in z.
Sounds like my missionary friends are doing well! Glad to hear it! Paige Baisden and I have been emailing back and forth a bit. Sounds like she's doing well and is loving Mexico. I need to send letters to Jeannie and Sienna.

Ohh this is kinda cool. So, a week or two ago, we visited this family who's kinda in the middle of active/less active. Remember R? I shared my testimony in English and he changed after that lesson? Well he also speaks French. Man, I've forgotten a LOT of my French, but he spoke to me in French and I understood! So we had a little conversation in half Franch/half Spanish. It was cool. And he actually told me I have a little bit of a French accent in my Spanish. But he said a tiny one, like I studied French before. Hmm, interesante. That reminds me, I don't think I ever told you about my first day at the CCM. I've come a long way hahaha, definitely not like this anymore, but my friends kept telling me I was pronouncing the Spanish words like a French person.

I'm trying to think of what else I can say. The work's hard right now and sometimes it seems like we walk and walk and walk for no one. And my feet are suffering from it. But it's all good. I'm trying more and more each day to adopt Hermana R's attitude. We've had to drop one of our investigators. E, an old woman who doesn't want to progress. We've basically done all we can do. She just doesn't do her part. And we went to her house this week, but she said to her friends "No, they're Mormons! I cannot visit with them right now!" And her friend was like "Oh...you're Momon's. Yeah, bye." And shut the door. We're trying really hard to work with our other investigators, especially L and I. They're on their way, we're just doing all we can. Pray for these two young men especially. Our ward missionaries are pretty good, but the other members are still pretty cold. We're working on it, but our recent converts still need a lot of help. Keep them in your prayers too. There's not too much we can do without the members. I've learned that they are extremely important.

We went to the zoo today! Not much to say about that. A zoo's a zoo. But some parts looked more jungle ("selva"), which was cool. Last week's p-day, we, the Hermanas in my zone, went to a big mall thing. Perhaps I can go to something like that on a p-day to look for clothes if you cannot send me anything or if it's difficult. I don't know.

Love you all! Take care!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

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