Monday, January 20, 2014

Typical Day

First of all to Dad, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! There's actually a cool little way they sing happy birthday here. I like it. I think I'll have to bring it back with me. I probably like it because ours is so awkward. Dad said he thinks my mission is going probably the slowest for you than everyone else. Didn't you say the opposite last week? Also, my P-day is Monday, but sometimes it changes based on things going on. Usually hollidays and such. Last week it was on tuesday because the temple wasn't open on monday. Man, it felt so good to go to the temple again. And this was the first time I was in a session without a translating device. After the temple we got lunch and went to this huge American-ized mall. All of us American missionaries felt a little bit trunky haha...but's it fine. We're good. Ooo and there, we got froyo from this froyo place where you can pick fruit, and then they put it in this machine that mixes it for like 2 seconds and then you have your own original froyo! It was a little expensive, but it was good! I mixed blackberries with mangos.

Yeah, the MP3 with the music you sent is good. Thanks! I haven't sent your package yet, but I might try to bring it to the offices tomorrow since I have to be there at 6 am to go do migration work all day tomorrow. Yay? All us foreigners gotta do it. Haha oh and in the Christmas package you sent me, on one of the bags, you forgot an "a" and accidentally wrote "Herman Hymas". I thought it was funny. I am now Herman Hymas. I also got a nice package from Cami for Christmas that I got at the last transfers. I forgot to tell you about that. Today was a chill p-day. Nothing really happened. All we had planned was to play sports with a different zone. All the Hermanas sat and talked while all the Elders played soccer. I talked the whole time, but for a little bit, my comp and an awesome, awesome, super friendly Hermana from Mexico tossed an American football around. But yeah, chill day.

Wow! Everyone's engaged! Congrats, all! And Hanna Crowley's the best. Love that gal. And I always love to hear who's been reading my blog! I swear, there's no greater feeling in the world than knowing that you're loved. By your friends, by your family, or (and especially) by your Heavenly Father.

Hmm...typical day. For meals, we usually have either dinner or lunch (usually lunch) with members, and if we want breakfast, we have to buy stuff for breakfast in the morning. We usually only have lunch and nothing else. But a bunch of people we visit give us a bunch of stuff too, usually. It's fine. But I will ask for prayers for my health. I've gotten pretty darn sick a few times here. Not fun. Hmm...what else. We study for like 3 or 4 hours every morning, and then we go out, contact, and try to visit people (less actives and investigators) to teach. Unfortunately, more often than not, not many are available or home when we try to visit. So we don't get to teach many lessons each day, but we progress. Some days are better than others. My area's not the easiest, because we have a good number of people who are pretty hard people. Just hardened by life and not very humble. We've actually had some really prideful people. One of them was this really old guy who was a less active, but is now officially reactivated. He's super prideful though. But he said something crazy in our last visit with him. I've never heard this before, but he believes God doesn't have a face. No eyes, no nose, no mouth, nada. WHAT?!?! He thinks God's this great creature that we cannot comprehend. And he doesn't like to listen to other people's thoughts or opinions on things. Whatevs.

Oh and remember R and his family? They're all good. The mom was sick, R was out of town because his father was sick or something, and I cannot remember what happened with his sister, but they're fine. They came to church again this week, and they are now officially reactivated! Wooh! It's cool to see a change in people. The only hard part is having to eventually step back and let people endure to the end on their own. But that's part of God's plan.

We're teaching a Jewish man! And he looks like Santa Claus! Oh many stories about him already. He shares with us his prayers and chants and Jewish songs. I have to try really hard not to crack a smile or laugh. Also when I went to shake his hand before our lesson, he suddenly pulled me in and quickly kissed the top of my head. Umm...uhhh... Hahaha it was funny, but now he knows that we have rules as sister missionaries, and that we can only shake hands. And yesterday he showed up to church by himself, greeted everyone with a Jewish greeting ("shalom alehem" or something). Basically he's Jewish because it's been the tradition of his family. He believes Christ was a good man, and he believes He could be the Messiah. He's trying to find out if he was. He accepted the invitation to be baptized, if he finds that this is the true church. He just doesn't want to give up his Jewish traditions and clothing and jewelry and stuff. So...that might be an upcoming problem. We'll see where it goes. But he loved church and he's really interested in the fact that we believe in a living prophet. For him, having a living prophet just makes sense. He's a very good man, just a bit....not what we're usued to haha. And he has a couple other Jewish friends who are interested! We might be teaching more soon! His name's D S, but it sounds like Donshimon when said. It sounds so epic. Sounds like we're saying Digimon or something. Whenever we say his name (when he's not around), I always raise a fist and say in my epic voice of power, "DONSHIMON!" Because it's necessary.

That's my life right now. Every day gets better. Oh and guess, we're having 7 Hermanas come in this next transfer, so there's a chance I could be training sooner than I thought... We're not sure yet, but there's definitely a chance. I've heard that said a lot lately. We'll see what happens.

I am super grateful for my wonderful, loving, supportive family! I love you all so much and pray for you everyday! Be safe and stay warm!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

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