Monday, December 30, 2013

Guinea Pig

First of all, yes, can you contact that Peruvian lady in Utah? That would be nice. Also, if people write to me through, do you know how I can write back, since I'm pretty sure I don't get an address or anything with it? If I remember correctly, it's just a name of who it's from. Also, sorry about you being sick! Hope you get better soon!

Yeah, I actually got an email from Sienna this morning and she mentioned that she'd be going to Atlanta. I told her to look out for our family there. Hahaha that's funny about Jennie noticing the not-being-able-to-sing thing. Yeah, it's not just Peruvians. I've noticed it with my CCM comp's comp, who's from Mexico. We have cambios, or transfers, tomorrow and we find out tonight who stays and who goes and who trains and all that. The Hermana from Mexico that I just mentioned is sure she's leaving because she's been here for 6 months. She's intense, so we're all terrified of what will happen if she doesn't get transferred. Anyway, apparently it's tradition for the missionaries to meet up an hour before cambios in a McDonalds near the capilla. Apparently it gets packed. Tons of missionaries with both Spanish and English buzzing in the air. We're getting 17 new missionaries. 10 Hermanas and 7 Elders.

It was really nice to see you all on Christmas! And thanks again for my presents! Oh I forgot to mention this, but I was really excited about my chocolate-covered pretzels with peppermint! But yeah, I already cannot wait to see you on Mother's Day (Presidente Borg always recommends using Skype)! It was kinda funny to see you all wearing sweaters and stuff while I was sitting there, like, sweating and stuff haha. I'm so lucky to have the family I have. Hope you all had an awesome Christmas! For those who may read my blog and not hear what happened on Christmas, it's kinda like 4 of our holidays in one: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Fouth of July, and New Years. Tons of turkey, opening presents (at midnight), a trillion fireworks at midnight, and everyone going around hugging and wishing each other a feliz navidad at midnight. The fireworks were insane. It was incredibly loud, as if this city couldn't get any louder, and it looked like the world was on fire. Pockets of fireworks and sparks and everything everywhere you look. And it sounded like war. Apparently the same thing will happen for New Years, but more fireworks.

I feel like I should've used more Spanish with you guys, like had a conversation with Dad or something, and shown you a little more of what I can do. But it's all good. I feel better about my Spanish this week. It really has gotten a lot better. And it feels good to receive compliments about that, too. I feel like I can understand about 90-95% of everything I hear, and my speaking is getting tons better as well. I feel great when I can have a successful conversation with someone, use correct grammar, and speak faster, all of which I've started to see happen this week. I'm also starting to think in Spanglish more and more haha. I actually almost spoke a little Spanglish with you guys on Christmas. I guess that's a good sign?

I ate guinea pig, or cuy, on Saturday. Good, but weird. Tastes like chicken, but the skin's kinda tough after being cooked. And there's not much meat, so you eat with your hands and have to look for the meat. I probably got about 5 bites out of my piece. And I know I broke some of that little guys bones in the process of trying to find meat. I have pics of it, which you'll see when I send you all my pics. Yeah, if you could send a flash drive or something, that'd be great. Apparently I might be eating rabbit and maybe cat sometime in the near future.

Thanks for everything! I feel like there's more I need to say, but I'll try to include that later. I'm gonna try to respond to other emails. Oh yeah, I was really happy to get an email from Brian and Grace!

Have a great week and Happy New Year!

Hermana Hymas

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