Monday, March 24, 2014

Staying Put

Yes you can accept the friend request from A. She's the bishop's daughter. Haha but I don't know why she put Henderson Schmidt. You should check and see if those are the last names of any of the guys from the band Big Time Rush. She's loca for them. Haha how cool that David got compliments on his llama tie! That's right. Represent y'all. And yes! Becky wrote me! Haha it was nice to hear from her. She's so funny. That's so cool to hear about everyone in the stake going on missions! Super cool!

I loved reading about the stake conference! Sounds like it was really good! It's been years, but I remember that fireside with Elder Robbins. He's pretty cool. Haha Grace just wrote me about the stories! Hahaha I love them! Especially the one about the Baptist man. Those are straight up miracles. I liked his messages of 1st connection and "where are you facing?" and "how would Jesus be?". Pretty cool. We have a 70 in our ward, and he spoke a bit about missionary work in sacrament meeting on Sunday. It was really good!

Hmm...what happened this week. Well, we've continued to pray to find families, and welp, we found 2 more this week! One of them I contacted in the street, and the other was a reference we received from a less-active. The first family is a young couple with a daughter that's about 5 years old (I'll have you know, I really struggled just now to remember how to say that part in English). We have yet to ask them if they're married. And in the other family, there are a ton of people! And they've met with the missionaries before. Well, we have appointments with these families later in the week, and we'll see how it goes.

Our other investigators...we'll see. L's studying and living with his mom in a different zone, so he's rarely here during the week anymore. He still has a TON of questions. And a lot of them don't even matter. We're still working on him. But he's a lot closer than others. We're also working with I. We taught him and his girlfriend, B, this morning. We taught the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity. Yay. I don't feel like my teaching was all that great this morning, but then again I'm always nervous when we teach them. I don't know why. It's never the subject, because I've taught those before and it's been fine. I think it's the fact that his RM friend, D, is usually there in our lessons and he's a really good teacher. Sometimes it's just like, "Yeah, continue teaching please. We'll just sit here and watch." It's all good though. It's good that I has good member friends to help him out. And he's a really good guy and really wants to learn and know more. Sincerely. So that's cool. And he asked us today if we could have a Family Home Evening. So we have one Friday night. We're also working with a lady named V. She's a little strange, but she's accepted the invitation to be baptized! ...Just hasn't accepted a date yet. Like everyone, she wants to know everything first. And as we explain and testify, that is not possible. But, we're working on it.

I have to go soon. But I'll talk about today. We didn't have p-day today because tomorrow is cambios. Well, I just talked to my district leader on the phone literally just now. He absolutely LOOOVVVEEES to play around with us, make me say the number 3 (story for another day) and all that. So he made it all suspenseful and all that, and.....I'm....staying here. To finish training mi hija no doubt. But he's being transferred, and actually we're all really sad about that. He's a really, really good leader. And really funny too. Elder P from Ecuador, adiĆ³s. But today, we had a lesson this morning, and then we ate ice cream at this good ice cream place with Elder P and Elder C, and then we went to this place in my sector for lunch that Hermana L and I always walk past and drool over. It looks so good and smells so good. So we went! And it was pretty good! What looks super good is their desserts. When I come back here with you guys, we are going to this place and getting dessert.

Spanish is always improving. I'm still not quite there yet, but I'd say I'm further than other missionaries with my time in the mission, and in some cases, a little further than others that have a little more time than me in the mission. At least that's what I've been told....and observed a little bit. I think in Spanglish. I'm not quite at speaking in Spanish yet, but it's total Spanglish. And this is kinda nuts. Sometimes, I think of memories and situations, and then afterward I realize I thought the things said in the memory or situation in Spanish. That's a good sign! But, I still have a ton a learning and studying to do.

I love you all and continue to pray for you! Laters!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

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