Monday, February 10, 2014

Tan Lines and Transfers

WOW! To that big explanation of your wacky week and to the pictures! I loved the picture of creepy Target! That looks cool. Oooo that'd be fun/creepy to play like hide and seek or something there. I still feel like I'd love to experience all this, but I will pray for you all. I'm sure it's hard right now. We have an inactive man we visit regularly who told me that the power went out in NY and PA and stuff.

I always forget to say some things after I write you all, but congrats to David for getting to sing in General Conference! I like to tell people about that. That's way cool. I look forward to seeing him! Aw man, I was gonna say something else, but I don't remember. I have my pictures ready, so I'll send them soon. Did you get my package yet?

Hmm...what happened this week? Oh yeah, MY FIRST BAPTISM IN THE MISSION! Welcome to the ward, P! We find out cambio (transfers) information tonight, and well, I'm scared. I got an email from Presidente Borg today that said basically "Good job. You're doing really well. I'm excited for what this next cambio will bring for you. I think you're ready to take the next step. See you at cambios." Um...what. Yeah. I'm especially scared. You'll find out next week what's going on.

This Wednesday, my comp got 2 wisdom teeth out, and I went out that day with an 18 year old from another ward in the stake. She's awesome. She's planning on serving a mission, and is almost done with her papers. She was a big help. But, I was also able to manage somewhat. I kinda just want to...not train yet haha. I just don't feel quite ready yet. It's really likely that I'll stay here, but I'm not sure for sure. We also heard that a lot of new sectors will be opened by Hermanas, so we'll see what happens. The anticipation is killing me though.

Nothing much really happened this week though. I'm getting a little tired with the people we're teaching. Some people have decided not to listen to us, or other things have happened that's just been hard on the work. We need more/new investigators.

I have really bad tan lines. I've got a farmer's tan, a watch tan line, and really, really bad shoe tan lines. I want to send pictures at the end of the summer. It's still really hot here, but I have to say, there are some days/moments that feel nice. I really like the mornings, right before noon. It's bright and sunny with blue skies, but it's also usually cool. Especially because we're in Magdalena, a bigger part of the city, with tons of buses/taxis/cars rushing by and tons of big buildings (most of which are apartment buildings...with intercoms outside...which is a big reason why it's hard for us to get inside homes). But yeah. In the morning and at night, when it's cool, I like it. The rest of the day, when it's blazing hot is not fun.

Brian told me about how's he's close to his Eagle! That's great! And he and Grace told me about the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics...and the ugly sweaters. Haha really? They really had a best dressed/worst dressed this year? Way to go, America. Makin me proud. And Allison told me about her story she's working on. Sounds like she's made for that writing stuff.

I have to go now, but I look forward to talking with y'all next week! Love you! Chao!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

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