Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Shaun White

Things are getting better with Hermana L, I think. It's pretty good. She's a really good missionary. We help each other. It's kinda funny. She wants quality food. Haha good luck with that here... And she can be kinda serious sometimes. Haha but she's good. I'm pretty happy with her right now. Did I tell you we have the same birthday? Hooray for July 8th! Yep, my daughter is exactly 4 years older than me. And haha it's a little funny, I think if she were American, she'd be from New Jersey. It's kinda like the SNL The View "Who cares?" thing. But really, she's pretty good.

If it's alright, I'd like to ask you guys to pray for those we teach. Especially pray for the recent converts in our sector, Kristen, Jefferson, and Paola and her family, who all need friends in the church and help attending church.
Training's going pretty well so far. I'm already learning so much. It's interesting to see how much I have to step up now and take the lead here. It's interesting to see how much I'm in charge of now and what I have to do. It's good though. It's kinda cool that I'm learning all these things now at only 4 months, so that I can apply them to the rest of my mission.

Hmm...things to send me. I don't know right now other than the iPod possibly. Maybe a skirt or two, long skirts are best. Or a couple more white shirts that I could wear under shirts or something. But if that's too much, no worries! Oh, and music! Disney, if we have it, Piano Guys, which I have, Vocal Point, and Noteworthy. My brain's kinda scattered right now. But thanks! And yes, keep an eye out for the package! I sent it about a month ago, but yeah, I think I did put our home address on it. Oh man! So Allison already had her thesis defense. Wow, what happened? She rocks either way. You all are in my prayers. Oh man, how badly I want to run again. Never thought I'd say that. But really, I actually do miss running.

It's still really hot here. Today's p-day was kinda fun. So, Hermana L had to go in to do migration work today, so I went with a bunch of other Hermanas to Larcomar. It was fun. Today was a personal p-day, so it was just a bunch of the Hermanas in the zone. Larcomar is this big mall-like place outdoors by the beach. We hung out there and ate lunch at Chili's. That was nice. We ate good food, heard a bunch of American music for a change haha, and there were a million TVs playing the Olympics, so naturally we saw some of that, cheering on Shaun White. And we all were nervous for the Americans (well, us American Hermanas), and reacted when they wiped out. But seriously, today was the day of American music. I have to say, it was pretty nice to hear again. Actually, there's a man in the internet cafe right now playing a bunch of American music.
I don't really know what else to say right now. Kinda boring, I know. Let's hope next week will be better. Oh, we contacted a reference from the offices the other day. She talks soooooooooo MUCH! And she's sure her house is haunted.... Let's see how this goes haha.
Until next week! Love you all! Stay warm!
Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

I'm working on sending the flash drive with my photos. But I wanted to send you these tonight, just because.
1. A Peruvian shirt a couple in the ward gave me. It's supposed to be a pretty Peruvian thing. The bird is the...national bird here? I don't know. It might just be an ugly Peruvian bird.
2. I bought this shirt today! Hahaha I thought I had too. They also have a bunch of other ones for other movies and shows, like The Simpsons, House, Titanic, Star Wars, James Bond, and one for The Beatles.

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