Monday, January 27, 2014

Personal Revelation

First of all, sorry you all are suffering from the snow, but it still sounds pretty nice to me sometimes haha. Also quickly, I think I forgot to tell you the best part of the story of DS (our Jewish investigator) coming to church. He wore this huge, long prayer shawl thing over his head the whole time. He totally stuck out. It was kinda funny. We had an investigator come to Church this week, and she really liked it. She told me how she learned things she's never heard before. Haha she wants ALL the books and manuals and stuff we have in the church now. And she took notes the whole time! Except in Sacrament Meeting...she kept falling asleep. But she's really great,and we're going to talk about how families can be together even after this life, which I think will be good since she talks about her family a bit, who've passed away. Dad sent me a happy birthday song from Mexico, but it's nowhere near what we have haha. Here, it's just simply singing our happy birthday in English and everything, and then they have like a "Ba da ba da ba da!" Then the speed up and clap and sing this (same tune as happy birthday, but faster, with three claps after each line):
CumpleaƱos feliz,
Te deseamos a ti,
CumpleaƱos felices,
Te deseamos a ti!
I always love it when I mention something in a lesson or share a scripture, and my comp picks it up and starts using it too. I've shared my scripture before (Ether 12:4), and my comp has been starting to use it lately too. There was one week where we shared it with just about everyone. This is interesting. I shared it once with this less active lady and her daughter and what it meant to me and why it kinda sent me here on my mission, and now, the mom told me that because of that scripture, her daughter has decided to serve a mission too. That's awesome! If she goes through with it, I think it'll bless their family a bunch. We're pretty ticked with our ward right now. To the point where my comp was in tears last night. We have this investigator, P, who's getting baptized, and she doesn't feel the support from the ward. Everyone at ward council talks about her and they don't even know what's going on. They're super quick to judge. They had a problem with the fact that she's only attended the first hour of church. We've taught her since then and she understands what she needs to do and what's important, and she has a desire to be baptized. We've talked to our district leader, and I (since we had interviews on Friday) brought it up with Presidente Borg. They tell us that we know our investigators and what's best for them. They're people, not numbers to us. The thing is, the ward does not understand that. She had her interview last night, and has to wait a week, but she's on her way. Everyone just judges and thinks she has to be perfect before baptism. Presidente Borg told me that we should go forward with it. If she has a desire to be baptized, that's a small testimony right there, and she's on her way. We help her and try to get the ward to help as well, but she'll learn and understand more over more time and gain more of a testimony. Ugh...the ward is just really ticking us off right now. Our church bears the name of Jesus Christ, why can't these people just be Christlike and love our converts?

Dad and Brian told me about Doc Singleton's situation! Wow! That's cool! I hope things work out! Dad also told me about how Jess is organizing another Big Bear family reunion. That sounds fun! Sorry I'll miss it. OHMYGOODNESS! It's funny that you've been talking about Disney World and Universal lately. Believe it or not, I've been thinking about it lately! I'll see Disney merchandise, see a carnival with rides and stuff on the beach in my sector (Did I tell you we have the beach in our sector? No one's ever on it though because apparently it's dirty. But it's a pretty view. I have pics I need to send.), etc. that remind me of Disney World. I miss it. It's the best. AND. Those Harry Potter World additions sound AWESOME!'ve mentioned Disney World and Universal this week and last week...I've coincidentally been reminded of it for probably a month now...that counts as personal revelation, right? I say, let's go! Let's convince Dad! After my mission and before Brian's sounds like a perfect plan!

Today, we went to my comp's old sector in Callao. We have permission to go to old sectors to visit our converts every like, 3 months. I've heard crazy stories about Callao. It's dangerous. But I really liked her sector! Everyone was really nice and humble! But it was hotter there. Not cool. Ohhh...see what I did there! We've also spent the day in dentist offices because my comp needs to get her wisdom teeth taken out soon. She didn't get them out before her mission, and now they're starting to come through and hurt. That stinks. I heard American music in the office though. And when they played Chicago and "Age of Aquarius", it reminded me of you!

I brought a package to the misson office this Tuesday to be sent with the lady from Utah! So hopefully you get it soon! I included some handmade things and I mentioned to be careful with them. You should understand what I mean. With what I sent Dad, David, and Brian, they can definitely wear them of course (Elders in the CCM wore them all the time! It's a thing here among the Elders), I just mean be careful with food and stuff and I'm not sure exactly how you'd wash them. Dry cleaning? I...wouldn't put them in the wash haha. You'll probably know what to do. You'll see! And what I sent you has the word "Peru" written a certain way on it. It the Peruvian mark, and it's on EVERYTHING here.

Do you know anything about the Wawryzniak's adoption process? They're in my prayers.

I have to go, but I love you all and I pray for you all the time! Stay warm and safe! Have a great week!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

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