Monday, January 6, 2014


Yes! I saw the pics of Davids beard! I was wondering how that was coming along! I know he hates the feel of his beard, so how was it for him? I also saw the screenshot of the temp! Wow! That's crazy! It's funny, Brian mentioned he was jealous of the weather we have here, but I'm jealous of your weather, as crazy as that sounds! A lot of the time our weather is really nice (Tuesday was PERFECT!), for a nice summer's day. But sometimes, especially recently, it's just really really hot. But I remember that it's January and then I want it to be cold and drink hot chocolate and snuggle up in a warm house. But it's all good. I'll have that in no time (15 months, but all the missionaries talk about how fast the time flies, which is pretty true so far. It seems like yesterday when I hit 2 months in the misson, and now on Thursday, I'll have 3 months).

Haha yeah, the balloon thing at the Christmas party was a game one of the zones provided. You have two teams, tie your team's color balloon to your foot, and then charge at each other in "battle", trying to "kill" the enemy by stepping on their balloon and popping it.

I know the exact movie you're talking about! Isn't it called like something something Mr. Banks? I saw a trailer for that movie before my mission! Haha yeah, I told Grace when I come home, there are so many movies I have to watch (and the last season of The Mentalist)! I told her I want to make yummy American food and have movie nights! I think little things like that (Fridays night movie nights with the other kids, just hanging out, going to a favorite restauraunt together) are things I miss the most. Nostalgic things. I hope that doesn't sound too trunky haha. I am focused on the work here and all. My Spanish is getting better, but I'm not there yet. I still get frustrated. Not as much as before, but I still do.
We had transfers on Tuesday, which was a really chill day. The next day was too. Presidente Borg told us both days were P-days for us, because everyone celebrates NYE and sleeps forever and a day the next day. Like Christmas, we also had permission to stay up late and see fireworks at midnight. We went home that night, slept for like an hour, woke up, watched fireworks, and went to bed. I probably slept for about 3 hours or less that night because a house next to us was blasting Peruvian music and cheering and stuff until about 5 am. Transfers were fun.  As for the newbees, there were 2 American elders and 3 American hermanas, and the rest of the 17 were latins. Presidente Borg has a slide show thing where he just reveals who gets paired with who, which was kinda fun, especially since nothing happened with me and my comp, so I just got to sit back and watch.

GUESS WHAT ELSE I ATE! COW INTESTINE! I didn't know what it was until afterwards when my comp told me, which I think is better. It wasn't bad, but I don't know if some of that is because I didn't know what it was at the moment haha. Yes! I finally asked Presidente Borg about music! He said sending a mp3 without headphones and loaded up with music is okay! So please send me music! Just not Christmas music yet. We'll deal with that later. Church music, instrumental, BYU chorus, uplifting music, all that stuff. That'd be great.

Remember that family who I bore my testimony to in English and the son said he thought it was really powerful and thanked me for it and stuff? Well since that lesson, he's been coming to Church every Sunday, after not going for about a year! Yay, R! His mom and his sister are also doing better in their attendance. We also have an investigator, P, with a baptisimal date for later this month. The lesson this week with her was interesting. That was the first time I had the feeling for someone else that Heavenly Father really loves her and misses her. And it's interesting that I felt that becaus she's not really the ideal investigator. It's a little difficult to explain, but it was good.

I love you all and I hope you all have a great week!

Hermana Hymas

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