Monday, March 3, 2014


Hey! So first of all, I keep thinking about my package I sent you. It hasn't come yet? Also, do you think you could send me a few more no-show socks? You can get them at Target. Skin-colored and black would be cool. Sorry, about all that snow...

Grace told me about some music you're planning on sending. Mama, you rock.
 Whoa! More engagements! Canda and Paige! It's funny I was actually just thinking this week, "I wonder if Paige Moffat will get engaged while I'm gone." This is called revelation, ladies and gentlemen. Is it to that same guy? Jacob, or something? Felicitaciones, Paige! Wow, congrats to everyone! Congrats to Brian on getting into BYU!!! That's awesome and I'm happy for you! And congrats to Allison on getting her Masters in Fine Arts! Super killer. David, you and your head will be in my prayers. Can't wait to see you sing in General Conference! Congrats for that! Congrats to Dad being Dad, and...getting out of the busy season of work, right? Yay, Dad! And congrats to Mom, for always holding the home and fam together and filling me in on everyone's lives. Super awesome. And when did you get called to YW's again? By the way, how are all my friends doing around the world on their missions?

So, this week was a little nuts. We had meetings, multizones, and my comp had to go do interpol work. We didn't get many normal days this week. Multizones was awesome. I always learn from them and want to be better. Presidente Borg challenged us to find families, so we're working on that. The next day, I believe, or a little later, we had a surprise zone meeting where we ate pancakes to celebrate 10 baptisms in Feb. as a zone (1 was mine!), and our zone leaders talked to us and we made goals as a zone. We came up with a really high goal, that hasn't been reached in a really long time. 20 baptism this month as a zone. It interesting though. I know that we can do it. We all do. You know why? Because we all felt the Spirit during that meeting and with that number. We know it will be really hard, but we can do it. We applied this to Joshua 3, and how it will require us to walk through the water and have faith that it will stop, according to the word of the Lord. I know that a bunch of our baptismal dates will fall, one of ours kinda already did, but that's when we have to keep our faith and keep working. Maybe the water will reach up to our necks before it stops, but I have faith that it'll stop. We can do this, and we're working hard for this. We're all joining together in a couple fasts, too. My comp and I are struggling with our investigators, but we're working. We got a new investigator yesterday, L, who's interested in baptism, but still has some doubts with Joseph Smith. We taught all about that last night, but he's still struggling with it. We also taught a new investigator, I, who also wants to know for himself if these things are true. These 2 are probably our most promising investigators right now, but they keep telling us they feel like they need to learn a ton more before baptism. We hear this a lot. It frustrates me. They just need to know that they can get confirmation from the Spirit. And this is knowledge. We try teaching, explaining, and testifying of this, but we still run into this problem. It's interesting, with L, I was studying a Conference talk yesterday, but for I. I didn't feel like it was perfect for I,but it was good. But in our lesson with L, I really felt strongly that he needed this talk a lot more than I. So we assigned it for him to read. I hope he does. It's interesting how I was unawaringly prepared to study that talk for L. The Spirit's awesome.

Sé sin ninguna duda que esta es la iglesia verdadera. Amo esta evangelio y lo que puedo sentir, gracias al Espíritu Santo. Jesucristo es mi Salvador. Él es el único que puede rescatarme. Amo mi familia y el conocimiento que podemos vivir juntos para siempre. Siento el Espíritu testificando de estas cosas. Estoy agradecida por todo yo tengo gracias al evangelio de Jesucristo y todo Él hizo para nosotros. Estoy agradecida por el don del Espíritu Santo en mi vida. Puedo sentir paz y consuelo. Esto es porque estoy aquí. Quiero compartir todo esto con todos. Sé que podemos encontrar un mundo mejor cuando tenemos esta fe.

I love hearing about all that's happening at home. Take care this week. Be safe. Love you.

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

I'm sorry, but I'm still working on sending the flash drive with the rest of my pics, but here's some more recent ones. A little old but,
1. District lunch the day before cambios!
2. Hermana R and I (Plaza de Armas)
3. Hermana L and I (Plaza de Armas) ...with Elder C doing some weird Bigfoot thing in the background. The funny thing is, that was an accident.

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