Monday, March 17, 2014

A Friend, Responsibi​lity, and the Good Word of God

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I can't believe I forgot to say that last week! I didn't forget about it, there's just always a lot on my mind. I also forgot to say that I heard a few weeks ago that Hermana R went home. Uh...yeah. Also, happy St. Patrick's day! Today as a zone, we just went to Larcomar again, ate food, and sat by the beach. Haha Hermana A and I talked and laughed about The Middle. She loves it too.

We witnessed miracles this week. Biggest miracle: we received a reference on Wednesday, met with him for the first time on Thursday, and he was baptized on Saturday. Here's the story, morning glory: We got the reference from the YM president, and he said he was a young man who wanted to be baptized. We went to visit him that day, but he wasn't there. So the next day, we planned to visit him, but later in the day. We got a call right after we contacted a family (well, a man, but the father of a family, and he wants us to come back and teach him! We have an appointment tomorrow, so we'll see what happens.) and the YM president said that J, the reference, was waiting in his house for us to come teach him and that we needed to take a taxi to get there quickly. So we grabbed a taxi (and our taxi driver lived in VA and knows Ashburn!) and went to his house. Okay, he's not a young man. He's like in his late 40s/early 50s. But we talked to him and he was sure he wanted to get baptized. Then and there if possible. The thing is, his son who is 15 or 16 years old has cancer (a tumor in each lung, and one in his leg) and is going through chemotherapy, and is basically in the hands of the Lord right now. He asked for his dad to be baptized. Everyone in J's family was a member except for him. But he really did want to, and he was ready. It was also a "If my son dies, I want to be with him forever" kind of a thing. He had all his church attendance and everything as well. He really did have a desire. He doesn't live here permanently. He lives with family here for a while because his son needs to come to hospitals here for treatment. But President Borg said it's okay. The bishop just needs to send his information when he leaves. So we taught J all the lessons in 2 days and he was baptized on Saturday along with 10 other investigators from our stake. We had a Noche Blanca. And for the week, our zone had 12 baptisms. We're on our way to 20! Julian bore his testimony in church on Sunday, and wow, he's a really good guy.

We fasted for L this week, but ended up getting someone else. Interesting how the Lord works. But we're still working with L and I. They're close. We'll see. Thanks for all your prayers for my investigators, less actives, recent converts, and members!

This was nice. We went to share a message with young men who play soccer Thursday nights at the church and invite their friends. We were told to talk to and friend a girl that was there. At first I was like, oh man. How do we do this casually? I did most of the talking. It was pretty easy, we got talking and laughing pretty easily. She told me my Spanish is excellent! Score! Haha it's funny how everyday I have a harder time speaking and thinking in pure English like I used to. I told dad a little about that if you want to see what I wrote him. Unfortunately this girl doesn't live in our sector, or zone for that matter, so...reference. We do that a lot. We always meet really awesome people who don't live in our sector...awesome. It's fine though, we help other missionaries. But, when we prayed to find a family for a couple days, we found a family! Yay! The Lord is mindful of us.

I got a nice package from Cami today! A notebook, notecards, a card, and such. It was nice! And I got a wedding invitation from Becky Rohner! You should see if you can get her email or something so I can communicate with her. Thanks for sending a package! Thanks so much for the white shirts. I probs should've explained a little better. I asked for white only because I kinda meant solid color shirts that can go with my patterned skirts. Thanks all the same for the white! I really need to look for clothes here. It's just hard, and we don't have very much time. So thanks! And thanks for the music, candy, and...well, something from Disney World! And I am so glad you all like your presents from here! The ties, the hats, and your apron. The "Peru" on your apron that has the swirly "P" is actually the mark of Peru. That "Peru" written that way is everywhere here!

The weather here is pretty hot still, but it's starting to cool down more in the morning and at night. I've heard it's gonna cool down more soon. And in winter here, apparently, it's really cold. So I might have to ask for sweaters and coats in the near future if I cannot find any here.

Hope everything is going well there in PA! I love you all, I feel your support, and I cannot wait to hear from you all next week!


Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

A couple pictures:

1. P's Baptism
2. J's baptism. Surprise! We had a surprise baptism this week! We met him on Thursday and he was baptized on Saturday.
Also, here's what she sent Doug:

Haha talking over the phone totally requires the gift of tongues. When I got here, I couldn't understand anything. But now, I do almost all the talking over the phone. Thanks for your compliment about my Spanish! It is getting easier, but I still have SO much to learn! I actually have a hard time organizing my sentences in English. When I speak for a while, it's easy, but at first it's rough. I don't have all that much time to answer all those questions yet, but basically our whole mission is in the city, my area's just a bit rich than some others. It's not too big. We can walk everywhere and from one end to the other is maybe like 30-40 minutes. The other Hermanas have a bigger sector, and are doing a little better with their numbers right now...but we're working! And we'll get our numbers up there soon! This week was a little better. We've just had a rough time lately, but it's getting better little by little. Mm...some people are part members, but it's not like, a lot,

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