Monday, December 23, 2013

Feliz Navidad!

Aw man, everything's melted?! Oh well, looks like Lydia won't see snow after all. I'm sorry to hear about Aunt Dawn. Yay for Brian's BYU application making priority deadline! That's good news!

The mission Christmas party went really well! It was fun! It started at 1pm, and went til 9pm. We got there, changed into p-day clothes, had games and ate popcorn, changed back into missionary clothes, had a group picture, started the skits (Our's went really well! Everyone loved it!), ate a delicious American dinner (Yay! No rice!) with wonderful dessert, watched more skits, and finished with a couple of messages. We watched the old classic "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" (In Spanish, but with English subtitles, and of course, the songs were in English. Man, I love that little movie.) and a little like 10 minute movie about the nativity. It was nice. So, I can't believe this, but there were only like maybe 4 skits that were missionary appropriate, including ours. They all just had like weirdness. Woot woot, Magdalena Zone! Oh and at the end of the party as we were leaving, we got a little gift, we got little Christmas cards from the Mission President and his wife, and from the First Presidency, a Christmas card with hideous pictures of everyone. Honestly, no one looks really like themselves haha. And we got a popcorn ball (smelled so sweet) and a temple recommend holder that's personalized for the mission. That's kinda cool. Okay, about the guinea pig, yes, I should still be eating that on Saturday I believe, and I was told that I'll also be eating rabbit soon. So...yeah, we'll see how those are.

I love "Sound of Music"! And "I Have Confidence" is totally my anthem! For the mission at least! I remember saying that to a couple of people before I left. I think Grace was one of them. Sister Toni Smith was another, because she loves that movie. But yeah, I remember watching that right before I got set apart and during that song just thinking about how much it applied to my feelings about my mission haha. If there are two things I learned from that movie before I left, it's that that song applied to me at that time, and that Maria is so cool. I want her to be my Governess.

Yes, Allison, my bed is awesome. Enjoy it. Awesome about David singing in Church. I so wish I could sing well. Haha I've met a couple people here who say I have a beautiful singing voice. There's a lady in the ward who everytime she sees me she always calls me the "the hermana with the beautiful voice" and how she wants to hear me sing again. HA! If only. Okay, I'm not bad, but I'm not like, good. Remember, no one here can yup. Which brings me to last night, we went caroling to less active families. We never started on key. We did once, only when I hummed the beginning note. Unfortunately my companion and I had to leave and go home early because yesterday I got really sick. Like really sick. I'm doing better now, but I just had a bunch of terrible things happening to my body. Stomach, head, and body aches, I was freezing when it wasn't even cold, but my face was burning up, and I felt faint. I'm pretty sure it was something I ate the day before. I just felt all-around terrible. It got to the point where I just couldn't continue. So we had to leave. I felt really bad. But, we are going caroling with another family tonight, so at least I'm not sick for that.

Oh yeah, Presidente Borg said that Christmas is just an all day p-day for us. My comp wants to visit a bunch of member families. Also, we have permission to stay up and watch fireworks tomorrow night as long as we're in our house. It's tradition here for Peruvians to set off fireworks at midnight on the 24th. Also, they have a dinner at midnight as well, and we've been invited to have that with the Stake President's family who we live behind, so we might be doing that too.

I miss you guys a lot. However, it seems like things more or less just get better and better here. I cannot wait to talk to you all on Wednesday! Super looking forward to it! I'm trying to think of everything I want to say during our 40 minutes.
See you in 2 days! Love you!

Hermana Chrisanne Hymas

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