Monday, December 16, 2013

Week Five

Oh man, I don't even know where to begin. I don't know what I did to be blessed with such awesome people in my life. Friends and family. Ustedes son lo maximo. Oh the Messiah! How was that! I forgot to tell you all that a couple weeks ago was a stake Christmas devotional thing, and they had a choir and singers sing solos. Good thing the soloists were good (most of them), because as I said before, people in Peru cannot sing for their lives. But yeah, two songs from the Messiah were sung. In English, of course. It made me think of the Messiah back home. Thanks for your thoughts about my experiences so far. Yeah, Dad kinda said the same thing. And I agree. It's super hard right now, but I know this is strengthening me. I've only been in for 2 months, and I'm already feeling it. I feel like my Spanish is improving though! I have a long way to go however. It really is poco a poco. But, I'm definitely improving! People have even told me this. That feels kinda good. Interesting thing happened yesterday. We went to teach/share a message with a less active family. First of all, I wasn't too thrilled about going to their house only because it reeks of wet dog, which I'm pretty sure is the worst smell in the world. And their dog likes to freak out on people and jump and lick and stuff. No me gusta. But their really nice. My comp talked with them for a long time, and then we shared a message on the Atonement. I bore my testimony a little in Spanish, but then the son, since he and the daughter (both in their 20s) understand and speak some English (a few people speak a little here because a lot of them learn it in school), said that if I wanted to, I could share my testimony in English because they could understand me. And they kinda wanted me to. So I did. And I don't know what it is about my mission...maybe because it's been rough and I've felt the love of the Lord so much recently and learned so much at the same time...but I got kinda emotional. I bore my testimony on what the Atonement means to me and families as well. Afterwards, the son thanked me for sharing. He said it was really powerful, and that when I can share it in Spanish, it'll be even more powerful. The Spirit was totally there, but when I got to share in English... Interesting...

So I should probably tell you where I am since I keep forgetting haha. I'm in an area called Magdalena. We have everything from upper middle class people, to really dirt poor people. Our investigators are pretty good, but we have a problem in our area with a lot of couples not being married. We literally have I think three or four right now who are still not married. "Castidad, castidad, castidad!" Everyone I meet too, I can't remember if I said this already or not. Literally everyone I meet who finds out I'm from PA always says, "Oh, like Transylvania. Like Dracula." And then I have to explain the difference and so many of them are surprised that it's not the same thing... Siempre. Hey, so a couple weeks ago, our ward had a movie night. It was "17 Miracles" in English with Spanish subtitles. The missionaries got permission to watch it. It's about the Mormon pioneers. Anyway, Jens Nielson and his family are characters in it. And at the end, they display a bunch of facts and pics of Jens Nielson. Cool! Also...I'll be eating guinea pig on the 28th...yum?

Some more Christmas stuff. First of all, I cannot wait for Friday when we have an all day Christmas party with our entire mission! That'll be fun! Our zone has to do a skit, but our ZLs decided we're gonna do a band. So with bottles filled with different amounts of water, while blowing into the top of them, we're performing Jingle Bells and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. It's fun. Haha we had to perform Jingle Bells for a ward this week, and when we were practicing before, one Hermana from Argentina asked me how to say "Jingle Bells". I told her, she practiced, but it still sounds funny. Haha their English is kinda funny, because they have the same sounds in Spanish, like "el" in "bells", but they cannot get it, even if they say "el" correctly. Christmas: I sent you a invite thing from the lady's skype we're using. Want to try for 6 pm or something? I'm not sure what time that is there, if it's the same or if it's 7. But my comp wants to skype her fam around 7-ish our time, so what do you think. Also, this is kinda cool. Some missionaries said that, especially with big families, their family is hooking skype up to a big TV and putting a webcam there or something. That's cool, but I don't know how the mic would work. I'd test it first. Don't know if that's something you'd be interstested in instead of crowding around a computer. I don't know. Do what you want. Doesn't matter to me. Thanks for the pic of the house with snow too! I'm jealous!

Ahhhh! Yeah, I'd love to get mail from people! My favorite!

Ugh, don't have any more time! Talk to you more next week! I love you all so much!

Su hija, 
Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

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