Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Week Two

Yep, I can totally relate to Sienna's comment. I often wonder why the heck I'm speaking Spanish if I can express myself so well in English and I feel so comfortable talking to people in English. I just feel like I'm taking a back seat and watching more than doing right now, just because there's only so much I can do. And it's a little embarrassing when people don't understand me, or they laugh at my Spanish or something. That doesn't happen very much, but it's happened. Oh, I cannot wait for the moment where I'll be able to be comfortable with this dang laguage. Thanks for sending me the rest of that last email! It was nice to read other things that are going on. And yes, I'm okay with my email address being out there. I love getting emails! And I try to get to them whenever I can. I couldn't respond to Sister Pace last week, but I got to this week. That's so cool about seeing Elder Christofferson speak at the temple! I have to agree with you about the feeling you had. I love this gospel and I know that it is true, and that there's no greater message to share with the world than the message of Jesus Christ and this gospel. I've felt that more on the mission. There've been times during companionship study where we watch a clip from The District or something from an apostle. And boom. I'm hit with that feeling again. Stronger. There've been a couple time's where I've fought back tears, just because I know how true and special this gospel is, and how blessed I am to have it. There was one I remember where Elder Eyring and Elder Holland spoke about the difficulties of missionary work, and related it to Christ's ministry. It was way good. They basically said, yes, missionary life is very hard, but in those moments where you get rejected, spit on, laughed at, you stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the greatest missionary that ever walked the earth: Jesus Christ. We don't understand everything Christ went through, but in our hard times, we get a small glimpse of it.

Thanks for sending me a pic of the Peruvian nativity! I want to find one to either send home or save for when I come home. I don't know which is better. Do you know anything about that Peruvian lady that lives in UT? Does she only send things to those who live in UT? Ah, Christmas. It doesn't feel like Christmas here. It gets hotter and hotter. Although last night we saw some houses with a little bit of Christmas lights out front. I miss Christmastime in the States! It's the best! I was talking to Hermana Borg this week (we had a conference for new missionaries, which was inspiring. And it was fun to see the Elders from my district in the CCM again) and she said she really misses the holidays in the USA. Oh, guess what I realized this morning, I probably won't have a Christmas with Brian for 4 Christmas's. That's weird. And sad. I miss you guys. I have the best family in the world. And the holidays are my favorite because holidays at home are my favorite. Oh yeah, Christmas here: so apparently we have a big party as a mission on Dec. 20th. Then on Christmas...I don't really know. In Peru, they celebrate Christmas at midnight on the 24th, stay up all night, and then sleep all day the next day. So visiting people on Christmas might be difficult haha. But, I'll be able to Skype with you all from a member's home on Christmas day! Yay! I'll also have a 5 minute time before Christmas sometime where I can call home and confirm when we're speaking on Christmas.

Oh by the way, how was Thanksgiving?! I miss that too. And my Thanksgiving was....eh. I had fish for lunch at a member's home. And it was staring at me the whole time. Yep, eyes and everything. Good thing I didn't have to eat that part though. Phew. And that day was just rough because no one we were supposed to teach was home. We had two lessons that day. One was with a 10 year old recent convert who just woke up from a nap and didn't want to hear us, and the other was with the stake president's family (we live in a little room right behind their house).

So Sundays here. Sundays are good. I have a good ward, although I can't really speak to many people. This Sunday though for some reason I was just feeling really down. Don't get me wrong, I have good days, but sometimes I just get in a bad mood because of how much I struggle with the language. So I felt really alone and just down at Church on Sunday, and then right before the 3rd hour, a lady starts speaking to me in English! She's Peruvian, but she's lived in Texas for the last 25 years. She was just visiting for the week. She was comforting though. She talked about how hard it is to learn a language, but that it's possible. And then she was like, "And I thought you might want to have something from your country." And she gave me a little bag of American candy! It might not seem like much, but that really made my day.

I have to go, but I'll write you more next week. And I'll tell you about P-day this week. Charca y Mar! It was pretty cool! Sorry about the pics! I'll try to keep them coming!

Love you all so much! Thanks for everything!

Hermana Hymas


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